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  1. Lionelonthevinyl

    Some history on this one please.

    I've been following this thread and all the records mentioned, I've heard at all the under played rare soul do,s .......you don't get many folk at these but the music is always brilliant.....each to there own but how about Eddie Holman...Hold me in your arms on grapevine...heard this played by Gillys better half Nicola at a little do I go to.....picked up for a tenner....it's a tad dearer now....each to there own...kind regards...Rob
  2. Lionelonthevinyl

    News: Ebay Soul Records - April 2018 High Flyers - Tops

    It's amazing me...it's going nuts!!! Some very expensive records there, lots of which we can all remember at reachable prices...its bloomin bonkers, but great if your selling..will they keep going up??..thank you team for posting the e.bay big sales..kind regards Rob
  3. Lionelonthevinyl

    Pictures of Us

    Please don't take offence but I can see who Donald Trump mirrored his hair do on when looking at the young ladies coiffeur in the photo. It's a proper work of art....kind regards..Rob
  4. Lionelonthevinyl

    Some history on this one please.

    1st saw it Steve for about £35/40....thats when it came to my attention anyway. I'm from the midlands so makes sense it was played at Leicester (before my time) and maybe known up here more than elsewhere earlier?? Thank you....Rob
  5. Lionelonthevinyl

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    Couldn't of put it any better...spot on....Rob
  6. Lionelonthevinyl

    Some history on this one please.

    I love the diversity...every miss fit and there mates are at niters and most soul do,s...be good...Rob
  7. Lionelonthevinyl

    Some history on this one please.

    Will be in Devon October I think, but unfortunately my wife finds us all bonkers being so mad about the music we love!! And if you get it your addicted!! As I posted earlier I never judge (one of my better points)...long haired, shaved haired, scruffy bugger, mods what ever...we are all into it for the music, it's an amazing scene I think, got someone once telling me about the stuff he had on tic-tac,,(ric-tic) bless him..never gonna..
  8. Lionelonthevinyl

    Dave Rimmer. Birthday

    Happy birthday matey...enjoyed our chat Saturday at wolfies having a ciggie with Ady cope...don't mention my maths with the cleethorpes 26 years tale.... Kind regards..Rob.
  9. Lionelonthevinyl

    Some history on this one please.

    Known this for years...thought everyone did....it's gone up in price the last few years so it's collectable to a good few...great record imo....kind regards Rob. p.s...it must be you south west lot!!!!.. (It's my favourite place the south west so don't take offence!!)
  10. Lionelonthevinyl

    Perlean Grey - I don't wanna cry - Green Sea

    One on Pat Brady's....its £150 though!! good luck.....Rob
  11. Lionelonthevinyl

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    At a do last night and having a ciggie With a a couple of chaps one being a big friend the other being Dave Rimmer, both chatting about going cleethorpes, and both having been every one for 26 years!!.. Most of the most knowledgeable folk I know don't do fashion, silly clothes, and a lot are scruffy buggers..but god they know there soul music and with amazing record collections!!!...never judge, appreciate everyone ( and there are so..
  12. Lionelonthevinyl

    next 48 hours....

    Agree on both of these points Mike , main problem small font on my I pad.....thank you.....Rob
  13. Lionelonthevinyl

    Carol & Gerri

    To the best of my knowledge and reading as much as possible about this record........no one knows who they are....one of my favourite double sided tunes....fantastic,, and I doubt anyone can say for definite who these ladies are....kind regards and have a great weekend......Rob
  14. Lionelonthevinyl

    TIP TOP Soul club

    Top line up and guaranteed amazing records!! May have to talk nicely to mr cope or the greys for a lift..thank you Rob B
  15. Lionelonthevinyl


    Eventually getting to wolfies, can't wait!! coming over with the Hinckley contingent....only heard good things about this do...kind regards....Rob

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