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  1. HutchySoulManKTF

    Soul Brothers Six Move Girl .

    Thanks will ask Andy when am back from Turkey
  2. HutchySoulManKTF

    Soul Brothers Six Move Girl .

    What's going Rate . Wanting a Copy When can afford . Seems bit hard to find .
  3. HutchySoulManKTF

    News: New Allnighter Starts March 10th - Bristol

    This Event Excites me . My kind of Venue .Able to play my big sounds . R&B and a few Underplayed old School tracks .
  4. HutchySoulManKTF

    Ukrainian Club - Ashton Under Lyne

    Simply Superb . What a find . Never failed yet . So many Top Sounds not played at all regular events . One we now look out for without fail .
  5. HutchySoulManKTF

    Burscough British Legion 23rd July

    First out the bag was TC and Bricklayers . Up and Down The Hill . Got me dancing first record . Looking forward to see how it goes with my Set 24th Feb . Played some very nice stuff . Enjoyed ye Cover Up
  6. HutchySoulManKTF

    The Black Cat Soul Club at Low Moor Club

    Fabulous time at Back Cat Soul Club. Quality equipment to DJ with. Warm and welcoming. Drink prices good dance floor tiled loads of room. Quality resident DJ's. Attendance hit by England game. But has a good vibe. Well worth a visit. Thankyou for Inviting me. Thoroughly enjoyed Double Decking with my mate Denis Billingham Top Drawer.
  7. HutchySoulManKTF


  8. HutchySoulManKTF

    Return Of The Legendery Blackburn ALLDAYER

    Great to see Co-operation from Burnley with Fulledge Northern Soul Club moving there's to the 28th. Great gesture! One which I hope is supported with big turn out for its Top Quality Dance Floor and Atmosphere when it's full
  9. HutchySoulManKTF


    Fantastic Vibrant Event. Some of Best DJ's in Northern England and beyond have graced this Event. Looking forward to Double Decking with my good friend and fellow DJ Denis Billingham dance floor mayhem. Superb Dance Floor.
  10. HutchySoulManKTF

    Northern Noise Soul Club/Sand le Mere 2nd week ender


    Last one was Superb. From Fully Centrally Heated Accomodation and too many facilities in Homes to list. Food 5 Star ! Hardly any records repeated quite an achievement !
  11. HutchySoulManKTF

    2 x wristbands required for Pontins

    Couple up for grabs on FB @ £30 each.
  12. HutchySoulManKTF

    Music Stack

    Sad as they come. purchase record and await Invoice then state Not Available when called state wrong number. No explanation total sham Item Ordered Price GBP BRENTON COLBERT - TAKE THE CLOUDS AWAY - 7"(VG++) ATLANTIC CITY, , 32833 £15.00 Subtotal: £15.00 Shipping: 45 shipped First Class Mail (recorded delivery) to UNITED KINGDOM- £3 + £1 EACH ADDITIONAL Total: Seller will send you an invoice confirming the total order amount (typically in 2 days or less). You will pay at that point.
  13. HutchySoulManKTF

    Turly Richards I Feel Alright

    Looking for one.
  14. Demo Label for this track is said to be Diamond Ring can anyone shed any light on it !


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