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  1. Crate


  2. Thanks Toby I will have a look, do you know which FB sales group it was on
  3. Please pm me with the price and condition if you can help me.
  4. Please pm me with price and condition if you can help me with a copy of this great tune.
  5. Afternoon all, thought some of you may be interested to know we have an all new looking Uptight Records website. We've added a wealth of new features and most importantly, you can now listen to every item listed and at up to 100 at a time, within the same category page. We've just uploaded a new batch of Soulful LPs. Here's just a small selection to wet your appetites: Otis Clay - Watch Me Now, £7.00 M- Bobby Taylor - Taylor Made Soul, £50.00 VG++ First Love - First Love, £30.00 M- George Smallwood & Marshmallow Band - Just Four You, £15.00 M- Roy Ayers Ubiquity - He's Coming, £45.00 VG++ Ivan 'Boogaloo Joe' Jones - Black Whip, £10 M- Stealing Love - Stealing Love, £7.00 M- Love, Togetherness & Devotion - Love, Togetherness & Devotion, £10 M- The Voices Of East Harlem - Can You Feel It, £30 M- Natural Essence - In Search Of Happiness, £30 M- Don Wilkerson - Preach Brother, £15.00 M-
  6. I'm looking for a copy of Marilyn Smith covers mother in at least VG+ condition, can anyone help me out. if so PM me with price and condition . many thanks Bob
  7. I did hear John is compiling a price guide for LPs now, I don't know if this is true or when it is due out. But if it does come out I expect LP prices especially from the states to rise sharply as the US dealers jump on the bandwagon just as they did when the 7" book came out. Bob
  8. Love Sound Records Presents The Mighty Perk Badger You may never see this LP available again Cover Condition — M- still covered in cellophane, very slight creases edge where people have removed the record from the sleeve Vinyl — Excellent — this has been barely played. Side A - Deadwax markings — 1300- A Master Records Busta Stamper Side B — Deadwax markings — 1300-B Masters Records Busta Stamper This is an extremely rare LP — 80’s soul holy grail. Only LP Perk Badger ever released, out of Miami, this LP is in a plain sleeve with a photo copied inserts on front and back Don’t hesitate to bid … you may never see it again!
  9. Crate


    What is your PayPal address so I can pay you Bob
  10. As a record dealer I travel a lot around the states buying the records that will soon be worthless , but I don't agree about the price coming down, it's just people's tastes change all the time so what I couldn't give away 10 years ago are today's £100.00 records and the £100.00 records of 10years ago are today's £50.00 records. So your collections will hold their value it's just the ones you think should be worth a lot, may have lost value but many of the ones that you thought we're worth nothing will be tomorrow's rare items. As for the ageing soul population, in my travels in the past few years I have been pleasantly surprised at the age of buyers especially in the states is going down and as their knowledge increases they will be hunting the records you are to eager to get rid of in such a hurry. Bob

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