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    Out-of-sights,For the rest of my life,Benny Harper, My Prayer, Jimmy Ellis. Happy To Be (the man you like to see)

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  1. Hi , you got a list of DJ times please cheers
  2. Hi all looking for Steptones , leave us alone , nice clean copy please Thanks
  3. Yo Gibby Gibby , how about Pic n Bill talk about love? Ok it’ll clear the dance floor but I’ll be in me element
  4. Cracking night
  5. First time for me!! Looking good
  6. max88


    Oh yup
  7. Think one just sold on Mannys auction £550 madness
  8. Hi all ,,looking for the above nice clean copy, pm price n cond thanks
  9. Hi all looking for a clean copy of the above please pm price n cond thanks
  10. max88

    70s Soul Crossover and Modern

    Could be Highland Lodge! then for passport control and the National ....but since its Soul Sam it's " The Young Master" for me
  11. max88

    70s Soul Crossover and Modern

    Passport packed!! Over the border it as to be then been to long since I made groovy , looks like a stonker to me
  12. Looking good canny wait
  13. Oh yup can't wait for this one looking belting Walshy
  14. Hi Mark ta for the spelling mistake lol, yup seen the one on Mannys site bit rich in price Cheers anyho Mark

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