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  1. Really looking forward to coming to the brow on Saturday to support sue who I believe as to be one of the best djs around at the moment we came over last year and this as got to be one of the most friendliest venues going great atmosphere great people great music see you all Saturday yocky and Mandy
  2. until

    Not long now to the Jersey weekender fitzi and Christine have once again bestowed the pleasure of letting me organise the Saturday and Sunday afternoon open box sessions so if anyone one wants to bring a few records and spin them could you please let me know on here it's limited to 5 Saturday and 5 Sunday so it's first come first served basis but hopefully fit you in Danny Jools and Lawrence will be running Friday afternoon session also there will be the video screen up all weekend in the bar area showing great footage of venues and soul stars performing see you all soon atb yocky Ps please pm on here I'm not on fartbook cheers
  3. This weekend can't come soon enough 20 of us from all over the planet all landing in Manchester satdi afternoon then off to the theatre of dreams to watch the grand final then Sunday there's only one place to be the legendary twisted wheel club for five hours of fantastic music with Pete John jock and Colin gonna be a fab weekend can't wait safe journey everyone see you all Sunday the yockmiester
  4. Just had brunch at fitzis records sorted Barnsley winning on sky 5 hours of top class music to come at the festival does life get any better c u all soon the yockmiester and Mandy
  5. Just back from Turkey with the Jersey soul family and ready to spin a few tunes at the festival.and maybe a couple of special guests joining us if they are over in time missed all the birthday celebrations at the festival ready for another great Sunday afternoon session see you all Sunday the yockmiester and Mandy
  6. Wow what a fantastic day how does Pete Roberts do it a small man with a heart of gold along with Albert and John this as got to be the pinnacle of any djs carea brought my mum today to see what old time old school northern soul is all about and she loved it every minute i am so lucky to play at this iconic venue long live the wheel and long live pete john jock and jackie night god bless yocky and Mandy
  7. Just had breakfast walked the dog records sorted twisted wheel here we come 5 hours to go can not wait safe journey everyone see you all at the go go yocky and Mandy
  8. All roads trains and planes lead to the twisted wheel on Sunday feel very proud to be able to come over the pennines to play at this iconic club in Manchester were the atmospheres is incredible 2 rooms with a bit of something for everyone Sunday can't come soon enough lunch in Manchester then 5 hours of no nonsense down to earth wheel tunes safe journey everyone see you all Sunday atb yocky and Mandy
  9. Really looking forward to seeing you all at cotgrave bank holiday Sunday for another fun filled allayer thanks to all the gang for asking me back to help raise plenty of money for 2 great charities bringing 4 cotgrave newbies along with a mini bus of soul lunatics for a fun fun fun afternoon can't wait see you all very soon safe journey atb yocky and Mandy
  10. Yockyman

    WHITBY Weekender(SOLD OUT)


    Another fantastic weekender sad it had to end really enjoyed my 2 spots over the weekend but the highlight for both me and Mandy was the market place everybody brought a bit of something different but the last 3 hours Saturday night were different gravy out of this world and young Lee Fletcher Saturday afternoon gives great comfort knowing the future of NS is safe with young People like Lee all in all as usual a lovely friendly soulful weekend can't wait for next year
  11. Yockyman

    WHITBY Weekender(SOLD OUT)


    You certainly will Phil safe journey pal atb yocky
  12. Yockyman

    WHITBY Weekender(SOLD OUT)


    Nor long now to the Whitby weekender a warm up at the fisherman's then hopefully a spot of fishing Friday to bring it all back up then 3 days of sun and fun can it get any better safe journey everyone atb yocky
  13. Nolan porter if I could only be sure possibly you turn my world upside down smiles all into frowns misheard possibly
  14. If anyone wants to stop over we have got in the premier inn for £29 it just gets better lol c u on the 1st atb yocky
  15. Yockyman

    WHITBY Weekender(SOLD OUT)


    Looking forward to seeing you both at Whitby atb yocky

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