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    I was very pleased with the sound system performance at The Oldies. No complaints about the volume this time. Though it's a difficult task to get it right every time. There is such a huge variation in the quality and playback volume of the records that I have no control of.


    Some technical details...

    We started the day with 5.2kw of power available, but as the day progressed I cut back on the 2kw amp and increased the power to the Yamaha tops and sub until the amp was off.


    My reason for doing this was to capitalise on the clarity of the Yamaha's. The tops had a filter engaged that meant they only dealt with the part of the signal they work best at (above 120Hz).


    Conversely, the sub had another filter engaged that cuts off the signal above 120Hz, so it's only dealing with the signal it is designed for. Furthermore, selecting low frequency extend enhanced the bass response further. Though at this stage we were reproducing bass beyond what the human ear can actually detect. You can certainly feel it, though.

    I think I succeeded in achieving a crystal clear sound that was powerful but not too loud. Most of the time.

    The clarity of the combined signal was as pure as a mountain stream, an absolute delight to listen to. 


    I love my job.




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