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  1. Odd, no mention of Pete Stringfellow or Dave Knight. There is an hell of a difference between the Juke box DJ's of the time like Roger Eagles who sat and never used the mike and the entertainers who paved the way. Richard Serling came along much later but I must admit his Radio shows were well worth a listen his stage craft left a lot to be desired :-)
  2. Remember it. I was the DJ there and ran it along with John Carlin. Jeff King did turn up with the records along with other things. It was a fun time but hard work.
  3. It was a swimming Pool and we fitted the Dance Floor over it. The free Chicken in a Basket got us around the local licensing laws. I ran it along with John Carlin.
  4. I was the DJ at the Blue Orchid during the Allnighters and I cant remember playing Freda Pain. Tammi Lynn, Yes I think that was the only copy along with Hey Girl Dont Bother me.'There was no other DJ during that period.
  5. It was the first venue where I played James Carr Thats what I want to know and Homer Banks A lot of Love. Got them on Advance release also Little Darling by Marvin Gaye. Have many happy memories of the few years I spent there before I moved to the Brit.
  6. Ães it was Barry if I remember correctly. I have emailed John to check.
  7. Cant add much to this as I was a regular at the Wheel on Witworth Street but Duke, Dennis Gretton went to them both. He was close to Roger Eagles who was the DJ at the Allnighters before Tony Sherwood. He would know if you can locate him. But the original Wheel was more into Blues and Rock. I can remember them chatting about playing Fats Domino and boogie.
  8. Well I do remember standing in for Petal with Geno Washington at the Revolution. Petal, Keith Brake worked at the Union and I was the resident DJ at the Brit after working at the Palaise. We were at school together. Petal married Pat and I have not seen him for years since he went into Electronics. The Revolution was fun to do and had a good atmosphere. But as we were both working seven nights a week at different venues a lot of it was business.
  9. Can't remember his name at the moment. He did go out with my sister and was the son of a garage owner. It will come to me as I did know him. I will ask John Carlin. He should remember. I can remember his face. I knew Mick Parker, Black Henry, Jack and Gordon who ran the Hippo better.
  10. Odd how people get things out of perspective. The Mojo changed direction with the music as the Hippie sound brought more punters into the club. Pete Stringfellow wore the beads and along with his brothers looked for another direction. During the week the place was dead until he put on Fleetwood Mac etc. Allnighters were not making money. We closed the Blue Orchid on the threat of losing our drinks license but ran the allnighters basically because it was cheaper to pay for the acts after the other clubs had closed. It was a fun time but heavy going.
  11. Mick Parker ran the Dungeon. Keith the Beachcomber and also the Boat. The DJ at the Beachcomber was Petal, Keith Brake. Gwen who works on the market ran the Ad Lib which was owned by her partner George. Pete Hubbard ran the Brit. The Night Owl I cant remember too well having only visited it once.

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