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  1. Happy to talk to you about my involvement in the Northern scene.
  2. Good point - the show is called Sounds of the 70s after all! Nevertheless, Richard also managed to avoid any poor 70s records in his choices.
  3. I thought Richard came over really well - obviously super-knowledgable, but also enthusiastic and articulate. His choice of music was well judged too and not the usual Frank Wilson etc. Johnny Walker also seemed genuinely interested in the music and what Richard had to say.
  4. Love this but can't remember when I last heard it played out.
  5. I'm sure the words to Flower Shoppe's You've Come a Long Way Baby are "CURVES below your waist" not hairs below your waist. Sorry to disappoint!!
  6. That's good news, Lawrence. Let's hope it's resolved as soon as possible for everybody's sake.
  7. Saw it in New York in July. Mrs Dazzler and I both loved it. Only criticism from me was that some of the chronology of the songs wasn't quite right but the singing, energy and overall staging was excellent. Well worth going to.
  8. Thanks. We'll be sticking to Manhattan due to time restrictions and Mrs Dazzler's general disinterest in record hunting. Hopefully the stores will have improved since 2011.
  9. Only 2 days until Mrs Dazzler and I head off to Philadelphia and New York. Any suggestions for record stores in either city?
  10. Couldn't agree more! I thought it was just me that despised his singing while everyone else is told how fantastic he is. To me his voice is flat and out of tune. Always turn off the radio if a Sinatra record comes on.
  11. Mrs Dazzler and I will be headed to Philly and NYC in July to celebrate my big birthday. Will be doing much of the traditional tourist / sightseeing stuff and, no doubt, clothes shopping but I hope to squeeze in some hunting through whatever record stores might still be open. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Only 2 days to go till we jet off to the US. Does anyone have any suggestions for record stores in Philly or New York?
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    Bobby Dazzler

    Bishopthorpe Road York YO23 1DQ
  13. Anyone recognise the track used in the new advert for Spar supermarkets on ITV tonight? It sounds familiar but I don't know what it is.
  14. Point of order and slightly off the GP topic, Sean, but whilst Robbie Vincent's Sunday show might have started in 1983, he was with the Beeb much earlier with a Saturday evening show - I have a tape (actually recorded by my Mrs) from 1977!

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