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  1. Sylvia Dean

    Sylvia Dean

  2. Sylvia Dean

    Rugby World Cup

    England need to be in top form to beat the Aussies
  3. Sylvia Dean

    Selby Working Mens Club last night

    What a super night it was last night in Selby. A packed house and a friendly crowd. Music was varied but principally the event is for dancers!! Many regular Drax Eggborough people there.... and always guaranteed to be friendly lot . Sammy Seaman in particular plays different sounds... underplayed.. rare. gritty sounds that suit my taste. All the DJs played to the floor. Fpr a £3 entry fee this event definitely does what it says on the tin
  4. Sylvia Dean

    New Dance Class: Think Mild Zumba

    Well I cannot see how a 40 year old can comment on a scene that started more than 15 years before they were born. Live and let live. There are plenty of events across the length and breadth of the UK for all consumers to suit all tastes and all age groups. What I find far more galling are comments like this.
  5. Sylvia Dean


    What a fab night . last night.....WHAT an atmosphere.. what a buzz..... The DJ`s got the mix just right.. . nothing new musically ....but do we always need this ?? Certainly heard some true and tested tunes I hadn't heard for a while... Thats what I like about Drax.. I know its a new venue for me ( 4 visits since moving up north).... .. but I can already tell its a popular regular venue ( and now a regular for me !!).. and I talked to peeps from many areas in more than a 50 -60 mile radius....the dance floor was always... always... FULL.... all night...... some cracking dancers too .. This all adds to the chemistry of what is a fab formula.. This is as good as it gets IMHO.. for an across the board soul night,,, THANK YOU !!!
  6. Sylvia Dean


    Sorry we cannot attend this one. I am sure it will be excellent superb music ...with top guys Russ and Dave inn the driving seat
  7. Sylvia Dean


    Looking forward to a cracking venue and as new Yorkshire residents this is now firmly in the calender of "must do" soul events .. Just a fab dancefloor .. as good as it gets :-D .. My motto is always keep the floor full please djs.
  8. This may not be appropriate on this thread .and its only a question !!! .. . But why have i gone from being a MINT MINUS .. Person.. When I orginally joined SS .. And around 5 or 6 years ago... to now being a BOOT ???? .
  9. I want to dance dance dance .. Old new rare .. Whatever . Dancing it is til i drop ..

  10. And apologies for typo errors above . My statement above is written with honesty and i feel integrity and a genuine love of this wonderful music that so many many of us love and have this fantastic common bond of soul music
  11. What a strange and very garbled interpretation of the soul scene that post is ? It makes the presumption that it was the old order ... Of dancers.. Versus what i will call (for the premise of putting in some sort of context)..the new order .. Who play rare and underplayed.. So therefore have their own percieved superiority who are taking the current soul scene .. And by way of playing underplayed and rare music in a dancehall setting . To another and enlightened direction .. . And that it does not matter one jot.. If the dancefloor is not full. ,,,,, Because .. ( in their eyes ) .. Thats not important ????? . So why do they want to play in a big venue ??? I here so many times by some of these (djs) ......... That ......"we will all be dancing to this rare tune soon".. And .......Because it is rare and underplayed .. It has to have credibility on the soul scene ... .. Not because it is danceable !!! . Which it often isnt .. . And because many of these .( djs) .. Are not in many instances many have ........NEVER..... Ever .... been dancers. ...... But are .... record collectors .!!!!!!! The above article ... Again ... . Lumps all soulies together . By way of clothing . Quoting that .( and making another huge generalisation ).... That The top 500 soul tune people .all wear . ..... Big trousers etc... !!! .. Umm . Huge generalisations... I love dancing .. Love hearing challenging ..and danceable music ..new ( rare and underplayed ) ... interdispersed with old . Music that flows.. A mix to keep the floor filled at all times . But to suit all tastes.. Some djs get it very very right .. But please do not patronise or presume .. Or at very worst think they have superior knowledge . And that soulies do not ave discerning tastes .
  12. Welcome to the forums Sylvia Dean :)


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