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    2011-10-20: Soul 4 Real Weekender

    SOUL 4 REAL WEEKENDER #18 SOUL ESSENCE SPECIAL BILBAO (Spain) 20th-21st-22nd-23rd OCTOBER 2011 DJ line-up and venue info summary: THURSDAY Night Welcome party @ COTTON CLUB - FREE Entry (21:00 – 2:00) Andy "Tats" Taylor (UK), Steve Plumb (UK), Fredrik Andersson (Sweden) FRIDAY/SATURDAY Night @ Hotel Ercilla - 10 Euros/night (Tickets on door) (23:00 – 6:00) Bob Cosby (UK), Brian Goucher (UK), Gavin Page (UK), Eduardo Domingo (BCN), Jens Chreisti (Sweden), Aitor Lombide & Alex Subinas (Bio). SATURDAY DOWN BEAT – @ COTTON CLUB - FREE Entry (16:00 – 20:00) Mike Charlton (UK), Bake Helliwell (UK), Brian Goucher (UK) & Iu Adell (BCN) SUNDAY GOODBYE SONGS – @ Hotel Ercilla - FREE Entry (16:30 – 19:30) Bully (UK) & Carlos "Areta" (Bio) ACCOMODATION 4 Stars Hotel in the city center http://www.hotelercilla.es Special price per double room and night, that includes breakfast It's only 70 euros + TAX (8%). Single room inc. breakfast is 60 euros + TAX (8%) and triple inc. breakfast is 85 euros + TAX (8%). IMPORTANT - for room bookings please contact Alex Subinas eurocom@jet.es FLIGHT INFO Direct flights from London, please check www.vueling.com (Heathrow) or www.easyjet.com (Stansted) Direct flights from Manchester, please check www.easyjet.com
  3. Event Title: SOUL 4 REAL WEEKENDER Event Author: Aitor Calendar: Allnighter/Weekenders Event Date: Thu 20 October 2011 ------------------------------------------------- #18 SOUL 4 REAL WEEKENDER - BILBAO (SPAIN) SOUL ESSENCE SPECIAL @ Hotel ERCILLA Room prices at Hotel Ercilla (price per night/room): Single: 60 (inc. breakfast) Double: 70 (inc. breakfast) Triple: 85 (inc. breakfast) Low cost flights: London Stansted (easyjet) London Heathrow (vueling) Manchester (easyjet) NEW !!! Those of you who were thinking of attending the Soul 4 Real-Soul Essence Weekend in Bilbao next 20th- 21st- 22nd- 23rd October 2011 and live in the north of England we have good news for you. There is a new low cost direct flight between MANCHESTER and BILBAO. Return tickets are available for only 75GBP Please check www.easyjet.com For those travelling from LONDON, please check www.vueling.com (Heathrow) or www.easyjet.com (Stansted)Contact and room reservations: eurocom@jet.es ( (Alex Subinas) 00 34 639615333 Visit this Event in Soul Source Events Guide for venue maps, street views,road and rail directions and more
  4. It's been a very hard week and still trying to recover from a longggggg weekend. Thank you to everybody who visited us and special thank you to all the DJs that make this weekender so especial. Roll on !!!!
  5. Here's the definitive line-up DJ LINE UP THURSDAY NIGHT at Cotton Club 9 p.m. - 1,30 a.m. Free entry Paul Sutton Andy "Tats" Taylor John Pearson FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHT at Ercilla 11p.m. - 6 a.m. 10 Euros per night (tickets available on the door) Bob Cosby David de Santiago Gavin Page Herminio Afonso Steve Plumb Aitor Lombide SATURDAY DOWNBEAT SESSIONS at Cotton Club 4 p.m - 8 p.m. Free Entry Brian Goucher Eduardo Domingo Paul Thrower Alex Subinas SUNDAY GOODBYE SESSIONS at Ercilla 4,30 p.m. - 7,30 p.m. Free entry Alejandro Aguayo Ian "Bully" Bulloch CAN'T WAIT !!!!
  7. Event Title: SOUL ESSENCE MEETS SOUL 4 REAL Event Author: Aitor Calendar: Allnighter/Weekenders Event Date: Thu 07 October 2010 ------------------------------------------------- Hi, Here´s the info of the next Soul 4 Real - Soul Essence Weekender in Bilbao (Spain) DJ LINE UP: THURSDAY NIGHT at Cotton Club 10 p.m. - 2.am. Free entry DJs to be confirmed FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHT at Ercilla 11p.m. - 6 a.m. 10 Euros per night (tickets available on the door) Bob Cosby David de Santiago Gavin Page Herminio Afonso Steve Plumb Aitor Lombide SATURDAY DOWNBEAT SESSIONS at Cotton Club 4 p.m - 8 p.m. Free entry Brian Goucher Eduardo Domingo Paul Thrower Alex Subinas SUNDAY GOODBYE SESSIONS at Cotton Club 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Free entry DJs to be confirmed Accommodation at the cith centre 4 Star Hotel Ercilla is just......... 70 Euros + 7% tax per night for a Double room (breakfast included) 60 Euros + 7% tax per night for a Single room (breakfast included) 80 euros + 7% tax per night for a Triple room (breakfast included) For direct flights to Bilbao from Stansted go to www.easyjet.com or from Heathrow visit www.clickair.com As alternatives, you can also fly from Stansted to Santander with Ryanair and from Gatwick or Bristol to Biarritz with Easyjet IMPORTANT - For Hotel bookings at Hotel Ercilla and additional info please contact Alex Subinas: 00-34-639-613533 or online at eurocom@jet.es Visit this Event in Soul Source Events Guide for venue maps, street views,road and rail directions and more
  8. Aitor

