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  1. Northern Dan


    Looking forward to seeing our Soul Train friends again. This was our all time favourite event of 2014. Not staying over this year though, as the Grant Arms (Faulty Towers) is fully booked. However, we had such a good time last year we're planning on coming twice this year. Afternoon warm up and evening burn out! Hopefully, we've got a lift in the evening. Still recall the evening of the second anniversary in '13 when I spun the car 'round on The Grane while homeward bound due to listening to the free CD and driving a little over exuberantly in the wet. Safe journey's, my friends, see you there! Dan & Sharon.
  3. Whitefield Soul Club

    No more sleeps, Keiron, not even time for a quick nap! Setting out in an hour, see you soon. Looking forward to an evenings entertainment and possible reuniting with Shaz's missing jewels.

    Thanks for a great night. Good to see everyone again after our enforced absence over the last few months. Enjoyed the banter in the chill out/smoking chamber, particularly the music/poetry/literary interchange with Mr. Shoes. Looking forward to the October all dayer which was our all time favourite event of 2014.

    Had a great night, sound system fully deserved praise. EQ, power and balance all perfect, sweet spot in exactly the right place and stayed constant all night, no buzz, hum or distortion even when it was approaching full chat. I appreciate the effort, time and attention to detail that goes in to choosing, buying, maintaining and setting up a quality high fidelity music reproduction system. Your hard work pays off in the beautiful sound on the dancefloor. Thank you.
  6. Soul Expression @ Chorley Football Club

    Titanium knees sound much more robust than old fashioned ones. Mine sound like someone's playing the castenets when I bend at the knee. We're still on full economy drive at the moment and neglecting our usual haunts, but are seriously considering venturing out this moist Friday evening and looking forward to seeing Roman' s Legion!
  7. Notice Anything On The Festival Circuit?

    Have a dance lesson. Don't have a dance lesson. Do the walky thing, star jumps, shuffle. It's all part of the rich tapestry. There is a fine line between looking cool or looking a div on the dance floor, but who am I to judge?
  8. Soul Band Wanted For Pub Birthday Gig

  9. Soul Band Wanted For Pub Birthday Gig

    Rambunkshus https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2c6ga2GoT7Y
  10. Blackburn Friday Soul

    I'm sure we had more than £3 worth of soul last night. Great night out, thanks to all. Particularly enjoyed Martin's set, shame Declan couldn't make it. Dan & Sharon
  11. Speaker Cable

    I once told a guy at work I was a bit of an audiophile and he derisively questioned my sexual preferences. Check the connection points at amp and speakers too. My old quad amp and Gale speakers struggle to fit fat cable in. Here's some reviews http:/...
  12. Sydney street soul club

    Very well done Kieron and Diane! A well attended, well organized night of soul. PA sounded cracking in the sweet spot and projected well into the room, dancefloor busy but enough room to swing my arms about and though the grouting was suspect, the smoking chamber outside was like a heated shed. A good venue, we'll be back in February. Dan & Sharon.

    Fond memories of braving the blizzard of '13 and our many other enjoyable nights at Barnoldswick but we must make apologies for our absence this evening. Hope you have a good night. Dan & Sharon
  14. King Georges Hall - 20th Anniversary Special

    I think I went to the first one. I recall a really good soul band called Stax of Soul who played. Saw them twice at KGH soul nights in the 90's.

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