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  1. Very sad news thinking of his family
  2. nope
  3. all I can say is after the lord mayor show
  4. as johnny truitt .just the other day been repressed at any time ?
  5. Can't get to this one mate. Working in Scarborough the weekend
  6. Sorry Glenn can't get to this one. I'am in Scarborough working the weekend. Will see you next time mate have a brilliant night
  7. alfie7459

    nancy wilson

    a brilliant singer that's all you can say
  8. some brilliant music played Saturday night .I wish I had stayed went to derby nighter the only word is rubbish will see you all next time thank's glenn
  9. We will see you all tonight. Looking forward to hearing some great tunes
  10. we are coming over to see you what time do the door's open cheer's
  11. alfie7459


    looking forward to it
  12. Is this a ticket only
  13. alfie7459


    i'am coming this time mate
  14. totally brilliant well done to you all
  15. alfie7459

    70s Soul

  16. alfie7459

    70s Soul

    not been before many get in ?
  17. alfie7459



    look out olly is come down from nottingham lol
  18. Can we come to your party ? Steve lol
  19. looking forward to seeing you at north wings 

  20. alfie7459

    70s Soul Train

    how is the two daves ?
  21. At northwingfield at the moment with ted massey be with you later save a seat ? for me
  22. who is on and at what time ?
  23. Brilliant again some stunning tunes. Great line up thanks to all of you

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