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  1. Still looking for this, please message only if selling. Thanks
  2. Looking for this, Thanks!
  3. 8TsSoul

    Jack Jacobs ‎– I Believe Its Alright

    Many thanks for the reply, I’ve had the blue one for years but looking for the white demo. Cheers
  4. Just had this in my discogs basket but gone before I checked out. Need the DJ Promo with same song on both sides, not the blue issue. PM please. Thanks
  5. Looking for a vg+ or better. PM Thanks
  6. Looking to replace my copy of this. If anyone has a copy for sale please PM Thanks
  7. 8TsSoul


    Anyone? please get in touch, Thanks!
  8. 8TsSoul


    Looking for these? Sorted :) Thanks!
  9. 8TsSoul

    Johnny Hammond ‎– Teach The Little Children

    Two down two to go, if anyone can help Thanks! Rhonda - Touch Me Up (Stax) Johnny Hammond ‎– Teach The Little Children (Sagittarius Energy) (Inst)
  10. 8TsSoul

    Johnny Hammond ‎– Teach The Little Children

    Family sorted, still looking for the others. Thanks
  11. Looking for this, please get in touch if you're selling. Thanks! Johnny Hammond ‎– Teach The Little Children (Sagittarius Energy) (Inst)
  12. 8TsSoul

    Dolly Gilmore (Right On!)

    Still looking for this, anyone? Thanks
  13. 8TsSoul

    Dolly Gilmore (Right On!)

    Anyone? please get in touch thanks
  14. 8TsSoul

    Dolly Gilmore (Right On!)

    Dolly Gilmore ‎– No Man Like My Man (Right On!)


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