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  1. the scene club soho was open last friday for a one off special invitation night and i am waiting for photos and videos
  2. list of agencies from record mirror of that time .clodagh rogers is there sitting by the phone waiting for your call
  3. the kingston cellar was actually upstairs over the boat storage so bands had to lug their gear and speakers up some steep stairs ,i have my members card somewhere
  4. some guys started the ham yardies club a few years back but dunno what happened to it .used to meet in a pub up in east london .must be ten years ago
  5. mentioning houston TX i did the record shops there about 7 years ago and all i found was rotten heavilly scratched 45s not worth a cent
  6. before and after the fire they had numerous ricky tick sites all over the area ..they came and went searching for the magic formula of success ..kids were fickle at the time..
  7. the ricky tick was an old rambling mansion with paneled walls and roaring fires and sofas ..it was a very large place .. shame it burnt down some years later..recall graham bond on there plus lots of others ..dj had a piano with decks built in
  8. used to have karate booga loo but it was stolen by da bitch in bromley
  9. guy did play some modern at the time 45s like the righteous bros youve lost that loving feeling which sounded perfect on the scene club sound system..plus lots of other 45s which had just been released
  10. the house of oldies maybe still going https://foursquare.com/v/house-of-oldies/4ba38862f964a520fd4438e3 House of Oldies 35 Carmine St (btwn Bedford & Bleecker St) New York, NY 10014 United States http://mbvintagenewyork.blogspot.com/2011/11/house-of-oldies-selling-last-centurys.html google house of oldies
  11. bleaker street used to be the place of record shops but dunno if it still is ..just have a mosey round there.. but you could be 30 years too late as mostly CDs ? i have some old 45s catalogues from shops in bleaker street ..prolly 60s priniting
  12. he played at the el partido in lewisham on 11 september 1965 ...my copy of always something was nicked by this slag in bromley who kept a handfull of my 45s in the 70s ..2 timing bitch he should have been bigger than he was ,bad management i guess
  13. i joined about 3 months after it opened you had to be nominated by other members as its was hard to get in at first ..i had some mates who were members who joined me up..there was always queues to get in on saturdays and you needed to get there early to get in as it was popular ..i have 2 members cards before it went out of fashion 63 to end of 65 .. at first i didnt want to spend the cash as it was a guinea to join and a guinea to get in on sats. but i soon realised it was a good deal due to the numerous bands in 1 night plus the latest sounds .i was hooked ..the amphetamines came a bit later
  14. guy stevens had his entire record collection stolen when he was in prison some years later ..must have been a bummer.... never went to the scene on mondays as too tired from the weekend..and crawdaddy on sundays with the yardbirds blazing away ..they were the best of all .with such a stellar lineup..
  15. https://www.messynessychic.com/2014/08/21/the-tiny-island-on-the-thames-that-once-held-the-rolling-stones-david-bowie-and-the-uks-largest-hippie-commune/

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