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    There's one on jm,s auction and one on Darren Browns raresoul45,s auction as well. Hope that helps a little...good luck..Rob
  2. Is this the locally famous BUB?

    I would love to read a thread on the tales of Bub....I know he was a massive character ( from what I've read )... Sounds hilarious to me.....thank you....Rob
  3. Arundel sunday soul Feb11th

    Love charlene & soul serenaders "can you win" .... Not for everyone but I love it. Thank you for posting your list. Kind regards.....Rob
  4. GasMaskHeadhunter Youtube channel = Soul Source member?

    I'm very interested as well....there are people with collections like this..is it a massive secret who "mr gasmaskheadhunter" is??... Mind you everyone loves a little bit of cloak and dagger...kind regards...Rob
  5. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    I personally thank you for posting this up. I'm not on any other forum, face book etc so would never of known ( though I would of heard ) if wasn't looking on soul source....the whole scene loves a moan...even at oldies nights you can hear " can't believe he/...
  6. Value Please !

    It's gotta be £700 you never see it, and it's a minter so possibly the £800 you stated. It's the best condition one I've seen..very nice...gotta be a jm auction piece??... Good luck Ray...kind regards....Rob

    Heard a few of your opening sets at the co/op and in my experience you start the night off excellently...another good set..thank you for posting.......kind regards....Rob. p.s give the others a nudge to post there play lists.
  8. Coalville Soul Club All-Dayer 29-12-17

    Some good stuff there...love Danny Woods, not played out much. And my favourite side of the cashmeres....thank you for sharing....kind regards....Rob
  9. Pearlean Gray - I Don't Want To Cry

    I sold one to Des Parker (soul inc) a few weeks ago, he may still have it. Worth a p.m....if not should be easy enough to pick up....good luck...Rob
  10. Soul at the Green Rooms

    Have a great night. Unfortunately won't be there as I'm at work tomorrow, boooh!!!!!. Great line up and will be a packer as it is every year, enjoy...kind regards....Rob
  11. world cup draw...

    Brilliantly put chalky...my sentiments exactly. Would like to see the Liverpool lad play centre half, is it Gomez??? Looks a good lad....Rob
  12. world cup draw...

    Belgium should be a push over...courtouis in goal, vertonghan centre half, hazard and du bruyne in midfield and lukaku up top...I fancy I've missed several off this list...maybe group runner up would be good??....come on England!!..regards...Rob
  13. Best current whisky offers

    Dalwhinnie is an outstanding whisky, very light so maybe not for the peaty dark whisky boys....try there winters gold, was on offer at Tesco a week or so a go. Dunno if this has been mentioned yet as I've not read every link. Enjoy your whisky or whiskey if y...
  14. Northern Soul Fashion Revival - Footwear Solatio OR Brogue

    Your looking cool Peter, but your friend on the far left needed a larger sized tank top......Rob
  15. Two 100 club anniversary singles

    Nice work Pete.....doh!!

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