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  1. Lionelonthevinyl

    SAM WARD Photo

    Wow....rocking the adidas jogger and shoe combo!!! Great photo, he looks a character. thank you for posting........Rob
  2. Lionelonthevinyl

    Barney Duke Bonnie Browner

    look forward to getting my pre order in gilly....will definitely be a cracking read with some tales and stories put straight I'm sure....kind regards....Rob
  3. Wow!!! Great stuff, thank you...Rob
  4. Lionelonthevinyl

    Condition description!!!

    Brilliant!!!! Joking aside record grading is as mad as some of the prices people put on stuff...kind regards...Rob
  5. Lionelonthevinyl

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    I know you have spent a few more pounds than that Mr Edwards but it's not for me to say....hope your well lee...kind regards...Rob
  6. Gotta be the Rita & the tiaras version...had it and sold it for £500 many years ago to put the money up for a car....at least I can say I owned a copy!! Thank you...Rob
  7. Lionelonthevinyl

    looking for a value on this Fascinators

    If I was you I'd consider speaking to mr manship and auctioning it. I think you pay him 20% of what it goes for but by god he gets top, top prices....god luck.....Rob p.s what a fantastic record!!
  8. Lionelonthevinyl

    Pure Soul

    Not been anywhere over the summer so really looking forward to this!!! The fantastic resident dis with great collections and John Parker as guest WOW!!....can't wait...kind regards...Rob p.s will see if boff is up for it but might be a bit early for him to be out and about.
  9. Lionelonthevinyl

    Guy Hennigan Tape 20th September 1983

    Definitely gonna have a listen to this. Some I know and some I've not heard of!!....thank you for posting chalky...Rob
  10. Lionelonthevinyl

    Postman's knock?

    Picked up a m- Johnny truitt...just the other day for £64 last week. Pleased with that price...kind regards......Rob
  11. Lionelonthevinyl

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

  12. Lionelonthevinyl

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

    My daft name on here came from going to Greece on hols with my parents...the kids dj was called "Lionel on the vinyl" I've just remembered it and sorry if not my real name...it won't harm anyone...kind regards...Rob
  13. Lionelonthevinyl

    Pictures of Us

    I'm 47 October Mal & Pete....I think we all look alright lads when you consider our lifestyle choice!!!! Im from Nuneaton Mal.....Rob
  14. Lionelonthevinyl

    Pictures of Us

    Whoops sorry all....was gonna say as Mal is a very similar age to myself.....I went to snobs in brum regularly through my rave/dance scene stage...it was a proper laugh and the start of me getting back into my soul music again...weird connection but how it was for me...kind regards....Rob
  15. Lionelonthevinyl

    Pictures of Us


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