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    soul loving vinyl fetish sort of lad.

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  1. Agree with every one of them. Brilliant floors on which to spend an evening.
  2. Kierby Hotel in Burnley was a great little sprung floor, apart from one corner that was more like a trampoline.
  3. Great night on Sat. All DJs - brilliant. Ted Massey - out of this world.
  4. The lead singer does not sound like Barbara Kay. Mike Morton could have used possibly one of four female singers on the lead. Anybody know which one it was ?
  5. £75 for the Seven Souls on Okeh demo on holiday in America a few years ago.. That was a one - off. Usually find stuff much cheaper than that.
  6. So many brilliant tunes. I could pick any of poss 100, but the one in my head at the moment is Dynamic Superiors - One Nighter
  7. Some great tunes played last night from all the DJ`s. Ginger really hit the spot with the Chuck Cockerham spin. Loved it.
  8. I would hold the record for you until you were ready.
  9. I have a copy. Mint- I want £1000.
  10. Great night . Music brilliant. Even had a few swings of the old pegs.Sad to lose this venue, but with Des and Bev in charge, any venue would be a success. Last night was full of so many memories and emotions. The superb poem that Des read out summed it up perfectly . Anyway...Onwards and upwards. Cant get the Barbara Cooper song out of my head. We love you both. All the best...... Ronnie and Fran.
  11. Sad news. I cant believe that it has ended. 12 years in the blink of an eye. We have had some really great nights there and we cherish every one of them. Des, Bev. Thank you for everything.
  12. The clothes i certainly had "flare". In those days, the dress sense involved a purpose, especially at football matches Days when match tickets were not needed. Football special trains were the norm .Long walks from the station to the ground. Scarves tied on wrists Seems just like yesterday.
  13. Heard the sad news last night at Rammy. The tribute to Ian was lovely and heartfelt by all that knew him. We will miss you Ian. R.I.P. Ronnie and Fran

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