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  1. Lionelonthevinyl

    Postman's knock?

    Picked up a m- Johnny truitt...just the other day for £64 last week. Pleased with that price...kind regards......Rob
  2. Lionelonthevinyl

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

  3. Lionelonthevinyl

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

    My daft name on here came from going to Greece on hols with my parents...the kids dj was called "Lionel on the vinyl" I've just remembered it and sorry if not my real name...it won't harm anyone...kind regards...Rob
  4. Lionelonthevinyl

    Pictures of Us

    I'm 47 October Mal & Pete....I think we all look alright lads when you consider our lifestyle choice!!!! Im from Nuneaton Mal.....Rob
  5. Lionelonthevinyl

    Pictures of Us

    Whoops sorry all....was gonna say as Mal is a very similar age to myself.....I went to snobs in brum regularly through my rave/dance scene stage...it was a proper laugh and the start of me getting back into my soul music again...weird connection but how it was for me...kind regards....Rob
  6. Lionelonthevinyl

    Pictures of Us

  7. Lionelonthevinyl

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    Brilliant!!!!...the snake is always the one!!....my 3x double decking ( that's my dj career ever! ) at pure soul a rare under played night I got asked by a girl who had a learning disability (she was having a great time ) for the snake...obviously I didn't have it or was going to play it so apologised and said ask my decking partner Boff (what a bail out but didn't want to upset her ), it was a no from him as well but also a polite response....I then had a 10 minute chat to her about the Fred Perry I was wearing and she was going to buy one for her boyfriend....yeah totally a wrong request but strangely it was a lovely moment and Boff never forgets it..good times always....kind regards....Rob .
  8. Lionelonthevinyl

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    I'm sure I've heard a recording of it and pretty sure it was on here....gotta be Pete Smith who posted so have a search. It was a fairly crap set as mentioned but always worth a listen. I'm not on Facebook so def not heard it there.....good luck....Rob
  9. Lionelonthevinyl

    has a boot been bootlegged itself?

    I would start with Gloria Jones...tainted love...its been booted loads of times and there's gotta be one that's more expensive than its predecessor.....thank you....Rob
  10. Lionelonthevinyl

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    What happened to.....common courtesy, manners (please and thank you), a respect for each other and being helpful to the pensioners???....will make everything better won't it??? Thank you......Rob
  11. Lionelonthevinyl

    Harry kane

    Hmmm. Sterling debated at the pub this afternoon...he certainly did cause problems with his pace but didn't really do anything...head down and runs into cullde-sacs....strangely he probably deserves his place but didn't really do a lot..alli, lingard the same to me.....we have improved a bit...play against better opposition we will lose as normal..(I want us to win the World Cup once in my lifetime )...47 this year for me....come on England!!!....Rob
  12. Lionelonthevinyl

    Harry kane

    He got put into the number 10 position when he should of been substituted ( the last 2 games) ...I support Tottenham and to me Harry is good but when he plays against quality defenders he rarely does the business....god only knows what he was doing against Croatia in front of the defence....oh well we have improved a tad (till we play anyone any good)....we might have foden, sessegnon and a few more coming through in the next years or so....god only knows where the soul scene is going but hopefully ktf with the England national team.....thank you...Rob. p.s congratulations to France.
  13. Lionelonthevinyl

    Bessie Banks

    A lovely copy......Rob
  14. Lionelonthevinyl

    Record insurance

    Thank you Dave...that's how it was with them when I insured my records....sold most of my big records now (not many!!).. But these were very good when I had some to insure!!....thank you...Rob
  15. Lionelonthevinyl

    Record insurance

    Newmoon from memory (I've sold lots since I insured them) put your collection into value category's, 2.5k, 5k, 10k, and upwards, gives you the option with home, and home/djing insurance...it was good cover and easy to sort when I did it....Rob


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