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  1. I've got a 50 count box that Paul (soul shaw) made for's excellent!! There beautifully made, highly recommend his work. Kind regards...Rob
  2. I reckon it was copied and put on vinyl but not booted as in a replica label to try to reproduce it. Could be wrong.....Thank you...Rob
  3. Was that cheap for a cashhmeres? Don't know the condition though...Thank you..Rob
  4. Some great stuff played as normal (the ones I know anyway) thank you for posting....Rob
  5. Very nice playlist. As I said before Freddy, still think connie is the best side to sweet magic...a great play list never the less...thank you for posting......Rob. p.s ascots...another my top 5 records, sublime tune.
  6. Lionelonthevinyl

    Soul Express

    1st visit for me to this one. Had a fab night, every dj was very good and all played different selections. Very refreshing and interesting....thank you....Rob
  7. Good photos Mal. can remember them Vicks vapour rub tops, people used to use the in-halers when they were pilled up as well as rubbing Vicks under there noses. Mad times....kind regards...Rob p.s...the lad mentioned looked like he could do with a kip and a good Bernie inn steak
  8. Call me old fashioned and I really have no idea how these things work but....could you not take deposits, pre orders, see where you are and borrow a few quid from the bank? This book is obviously finished or as near as damn it....might be talking out my derrière!!!...thank you...Rob
  9. What an absolute scrote kisser. I wish you good luck and fingers crossed you get your money back....Rob
  10. I hope your covered through pay pal matey. Ripping people off is something that makes me very, very angry...what an absolute tosser he is!!! Hopefully the folk on here can help you find out where he is and hopefully can get some legal action against him. If he's Canadian he is a bit far away for a smack round the head!! Good luck....Rob
  11. Oh I see. Thank you Russ. ashame if it doesn't make it. I would definitely buy it but I'm always very sceptical about giving ££ before hand, I'm a Luddite . As Chris mentioned before some of the guys who have written, been involved with books would have a punt on it. I will watch with interest...kind regards, Rob
  12. Apologies if I'm sounding really stupid but, if you pay your money and the amount isn't reached, what happens to your cash??....thank you....Rob
  13. Bought this for a fiver ages ago, really like it. My mates were most surprised saying, your not into modern soul!! Always bought what I like, quality cheap record in my opinion. Kind regards...Rob This is a really old thread, but still a great record.
  14. A great mix...still prefer connie to the sweet magic side but only my opinion...great play list, thank you for sharing...kind regards...Rob

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