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    Tape swappers fav
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    London / Colchester
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    Darrow Fletcher - my young misery
  1. DonnaD

    Soul Club Names? Help Wanted

    In Soul - with a big picture of a nice shoe
  2. DonnaD

    100 Club Crisis

    Ady called to say he isnt at the computer today (although his blackberry is taped to his hand as always ) so wont reply very quickly. He is actually out with Sonny.
  3. DonnaD

    2010-04-17: 100 Club All Nighter

    Like if your trousers fell down?
  4. DonnaD

    The Death Of The Vinyl Record

    If it's any consolation I've just ordered up another 7 new Kent 45s! That's Ady not Donna; we couldn't swing the job swap.
  5. DonnaD

    Crystal Palace Soul @ The Alma

    I intended to go to this one but ended up in Colchester for the weekend instead, seeing lots of old friends. Will def try and get along to the next one.
  6. DonnaD

    100 Club Last Night

  7. DonnaD

    100 Club Last Night

    A little bit more of that would be nice in my opinion
  8. DonnaD

    100 Club

    Ady asked me to say that he now has the flyers sorted.
  9. DonnaD

    Cleethorpes 2009

    oooh fancy dress i always forget about that. Will have to think of something this year. Me and Sonny cant wait
  10. DonnaD

    Amanda Love

    I've got one - you gave it to me xxx
  11. DonnaD

    Donna's 40th Take 2.1

    Happy 40th 2.1 to meeeee Happy 40 2.1 to meeeeee Happy 40th 2.1 to meeeeeeee Happy 40th 2.1 to meeeeee. I've come across all unnecessary! Can't wait till tonight and it starts at 6:30pm now so that's another whole half an hour of party Is anyone coming?
  12. DonnaD

    Donna's 40th Take 2.1

    Just a reminder that next Wednesday is party night and it is STILL currently happening on the planned date and at the planned venue . Let's hope swine flu doesn't take hold and make us prisoners in our homes before Wednesday
  13. I'm sitting in is one of my all time favourites. I'd buy it if I had any money
  14. DonnaD

    Donna's 40th Take 2.1

    The birthday saga continues. Due to the venue double booking and then a replacement venue also double booking the party will now take place on 6th May!!!


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