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  1. Chris J Cooper

    Millionaires-Never For Me

    I've got an issue if you've not sorted yet
  2. Chris J Cooper

    Willie j & co. Boogie with your baby

    I've got one. If you're still looking.
  3. Chris J Cooper

    Huston outlaws Ascots

    One or the other. Ascots. Another Day or Unique Blend. Yes I'm In Love originals only. Con. As long as they play through . Pm if selling either ta
  4. Chris J Cooper

    John Bowie

    Your gonna miss a good thing Original only pm if you've one to go
  5. Chris J Cooper

    "Something Different"Springtime All-dayer 1pm-1am

    Looking forward to getting behind the decks. Super little club.
  6. Chris J Cooper


    Well the sun as shone and the moon set a few times which means its time for the Shack once again. Kev Smedey (Burton) is wth us this month. some cracking music in those boxes of his, see you there.
  7. Chris J Cooper

    The Soul Shack

    Back on my pad at last. So just a few hours before we spin a few at the Shack. I love it.
  8. Chris J Cooper

    Houston Outlaws

    True have you got one to go lol
  9. Chris J Cooper

    Houston Outlaws

    Ain't No Telling on Westbond vg++ or better, demo please, pm with Price and condition Thanks
  10. Chris J Cooper

    The Soul Shack

    He's a Wolverine.
  11. Chris J Cooper

    The Soul Shack

    All ready to go at The S Shack, Mr Wicks gracing the decks with S. Powell doing the early spot for us. See you there.
  12. Chris J Cooper

    Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday 23rd May

    Another top night lads. Thought I was gonna have a heart attack from Petes first few spins, knees know about it now. Quality night now firmly established on our calendar of events, wouldn't miss it. Bring on next month Chris
  13. Chris J Cooper

    Soul Shack

    Well it does what it sayss on the tin, can't beat it, even if I say so myself. tune of the night for me was The Chevrons Love, I Love You. (Terry) Better give mine a spin. next month Mr Ecsc Rob Wicks.
  14. Chris J Cooper

    Soul Shack

    Yep raring to go and it does seem like an age since last month. That fine young fella Gigs on the decks this month. Expecting a great night. See you there
  15. Chris J Cooper

    Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday 25th April

    Another excellent night at Inner Soul. Best way to spend the 4th Sat of the month for me. Great music with some truely underplayed oldies. Mr Vincent once again delivering a great set of tunes. Thanks again for a excellent night. Did miss that nice looking bird on the door though.


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