    2010-04-09: Soul Essence 28

    Big thanks and congratulations to Bob and Gavin for a Brilliant weekend !!! It was great to put faces to some of you and to meet the old and new friends.This is what I played (or ar least what I can remember ... ) Friday 6pm (In the 'Jim Wray' Lounge) Big John Hamilton - Take this hurt off me Freddie Scott - Don't let me fall Frankie Gearing - Teardrops Norma Jenkins - I did it for real J.P. Rodgers - Won't you give me your love Donny Hathaway - Sack full of dreams kimberley Briggs - He's still on my mind Side Effect - She's a lady Kim Weston - What coul be better Janice - Love on the line David Ruffin - Common man Mad Lads - I think I'm falling Eddie Steele - I still love you Dorando - Didn't I Friday 11 pm Lucifer - Don't you (Think the times a-comin') Satisfaction Unlimited - Let's change the subject Bobby Womack - Thing called love Cornell Gunter - love in my heart Dorothy Norwood - Love everybody day Odyssey 5 - Peace of mind Step by step - We won this time H. Andrews - Steppin' out Chicago Gangsters - Feel like making love Cesar 830 - See saw affair Quiet Fire - I've got everything I need Patterson Twins - I need your love The Motown Spinners - It's a shame Towana & the total destruction - Wear your natural baby John Edwards - The look on your face Marvin Gaye - Soon I'll be loving you again Webster Lewis - Give me some emotion Vaneese & Carolyn - Goodbye song Looking forward seeing some of you in Bilbao again !!!! Cheers Aitor
  9. Aitor

