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  1. Hi. Looking for Tommy Neal - Goin to a happening on PALMER. PM me please.
  2. Hi. Did you ever sell the Tommy Neal - Going to a happening?
  3. NY Soul

    Wrong Crowd

    Over from NY visiting my mum in Heysham. Might pop in if that’s ok.
  4. Yes some rare and pricey ones in there. Strange that over the years when collecting I would see two, or sometimes three come up for sale at the same time. I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes.
  5. Wondering what people’s opinion is on the rarest UK Sue 45. My top three go like this. 1. Willie Mae Thornton - Tom Cat 2. Elmore James - Knocking at your door 3. ZZ Hill EP.
  6. Hi all Looking for a copy of Herbie Goins - Number 1 in your heart / Crusin on Parlophone. PM me please. Best Graham
  7. Been offered £2000.00 but I believe that's only due to its rarity and the holy grail for Sue collectors.
  8. Hi Paul. Unfortunately not selling. Been offered silly money for it over the years.
  9. Yes I do. Looking for an upgrade on my Elmore James - Knocking at your door if you ever come across a copy.
  10. Thanks. Will let you know if the London cannot be located.
  11. Hi Lokking for a copy of Spenny Spellman - Fortune Teller on London. PM me please. Best Graham
  12. Hi. You still got the Poets - She Blew a good thing LONDON? What condition? Thanks
  13. Hi Looking for a copy on London records. PM me please. Best Graham
  14. Just throwing it out there. I know this I probably the rarest 45 on the UK Sue label. Out of interest what do you think it is current asking price for such a rarity?

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