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  1. I wasn't saying Don Ray was shite, just saying that shite was a bit harsh to label Paul Anka. Rarest RCA black issues at the time I was collecting were Dean Courtney, Rose Valentine, and rarest of all was Michael & Raymond, of which I only saw one copy. Steve Whittle beat me to that...Grrr!
  2. £100!!! I used to collect Black RCA issues and had 40+, bought 'when we get there' for £6 in 1980. Makes me wonder what the likes of Lorraine Chandler 'I can't change' and Willie Kendricks 'Change your ways' goes for on black issues? Think 'shite' is a bit strong, it's about as shite as 'born a loser', but better to dance to.
  3. It never ceases to amaze me when I see Northern soul being appreciated beyond Britain, if you had a few dancers to set the pace, I think the seed would be well and truly sown Best of luck with your next night.
  4. I had one that was popular and pretty good on british polydor called -ring the changes by paradox, maybe the other way round it was a pretty wobbly time for me! Anyway, story had it there were only two copies, bought mine from Guy Henigan and most Rev Tony Clayton bought it from me. Never saw another copy before or since All time fave instrumentals would include -on the road to ruins by earl wright, baritrack and exus trex.
  5. Oh go on then, here's mine.... R. Dean Taylor's- Gotta see Jane Betty Everett-Getting Mighty Crowded Marvin Gaye- Can I Get A Witness Isely Bros= Guess I'll Always Love You Four Tops-I Can't Help Myself Martha Reeves- Heatwave Many more but just finished backshift and I can't be arsed
  6. Stafford was a a good nighter but unfortunately attracted quite a few of the elitist knobs who thought northern soul was only what Guy and Keb were playing, totally dismissing anything that had gone before. Truth is; for me, a lot but not all, of the new stuff being broken at Stafford seemed of poor quality, very hard to dance to. I could be wrong but I think that it very much depended on when you started listening to northern soul as to what you deemed AS northern soul. Meaning that if you started listening in the early 70's you were fed a diet of Wheel and torch classics as well as 'new' sounds being broken at Wigan, Mecca, etc. Is it just nostalgia that makes me think that they were of such a higher caliber than Stafford's 60's newies? I also think that the way in which they were broken in such large chunks alienated many people who ended up going upstairs to dance to Dave Allcock, etc.
  7. Yes please, I'm a solid kinda guy, ask anyone who knows me .
  8. Funny innit, you had to kinda serve an apprenticeship to dance to northern soul, people were clapping and doing amazing acrobatic moves at specific points in a record and until you knew a little about both you wouldn't dare dance outside your bedroom! Seen some amazing dancers over the years and it can be a little intimidating when the best are on the floor but it's beyond my ken that you wouldn't have a try a some point in a night. Northern soul isn't a venue, it's a state of mind that you only get when you look around when dancing to' A Little Togetherness' and the person next to you is frothing at the mouth too!!!
  9. Am as saddened and stunned as everyone else,last saw Micky at Trusty's 50th in Gateshead but didn't know he was that unwell. I'm not sure when I met Mickey for the first time, but kept on seeing him at Newcastle away matches and allnighters late 70's early 80's. I can honestly say that from the moment we struck up our first conversation, I knew I'd met a kindred spirit. Sooo many funny tales to tell, I can't stop smiling as I think of time spent in his company. Though I haven't been anywhere other than local soul nights for past 20 yrs, i'm gutted that the possibility of bumping into Micky has gone. It wasn't so much that he lit up a room, more that he lit up something inside of everyone he knew and I shall miss him and his humour more than I can put into words. A real privilege to know you kidder, god bless. Geordie Martin.

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