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    alfie7459 reacted to B1 OKEH in NORTH WINGS. 6TH ANNIVERSARY   
    Got to agree John ? But I thought Dave & Ted were outstanding  it was one off the best Nights out for a while hope it carries on next month with Ginger & Jonna 
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    alfie7459 reacted to LifesTooShort in NORTH WINGS. 6TH ANNIVERSARY   
    It doesn't get much better than this Pete! Even without talc! ?
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    alfie7459 reacted to krawen2 in NORTH WINGS. 6TH ANNIVERSARY   
    Only one word can describe the 6th / 18th Anniversary at North Wings last night and that word is fantastic! I arrived early ( 7:45 ) and the place was already filling up nicely. Pete was on the decks banging out some nice underplayed tunes and it was good to see a few dancing to them too. By 9pm the place was full (and I mean full! ) I couldn't stop till the end but in my time there I never heard a mediocre record at all. Last night had the feeling of an "Annesley " night when it was in its heyday. A lot of old faces from the Annesley days too. Well done Pete Taylor , here's to the next 18 years.
    All the best
    Steve B
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    alfie7459 reacted to AGENTSMITH in Nottingham Palais All- Nighter   
    A huge buzz on this event prior to the date, and true to word, the turn out was fantastic!...strictly speaking it was all about nostalgia....hence the musical output was not beyond the confines of tradition..what the hell!, it's all about a celebration of a well loved venue of the 70's and 80's, that actually still stands, even though it is unrecognizable from its original format. For me personally, just being there meant chalking off the board, a visit i thought i'd never make, albeit in the capacity of door staff...and very busy we were!. i ventured into all three rooms on a number of brief occasions and found all dance floors to be rammed....great sound systems in, superb clarity.....fortunately, where we were situated, it wasn't too loud either. Soul Sam, probably just edged it, with the stand out set of the day, which i think went on for almost 2 hours...non stop oldies, but of a more intuitive kind, one's that are appreciated for not having been rammed down the proverbial throat for decades...i'll settle at singling out that session rather than ramble on about others, everyone's contributions added to the occasion...Nottingham, is without doubt, the real deal stronghold of Northern Soul in the East Midlands, and on this particular occasion, it wheeled out the crown jewels in the shape and form of a truly iconic venue. I think any function's management would have struggled to cope with so many people wanting drinks on draft, i was informed that the previous evening, they had to contend with a figure of close to 2000 in the building, so with some justification, it wasn't going to be possible to get a brewery delivery on a Sunday!...disconcerting for some, i appreciate, hence just missing out on 5 stars for performance......next year, it will be put right, have no doubt...
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    alfie7459 reacted to PaddyFerry in Nottingham Palais All- Nighter   
    We enjoyed it , from the queuing up to getting in, felt a buzz, yes it's totally different but to be expected, only managed up to 3.45 , I agree with some of the points about the lack of draft beer, the club seemed well prepared staff wise so I found it odd that they should run out at 12.45, the beauty of having advanced ticket sales surely helps decide what stocks to have in place, I feel this is poor management, but as was pointed out to me it's about the music and the buzz and we liked it. I thought Dave Raistrick played a good spot , informative with thoughtful choices,
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    alfie7459 reacted to Caz60 in Nottingham Palais All- Nighter   
    Enjoyed the night and the music , the thing that let the night down was the lack of drink at the bars , they knew how many tickets had been sold and had made no arrangments for a delivery of drink , its greed on the club , to expect people to buy bottles at expensive prices and not even what people drink , Shame on you , for not respecting that fact that people had travelled from afar for last night and you let the night down GREEDY club owners ,

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