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    football(boro), 60's jamaican ska,rocksteady and reggae, also like soul, my main passion is modern soul. love the small faces, and weller
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    billingham, teesside
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    luther vandross - never too much
  1. Modern Anthems

    New York City Band - Together
  2. searching for the young soul rebels!!!

  3. Keep The Faith Lp

    my dad has picked up an LP of a car boot sale, would just like any info about it please, was it a junk release? i dont know about the label, any info appreciated. the lp is called Keep the faith, it has a picture of wigan casino on the front, and is a 1984 re...
  4. What Have You Been Listening To Today?

    chapter 8 this loves for real
  5. Northallerton Town Hall 4th October

    unfortunately cant make it tonight is there regular soul nights on in northallerton if so can you let me know the dates for future nghts, cheers,mike
  6. Neo-smile

    excellent tune harry, superb delivery time glad i got my copy early,
  7. Whitby

    another excellent weekend in whitby, especially the modern room on saturday, booked hotel for next year
  8. Top Singers

    edwin starr
  9. Prince Phillip Mitchell

    cheers everyone for the replies cant wait to get my hands on the cd
  10. Prince Phillip Mitchell

    hi, have bought prince phillip mitchell cd top of the line of internet, bought it on other people on other web sites saying how good a soul artist he is, and this album is his best, anyone on here got this album or rate him
  11. Piercebridge - Soul Addiction

    i hope this is not the last soul night at piercebridge but if it is why not consider going back to the swan in billingham always got a good write up and me and the mrs live about 5minutes away from it
  12. Paul Weller's Tribute To Northern

    theres no bigger fan of weller than me but this aint for me at all sorry stick to his own stuff
  13. Bags?

    have to agree with everyone about the kent label cds, one cd i always have on is ginger taylors northern soul banquet on the goldmine label, and an excellant place to buy cds is gold soul or amazon.
  14. Who's Your Best Mate On The Uk Soul Scene?

    my wife coz i dont know anyone else on the scene there is only ever me and her on our own, and anyway i love her to bits
  15. Piercebridge

    yep another fantastic night at piercebridge, was there another big soul night on locally as numbers were lower than normal, but still brilliant night, once again enjoyed the modern room, not like me, i normally stuck in 60s soul.

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