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    I have been around for too many years to remember. With a few years missed of course. Started at the Chateau Impney 4 till 7 Club in Droitwich , Va Va 's and the Cats when I was knee high to a grasshopper ! Always at the bar drinking pints of cider and still am !! Loved the Soul scene all my life and still do. I know people from the top to the bottom of the country and still keep in touch with them. Years ago there were only a few venues on at weekends so everyone went to that one from all over. Not like now with so many to choose from. Never give up on a good thing, it keeps you young ......

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    Sue Ready
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    Try to go to as many venues as possible, especially when I'm up visiting in the Midlands but we are out on a limb a bit down here. Busy where I Iive in the summer so cant always get away. Out on the water anyway which I love .....
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    Used to live near Kidderminster but the last 30 years near Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire
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    .... there's so many. It all depends if I'm dancing or sitting !!!!

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  1. suered


    YATE days. Before, during and after.
  2. Fantastic night at Porthcawl on Saturday. Packed, dance floor full all night because the music and atmosphere were thumping. Well done Nigel and all the other Dj's. Cant wait for the next one in May .........

    1. paup-ine


      Okay, will have to try and go next time!! xx

  3. suered

    Va Va's happy days

    Va Va's in the mornings ....
  4. Hope everyone has a brill night at The Archers in Worcester tonight......let me know Hot Dog...... Wish I was coming but saving myself for Prestatyn. Don't forget the brandy Pauline !!

  5. suered

    The Catacombs days

    My scrapbook reminders of Catacombs days and some of us on holiday in Torquay (I think !) Those were the days ......
  6. Welcome to the forums suered :)

    1. paup-ine


      Welcome Sue. Don't be shy. They don't all bite on here! Have fun. X

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