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  1. Just checking in to say that Me, Charlotte and all of the Wigan Roller Rink Staff are so looking forward to welcoming you back to The Empire All-Nighter this September. As you can imagine, It has been a very stressful time for the staff at the venue but all plans are now in place for the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and the re-opening of the venue in time for our Last Empire All-Nighter on Saturday 18th September. I would personally like to thank everybody for their understanding and patience in regards holding onto your tickets from our re-scheduled event - That has been much app
  2. As you all know Northern Soul and Soul has been a massive part of our lives, its who we are, it’s our identity. During lockdown we found it incredibly hard living a life without the soul scene and all-nighter scene. Personally I miss making memories, hearing the history behind the soul music, and meeting those eccentrics with the best stories that you’d only ever meet in the dark corners of a nighter. So we’ve been putting all that energy into this new project that will preserve the past & present soul scene and soul history through documenting photographs, memorabilia and the amazin
  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: We are so excited to announce our new adventure! Born out of lockdown we give you The Soul Archive! View full article
  4. Hello everybody, with much sadness I must now inform you all that this Septembers Empire Soul All-Nighter will be re-scheduled for September 2021. Under the current Guildlines of Social distancing and Advice from the council for people’s safety. Myself, Charlotte and the Staff at Wigan Roller Rink have no option other than to postpone our event until September 2021. Even if the venue was able to open, we would only be able to run with strict rules and a reduced number of attendees, making the event not possible to go ahead. With this being advertised as our last and final Empire Al
  5. Some tunes coming through early! Gonna be some top stuff played tonight.
  6. Thank you to everybody that supported Bury Town Hall last Saturday night. What a great night that was... Something very special in the making!
  7. Here are some parking details for tonight’s all-nighter at Bury Town Hall. You can either park directly behind the Town Hall (Just off Manchester Road) or alternatively you can park across the road from the Town Hall at: Belle Vue Terrace Bury BL9 0SY England I have attached two photos of the entrances to the car parks! See you tonight.
  8. Happy Friday everybody, only one day to go!
  9. Beautiful building, inside and out which boasts incredible facilities; • A well lit record bar, overlooking dance floor • Wall to wall polished dance floor. • Free carparks surrounding the building. • Dimly lit lighting for a unique atmosphere. • Chill out areas to chat. • Bar facilities serving until the early hours or free tea and coffee all-night long.
  10. Just waiting to hear from Barry, I always leave him to sort out the DJ times as soon as they are ready, I will post them up on here.
  11. We are so looking forward to having both Carl & Maria Willingham playing the rarities at Bury on March 7th. We are all in for a treat! These two always pull something special out of the box. Our resident DJ Barry Maleedy & Bob Hinsley at our last Bury Town Hall all-nighter, on Boxing Night. Both will be spinning the tunes next weekend!
  12. Great news. I have just managed to track down an unissued version of this great oldie. Fingers crossed it will arrive in time for Bury all-nighter. Would love to hear how it sounds over Baz's big sound system!
  13. Yes, sure. Will you grab me as I will most probably forget but I'll definitely have them on me.
  14. 100 advanced tickets left. Tickets have been flying out over the last few weeks and we now have only 100 of physical paper tickets left. These are priced at £12 each and to be included in our raffle, you will need a paper ticket as we use the ticket number for the raffle. Prizes include... X3 A2 PRINTS of the 2018, 2019, 2020 posters. X2 FREE ENTRY to our new Bury All-Nighter X1 LIMITED EDITION 2020 PATCH PLUS... a surprise vinyl gift Don't worry if you don't wish to buy in advance, you can still pay on the door at £15
  15. Lots of interest last Saturday for the up-coming Bury Town Hall all-nighter. The only all-nighter happening that weekend!!

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