    Soul Essence Meets Soul 4 Real

    More Playlist's from the Weekend: JUAN VICENTE - Thursday Welcome Party Ghetto Children "It's not easy to say goodye" Roulette Dee Dee Warwick "Funny how we change places" Private Stock Virgil Henry "You ain't sayin nothing new" Tamla Walter Jackson "Let me come back" Brunswick Essex IV "My heart just can't take it" Wind Mill Al Hudson & Soul Partners "I'm about lovin you" ATCO Sam Dees "Fragile, handle with care" Atlantic Na Allen "Thanks for nothing" ATCO The Impressions "Miracle woman" Curtom Arnold Blair "Trying to get next to you" Gemigo The Chants "I've been trying" Chipping Norton (UK) Candi Staton "Hurt to cry" Fame Little Dooley "(It's got to be) now or never" North Bay Sly, Slick & Wicked "Sho' Nuff" People Sam Dees & Bettye Swan "Just as sure" Big Tree The Innersection "I'm in debt with you" Group 5 Aristocrats "Let's get together now" Warner Bros. Touch of Class "You got to know better" Midland International Clifton Dyson "I'm giving up" Quantum Sonic Garfield Fleming "Don't send me away" Becket Barrett Strong "Man up in the sky" Capitol Bottom & Company "Gonna find a true love" Motown Towana & Total Destruccion "Wear your natural, baby" Romark The Voices of East Harlem "Cashing in" Just Sunshine Barbara Lynn "Movin' on a groove" Jetstream Jan Jones "Independent woman" Day-Wood Bobby Hill "Tell me you love me" Lo Lo Bobo Mr. Soul "Hitch hike to heartbreak road" Ovide Bessie Banks "Don't you worry baby" Quality ALEJANDRO AGUAYO - Saturday Down Beat Members Of The Staff - Stop the bells (Evejim) Donell Pitman - Your love is dynamite (After Five) Richard Caiton - I wonder will you always love me (Caiburt) The Epsilons - The echo (Stax) Bobby Bennett - Days go by (Philadelphia Int.) Ro(s)zetta Johnson - It's been so nice (Columbia) Linda Jones - Give my love a try (Loma) Hot Sauce - Echoes from the past (Volt) Debbie Taylor - I don't wanna leave you (Arista) Lee Charles - Girl you turned your back on my love (Bamboo) Melvin Davis - I'm worried (Invictus) Emanuel Lasky - More love (Westbound) Jimmy Sterling - At least I tried (Ameri-Con) The Emotions - Somebody new (Twin Stacks) Otis Clay - You hurt me for the last time (Dakar) Gloria Walker - Your precious love (People) Sisters Love - Are you lonely? (A&M) ALEX FRIDAY 2,30 - 3,30 Sir Wick - Seal my heart Board of Directors - Happy Universe City - Can you get down Tavares - Heaven must be missing an angel Gift of Dreams - Feel it Johnnie Taylor - Here I go Teodor - Love Message Martha Reeves - I really like your rap Bobby Womack - Thing called love Melvin Brown & James Matthews - Love stormy weather Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Come on let´s be happy forever Brand New - 1.000 years Terry Callier - Gotta get closer to you Temptations - Don´t bring back memories Jackie Wilson - Whispers SATURDAY 23,00 - 00,30 Green Brothers - Your love lifted me Ted Coleman Band - What a lovely day to spend a lifetime Hajime -Yoshizawa - Celebration Ricardo Marrero and the group - Feel like making love Hank Crawford - Madison spirit the power Richard Paradise - Let me stay Pieces of a dream - Warm weather Crack Steppin´- What we gonna do with this feeling Milira - Mercy mercy me Marcus Johnson - Heaven Angela Bofill - Soul of mine Gwen Guthrie - Closer Randy Jackson - How can I be sure Kareem - Never give up on love Danny Williams - All those lies Frankie Zhivago - Someone stole your love New Sound - Don´t take your love Charles Wilson - I don´t want to take a chance David Hudson - Girl I'm coming home to something good Archie Hodge - I really want to see you girl People´s Pleasure - Dreaming our lives away Isley Brothers - That lady Teddy Pendergrass - Now is the time to do it David Ruffin - I got a thing for you Jefree - One last chance JADD Friday Marvin Gaye-Since i had you-Tamla Freddie James-In love for the first time- Dreyfus Richard Stepp-Caught in a whirlwind-Infinity Archie Bell & Drells- Wher will you go when the party is over-Philadelphia International Larry Nevilles-This time is real- Laray Lloyd Price- You brought it on yourself- Graxam International Strutt-Say you didn´t love him -Brunswick Giften Four-Fallen Star- Hamito Semitica Clay Brown-Walk with a groove-Florentine Charles Beverly-Don´t you want a man like me- Vanessa The Montclairs- Unwanted love- Paula The Copeland Davis Group-Morning Spring- Regalia Bobby Womack- Across 110th street- United Artist Terry Callier-Ordinary Joe- Cadet Saturday A.J Brown- Making love together- Maestro Aretha Franklin- It´s only happens- Atlantic Clausel- Let me love you-Up right Spread Love-Here I go- Sunstar Cecil Lyde-I´ll make it on my own-Alwest Donald Albert-The hardest part-Runaaway Sweet Cream-Flying high-Shady Brook Family Tree-Family tree-Anada Straight Jacket-Greatest part of lovin-Showboat Sins of Satan-Dance and free your mind-Buddah Marvin Gaye-Mercy, mercy me (the ecology)-Tamla Motown Ollie Nightingale-I don´t know why I love you- Memphis Jessie Gomez-Lace-Mankind Pure Pleasure-By my side-Qc David Nevin-You´re for me- Pardner Rivage-Strung out on your love- Tempus Marvelle Hampton-I truly believe (in love)-Piggylo Rozetta Johnson-Mine was real-Clintone Clyde McPhatter-Please give one more chance- Decca Rita Graham-My cup runneth Over-Tangerine Mike James Kirkland-Give it to me- Bryan Na Allen-Thanks for nothing-Atco Sam Dees-Come back strong-Atlantic Raj-Something inside- Oak Tree
  10. Aitor

