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  1. Hi John, yes this is awful news. Is the event you talk about held at the 'hen and chickens' at Oldbury? If so I remember attending with Esher that night. Ade
  2. So sad. Only seen Esher twice in the last 6 months but he was so ill. Esher was the first serious record collector i knew and he did have a great collection that he eventually parted with. He came to my house on one occasion and told me how his collecting started... His older sister went with local DJ 'Barmy Barry' who had based his act to be as controversial as Jimmy Saville's was back in the day. I never saw him but apparently he was a showman on the decks doing crazy things. When 'BBs' fame spread in the west and north midlands, record companies sent him tons of promotional records. However, if they didn't fit in with his show he passed them onto Esher's sister who in turn passed them to Esher. Esher said it wasn't until he was older and got into soul music that he truly realised what he had been given. I think this was the catalyst to Esher becoming a top collector. Certainly a big loss and will be greatly missed - Ade
  3. The new cross country season got underway this week end. This is our team we fielded at Leamington, most of us old enough better.. Ade
  4. Hi Craig, hope you are well. My son lives in Pattingham and i was able to see the same 'fly over' as you. Just brilliant to see. I too managed to capture it on film but must admit didn't come out as good as yours! Ade
  5. Mate of mine who is visually impaired was eating at Micheal Pierre White's restaurant in Birmingham City centre this week end to celebrate an occasion. He was struggling to read the menu due to his condition and the dim lighting. So he asked if he could be reseated by the window. Yes of course was the reply, that'll be an extra £5.00 sir!!! Ade
  6. Best wishes for this. I do my best to have 3 nights off in the week (not usually successful ) but be AF for a month is too much to bear. However on my nights off drinking sparkling water gives relief ! Ade
  7. Some lovely pieces of work mentioned. My additions would be the Isley Brothers 'giving it back' and 3+3 Ade
  8. Please see a picture of my daughter Alex with the Contours taken about 10.30 this evening. Alex runs a real ale pub the Beacon Hotel close to Wolverhampton and Chalky a local DJ \ promoter always takes his acts in to share Sarah Hughes Ruby mild. Ade
  9. This is one of twelve bottles of 4.5% pale ale that my daughter gave me for my 60th a couple of weeks ago. It's brewed and bottled by Kinver Brewery. My daughter who graduated as an illustrator designed the labels from an old picture from when my two were both young. Ade
  10. Took this picture of a Japanese Pitt Bull in a bar in Krabi, Thailand last night. The dog named Gaga is the most muscular dog I've seen in my life but she's blessed with a loving temperament. The bars owners are fabulous people so no surprise really. Ade
  11. Spent the week end in Weston and the queues to get in were way to long for me, anything up to four hours. At £3.00 a ticket not exactly a rip off though. Anyway, I watched the Wolves earlier, now that was dismal... Ade
  12. Only chairmen and supporters are loyal in football. Used to love it but take it or leave it now. Ade
  13. Yes scared to death for no good reason even struggle to watch them on TV. Where we live and run there are are a few Adders and a few years ago one of our lads got bitten when out on a run. Ade
  14. Saw this little fella last night when walking in the hills in Kotor bay, Montenegro. So glad I didn't see snakes as I'd have freaked out. On the downside I've been bitten unrelentingly by mosquitoes. Must have 25 plus bites... Ade
  15. Not seen that before so thanks for posting. So much footage from the beat club that we were denied when we were kids!

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