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    Quoits, ,dancing. extreme knitting, fried egg juggling, roundabout spotting, polka dot counting, water devining, extreme transit van pot-holing.
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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: All Danced Out Posted by Ganche, 16 June 2009 I knew by the glorious sunshine on the way to Cleethorpes that the weekend was gonna be a blinder. I wasnt wrong. Kylee and I had a pretty easy journey to Lincolnshire and in fact, chatted so much we we... View full article
  2. Glad its still on, will be there to play a few for Margie.
  3. Thanks for the lift home Ted. x
  4. Tonight, gonna stay up til dawn and play tunes to annoy the neighbours.
  5. Just back (early I know!) from an excellent night at Bedford. Well played sets from Steve G, and yes, Ive got to say it - Bearsy and from the fantastic ears of Fred Krol. these three stood out for me as they definately delivered. Fred played some fooking awesome tracks and thats the only way i can describe him....Steve always gets me on the floor and Bearsy - well done for filling that dancefloor. Great little venue, dark and atmospheric - just how I like em! Lovely friendly vibe and loads of nice people. Come on folks - youre missing a good thing. :thumbup:Big thanks to Toby for invitin
  6. Ganche


    doh! ta ken xx
  7. What a great line-up, trying my hardiest to get there...
  8. Ganche


    Cheers Kylee, back on now.. If no-one passing by can anyone get me from Euston instead? Can get the Virgin express to there but the underground is shut (northern line) so cant get across..much appreciated, Denise xx
  9. Looking forward to what is always a great night at Banbury... see ya all there, Denise xx
  10. Matt - think youve got a fan club.... Better late than never......... James Carr - thats what I want to know - Goldwax The Tempests - would you believe - Smash Homer Banks - Lot of Love - Minit Chuck Jackson - Hand it over - Wand Barbara Acklin - Just Aint No Love - Brunswick Baby Washington - Leave me Alone - Sue Tee Fletcher - Happy Loving You - Shurfine Royal Robins - something youve got baby - ABC paramount Billy Hambric - Talk to me Baby - Fury Connie Francis - Its gonna take me some time - MGM Miller Sisters - Im Telling it like it is - GMC Levon and the
  11. Ganche

    Rugby Allniter

    photos by my neice - Amy lol, il get me own camera one day..
  12. ive put a few pics up too and my playlist? M-people - the album.... will do it later I promise!!
  13. Ganche

    Rugby Soul Club

    great night - pics by derek palmer
  14. Ad you'll be sorely missed mate. I too had a cracker yet again. Feet hurt, brain dead. Thanks to Theresa for teaching me the Sarf London Massive dance

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