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  1. Sure is Clint lad....3 points in the bag, up to 2nd...draw written all over it, and then......Rob
  2. Where's the quick tempo, come on foxes!! Kick up the arse half time and back on it...Rob
  3. Tangeers WOW!!! I thought they go for about £650 I'm a bit out of date but fair play if your willing to pay that much....bloody good though!! Thank you for posting...great job you do....Rob
  4. Great finish!!!! Come on Leicester!!!! 1-1
  5. Saint & greavsie was a must watch when I was young...before my time but a class player they say...RIP.
  6. Don't be to negative guys...a bad day at the office...worst I've seen you play....do agree your having a nightmare with injury and not convinced Vardy is fully fit....Rob
  7. Happy birthday.....hope you didn't receive a book off the old man Enjoy!!!
  8. There seems quite a few sides looking a bit leggy and tired. I'm no expert on the foxes but it seems to me Vardy seems to do this, looks tired, not at it. As soon as you start thinking he's showing his age he goes on a scoring run!!! .....apart from man city (on present form) your a match for anyone. Hopefully you can get the majority back from injury. I've enjoyed watching you this year and the chat with you boys.....Rob
  9. Think you made hard work of that, but another 3 points to go 2nd...if you kept your foot on the gas could of scored another couple...hope Maddison injury is just a knock...good result never the less....Rob
  10. Interesting stuff Steve... Who were the dj,s?? Good records??......Rob
  11. A lot easier draw though 'clint' lad...thank you though....Rob
  12. A good result I think...sounds like you could take them...hate diving....Rob
  13. Keep us updated Rudzy on proceedings.....good work...thank you.....Rob Supporters!!!! What are they??
  14. Not watching the Foxes as Spurs are on and looking good....yours is a tougher draw though. You've got a good side out and fancy you could sneak a win.....Rob
  15. As soon as Leicester played to there strengths they were a different team...Liverpool looked good till the last 15 mins...that did coincide with Leicester deciding to have a go....interesting to see the league as I bet that will put Chelsea above Liverpool as well if they win??....enjoyed it...onto the egg chasing now to watch!!....Rob

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