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  1. Oggie

  2. The Ad-Lib Club 50s/60s ""Back to the Roots"

    Another awesome night at the Adlib Club..Fantastic tunes,the most atmospheric Cellar venue and a sell out,up for it crowd! Stroll on June! Oggie.
  3. Ad Lib Lincoln Back to the Roots 50S 60S RnB Soul

    This night was simply awesome..the cellar venue oozes atmosphere and would be very familiar to anyone who has visited the Whitworth Street Twisted Wheel.The hypnotic R&B,early soul and Ska sounds echo around the cellar creating a hot,sweaty,intoxicating buzz.There are crews travelling from all over to enjoy the sounds created in this unique atmosphere.The success of the Ad-Lib Club is down to the promoter,Glenn and his attention to detail organising skills, along with a dedicated support team that make the night run smoothly.My legs are telling me that the Ad-lib Club is a premier R&B event and not to be missed. Oggie. (Melton Mafia)
  4. Pure Soul at the Crown

    Crown Soul Club Nuneaton,01/12/2012 Melton Mafia playlist... Echo all that has been said above,a very enjoyable night..we played a bit of a mix which hopefully represented the mix of people in the room. Lots of well known oldies but hopefully not too overplayed. 1. Mack Rice - Baby I'm coming home (lu-pine) 2. Billy Ecksteine - I wonder why (motown) 3. Bobby Mitchell - Well I done got over it (sho-biz) 4. Terry & Julie - Mama Julie (r&b) 5. Irene & the Scotts - I'm stuck on my baby (smash) 6. Tommy Cook & Fantastics - Dance Fever (priority) 7. Freddie Houston - Soft Walkin (toto) 8. Lonnie Lester & Chuck Danzy - Aint that a shame (nu-tone) 9. Leo Price - Hey now baby (up down) 10. Bobby Day - Pretty little girl next door (rca) 11. Philip Wolf - Little woman (sims) 12. Dorothy Williams - The wells gone dry (goldwax) 13. Harold Burrage - She knocks me out (cobra) 14. Boss Four - Walkin by (rim) 15. The Channels - You can count on me (groove dj) 16. The Falcons - I'm a fool,I must love you (big wheel) 17. Willie Small - How high can you fly (jessica) 18. Bobbie Smith - Walk on into my heart (american arts) 19. The Neptunes - Girl thats an awful thing to say (Gem dj) 20. The Enchantments - I'm in love with your daughter (faro) 21. Tommy Navarro - I cried my life away (de-jac) 22. Bud Harper - Wherever you were (peacock) 23. Danny Moore - Somebody new (allrite) 24. Tiny Topsy - Just a little bit (federal) 25. Harry & the Keyavas - If this is goodbye (rpg) Steve & Mark (Melton Mafia)
  5. Spa r-n-b

    Fantastic night..like a cross between No More Doggin'/Colsterworth/Hideaway Club...Right people with the right music..just need the right home! Oggie the Outcast.
  6. Dave Wooley.. Rip

    RIP Dave...A great bloke.Remembering nights at the Ad-Lib Club with Dave spinning such gems as Prince Buster - Dance Cleopatra Dance and the Clovers - Love potion number 9...will be missed.. Dave can be seen on the Ad-Lib clip on youtube at 1.46 Oggie...
  7. old spa inne r-n-b

    Just to say we had another great night at the Spa..Heating was no issue for us..remember we are from Melton where streetlights are a novelty!...((-; Louise would like to say her heartfelt thanks for the huge cake and Birthday wishes. Great sounds all night and good to be back behind the decks again with my Soul Brother. Roll on the next one. Mark (Melton Mafia)
  8. old spa inne r-n-b

    Looking forward to more Hand CLAPPIN',foot STOMPIN',blues WAILING,floor SHAKIN'... R&B,SKA and BOOGALOOOOO! and don't tell anyone but its also LOUISE'S BIRTHDAY the same day!! Mark (Melton Mafia)

    Spidells of course Rob..Oh and any NMD R&B! Mark.( Melton Mafia)
  10. ye olde spa inne R-n-B

    Atmospheric venue,friendly crowd,awesome sounds care of the regulars and guests Ciro and Chris & Celia Lemon..Lots of sounds new to my ears...just like NMD! We had a great night. Mark (Oggie) (Melton Mafia)
  11. Alfreton All-Dayer

    I used to love Alfreton....in both rooms..the atmosphere in the big sports hall when it was rammed was amazing, I also remember the heat in Bowls room in the Summer!....take spare shirts people! We had the priviledge to DJ at the Reunion (was it really 5 year...
  12. Stute 21/08/10

    Brilliant Playlists! but I would expect nothing less from you two! Damn I wish I could of been there... Oggie.
  13. News/Article/Feature Highlight: The Manchester Wheelers: A Northern Quadrophenia - Review THE MANCHESTER WHEELERS -A Northern Quadrophenia by Dave SOULPUBLICATIONS 2008 300pp, £15 ISBN: 1-4392-2163-4 13:9781439221631 A Review by Mark "Oggi...
  14. The Manchester Wheelers: A Northern Quadrophenia - Review THE MANCHESTER WHEELERS -A Northern Quadrophenia by Dave SOULPUBLICATIONS 2008 300pp, £15 ISBN: 1-4392-2163-4 13:9781439221631 ...
  15. Theres modesty for you...You should have heard this mans spots at No More Doggin'... Oggie (Melton Mafia)