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  1. Rsg Tonight 30th With Fortnum & Hubbard

    Can't Belive it has been nearly 6 months since the last one, looking forward to seeing all my old friends, Carl Fortnum included SueBuck
  2. Lightwater - Next Saturday (20th May)

    I had a good night saturday I can only comment on the modern room, really good music allnight & the company of good people, just wish I could keep my balance long enough to have had a dance [ I did see the upstairs room but only on the CCT...
  3. Hi-tek-soul @ The Ministry This Saturday

    I can't wait this will be a big reunion & will be my first visit to the Ministry in about 12 years Sue Buck
  4. Bisley 25th February

    Thanks Alan Sue
  5. John Fraser's Birthday Bash

    Happy Birthday John xxxx Sue Buck
  6. Rsg Anniversary Last Friday

    Looking forward to this, can't belive Jon has been doing RSG for 25 years, where have all the years gone? this is about the same amount of time Jon & I have been together, Sue
  7. Soul @ Hitchinfc - Friday 27 January

    Nice venue this, & a good crowd along with it, Jon & I with Rex will be there as usual Sue
  8. 100 Club Xmas Bash - This Week

    Ok thanks Ady, See you Thursday Susey XX
  9. 100 Club Xmas Bash - This Week

    Ady Make room for Me, & dont want to go in the back way it's to dangerous, I want to come in the Front Entrance, also to save getting caught in a crush what time is best for us to get there.. XXXX Suesy
  10. Sos.... Hemel's Coming Of Age Tonight

    Well we had a good night @ Reg, Yogi & Chris's do in Hemel, I must admit that before we went I said to Jon I would rather go to Bisley tonight, but I enjoyed it last night as there were so many of my friends there, & it is good to be in the company of...
  11. Rsg Tonight

    Hi Gill, Thanks for your reply be good to see you again, do you still drive that old Beetle ? Sue Buck xx
  12. Who Spin's The Best On The Dance Floor

    As in WOBBLE 1:- to sway from side to side, stand or go unsteadily, stagger ; 2 :- wobbling motion ; rocking movement 3:- wobbly silly billy on the dance floor. as it say's in the Northern Soul Dictionary, admittedley Wobelled is not the correct spelling it s...
  13. Heroes

    Yes Most Definently Randy Cozens Northern Soul Icon.... JB

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