    Soul Essence Meets Soul 4 Real

    Thank you Tats, It's been an abdolute pleasure to meet you. Could you please send your Thursday playlist, it was fantastic !!!! Best Aitor
  11. Aitor

    Soul Essence Meets Soul 4 Real

    Thank you mate. The photos of Ben touring Bilbao and enjoying the Music, food and drinks are simply Gorgeus
  12. Aitor

    Soul Essence Meets Soul 4 Real

    And Here is my playlist Friday 4:30 - 5:45 Bobby Womack - Give it up (Arista LP) Barbara Lewis - Do I deserve it baby (Stax LP) Frank Dell - He broke your game wide open (Guinness LP) Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park (Fantasy LP) Archie Bell & The Drells - Real good feeling (PIR LP) Natalie Cole - Mr. Melody (Capitol LP) Chanson - Magic carpet ride (Ariola LP) Bobby Patterson - I'm in love with you (Jetstar 45) Barbara Acklin - Am I the same girl (Brunswick 45) Archie Bell & The Drells - 1000 wonders (Atlantic 45) Peace Love & Happiness - Ain't nothing but a love thing (Abab 45) Clarence Carter - I can't leave your love alone (Atlantic 45) Calvin Arnold - Satisfy my woman (IX chains 45) The Motown Spinners - It's a shame (Motown 45) Towana & the Total Destruction - Wear your natural baby (Romark 45) S.O.U.L - This Time around (Musicor 45) The Last Generation - You're all I need (Generation rec. 45) Enders: Big John Hamilton - Take this hurt of mine (minaret 45) Ollie Nightingale - I don't know why I love you (Memphis 45) David Ruffin - Common Man (Motown LP) Frankie Gearing - Teardrops (Beale St. LP) Saturday 1:30 - 2:30 Lucifer - Don't you (think the times A-Comin') (Invictus LP) Dee Dee Warwick - Whereis that rainbow (Mercury Lp) Jessie Butler - Let my love bring out the woman in you (Bound sound rec. LP) Dorothy Norwood - Love Everybody day (Savoy Lp) C&C music factory - Share that beat of love (Columbia LP) Master Force - Hey Girl (rain forest 12) Hi tension - There's a reason (Island 12) Clausel - Let me love you (Up right 12) Universal Love - It's you girl (TK 12) The Last Generation - Just a chance in life (Generation rec. 45) H. Andrews - Steppin' out (Balance 45) John Edwards - It's those little things that count (Bell 45) Jocelyn brown - Somebody else's guy (Island 45) Bernie Milton - 60/40 (Chaton rec. 45) Cornell Gunter - Love in my heart (Together rec. 45) Roscoe Robinson - Don't pretend (just be yourself) (Fame 45) Leon Haywood - Keep it in the family (Casablanca 45) Shirley and the Shirelles - Never give you up (Bell 45) Carl Anderson - Buttercup (Khan 45) Patterson Twins - I need your love (Malaco 45) The Motown Spinners - It's a shame (Motown 45) See you in yarmouth
  13. Aitor

    Soul Essence Meets Soul 4 Real

    What a fantastic Weekend !!!!! Still trying to recover. Will send playlist as soon as I get trough the records. THANK YOU !!!!!


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