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  1. lol
  2. Sorry this Event is now SOLD OUT * There is a 'Waiting List" facility at the Ticket Website If any Tickets are returned we re-allocate them.
  3. Either Print Out and bring OR just show on your Mobile Phone, you will be given a Wristband at the Door, There will be no hassle lol ;-) As you are now on the list, but suggest you get here early if you want a seat/table as we are capacity SOLD OUT.
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  4. A pretty much certainty I would have thought
  5. WOW A Blackpool Casino Patch ! Had one don't know what happened to it, happy days under the Pleasure Beach except Scotch weekend ! lol
  6. Cheers, always has been for me (as a Blackpool Boy) A lot of people at events in the South love and dance to tunes that were broke and played at the Mecca, they just didn't know And of course we have a big soul loving bunch of people who were just to young to have gone, that is the focus and idea of this event, to take people from the 1st record Colin & Ian played right through to the l ast with some fantastic tunes in between.
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  7. T * There is a Waiting list facility at the Ticket Website If any Tickets are returned we re-allocate them www.MeccaMemories.com With the Legendary Colin Curtis & Ian Levine A Special Night taking you through 8 years of Ground Breaking Boundary Pushing Soul Music 1971 - 1979 THIS IS A TICKET ONLY EVENT Limited to 200 info@meccamemories.com Tel/Txt 07784 949272 Tickets at www.MeccaMemories.com Saturday 20th July 2019 Walking distance from Teddington Train Station & Teddington Travelodge
  8. Update Colin & Ian have agreed to do this, the whole night details at www.MeccaMemories.com
  9. Great News Colin & Ian have agreed to do this, the whole night, details are at www.MeccaMemories.com
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  10. Wow, fantastic array of tunes and memories, I was brought up in Blackpool and at 15 had a part time job on the burger and hot dog van under the Mecca, edge of the Car Park, my early memories were seeing wide eyed youngsters clutching records. chewing and chatting a lot ! Curiosity got the better of me and I was soon in there to see what it was all about, that led on to seeing the Wigan bound coach outside so of course I ended up discovering the Casino - The rest is history as they say Having left Blackpool and travelled and worked around the UK and USA for a period I finally settled back "down south" and due to the lack of decent sized dancefloor events in London and area started what became the famous Teddington Nights and London Dome All dayer which are both going strong after 8 years, then the Soul Galore Weekender in Folkestone for 2 years. Ian Levine has played his rare soul set at Teddington to an amazing response and Colin Curtis (Dimond) at Soul Galore (Modern Room). Was thinking (dreaming) about how great and memorable it would be if we could get them both back together for a Mecca Special down South, for all the "Northern" imigrants like me that live down there now lol and some of the Southerners that travelled up to the Mecca back in the day, so we could relive those great nights, it would also be a music education for some of the younger people who did not/could not go as well. What do you think ? Curtis & Levine special Mecca Reunion night - "Two for the Price of One"
  11. Well positive discussions are taking place with Ian and Colin - I think we could be on Watch this space (and or join the Soulnites Group for updated details when we can) https://www.facebook.com/groups/soulnites/
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  12. Blackpool Mecca Just wondering how many people may be interested in a Memories Reunion Event (down South), I know a lot of 'Northerners" live down South now (like me) and I have met people who used to travel up from the South to the Mecca. While quite a number of "Mecca Sounds" still get played out at events and sometimes a "Mecca Set" wondering if anyone thinks it is a good idea to have a complete event ? perhaps an All Dayer or a Night in the South ? Of course the ultimate memories night would have to include the dynamic duo in no particular order Messrs Curtis & Levine If we pulled it off who would come ? Perhaps we could get "Two for the Price of One" lol !
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  13. Moon is alive and well and a good friend of mine, as well as his own releases he has sung on/a number of tracks (under a different name) ;-) He still performs at local pubs where he lives London and is actually going to be singing a couple of tracks at my Birthday Party on 22nd Feb 2019 in Teddington. Here is a playlist of some https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuZ4k-waKIk&list=PLa5u1kJLAV0Ea4nz1oR12lf5oAP1bxF7-

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