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    Following Pro International Cycling, Trying to ride a Road bike !!! Following F1 & Motorsport, Gadgets & Gizmos, Radio control cars, All sorts of music(old soul especially) but open to anything that sounds good !?! Japan & anything Japanese (my son lives there)Japanese food (cooking & eating), Lusting after Lambrettas ! Oh & being Daft !
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    Paignton _ Devon
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    Something Good -Sam & Kitty
  1. Northern Soul Underground Still ?

    I can remember going to The Yate nighters in 80/81 with a couple of older guys who did go to Wigan, & hearing them bemoaning how the scene was no longer underground & had gone mainstream then !!!!!!
  2. Goin' To A Happening

    Looks like it'll be a wet run, up & down but well worth the trip for this one, superb dancefloor, great venue. Looking forward to some great tunes from the residents as always plus super guest slot from Paul McKay. Bring it on ! Just hope it's a little cooler then the weekender !!!!!!!
  3. Thanx mate, I agree with you, all or nothing. Probably the distributors want to cut bits for cinema release then flog a directors cut blue ray with all of Elaines footage in. More ££££ for them ! I'm a cynical git but "money make the world go round" Big up t...
  4. As an aside, does anyone on here know exactly when Elaines film will be released ? Thought it might have said on the programme, not just "forthcoming film". Will it be a mainstream cinema thing, a pokey art house flea pit jobbie, or straight to DVD ? Sorry if...
  5. Speaking as a (dread I say it !)) returnee to the scene, very much like Paul Mason. Up till 12 months ago I had been out of the scene for 30 odd years but after dancing for the last year, I can agree with all he said at the end. The music feels the same &a...

    A BIG thanx to Jon, the DJ's and all involved in putting on a terrific event. "The Paignton Posse" arrived back in the bay around 04.30 after sticking it out till the bitter end & again ending up in ruddy Newport !!!!! (Do all roads lead to Newport ?) Super venue, outstanding dance floor, lovely people & cracking tunes, can't ask for more. Can't wait till easter next year, if it comes off ? Once again thanx to everyone involved, from "The Paignton Posse". Cheers then, Bob.
  7. Plymouth's Too Darn Soulful

    Next 1 on my list too ! Think i've recovered from the Tqy w/ender ! Darn my aching legs. C ya all soon. Bob
  8. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater

    Looking forward to Saturday night, haven't had a dance fer weeks ! Gonna be a good nite for sure. C ya there folks. Bob
  9. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater

    Not a prob Bunty, got a room booked so I can have "a bevvie". Bring it on. Looking forward to it, c ya 2morro.
  10. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater

    Hey Bunty .... Count me in too, C u & Mart there. Me feet are itching again ! ::-): Bob
  11. Goin To A Happening!!

    Agree with Matt & Dean, great nite, great sounds, super venue. Won't be my last visit,I'll be back fer the next one. Thanx for all involved in putting on a top event. Well worth missing out on me overtime !!!!! It's only money lol
  12. Goin To A Happening!!

    At work on O/T, listening to soul class 66 on t'internet, b*gger this for a lark, GOTTA dance...... I'm on my way !!!!!!!
  13. Scooter Club Patches Circa early 80's

    All that's left of me Parka ! (Boo Hoo)
  14. Getting fitter, so I can dance better !

  15. Welcome to the forums spikeybob :)


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