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  1. Everything I said in the past here weren't from my words.

  2. Etsu

    100 Club / 6t's Nighters

    We are so looking forward to it tonight, Ady. We will dance our Bxxxxxs off! haha. Nearest tube is Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus. Usually, there is a record bar. etsu + trickster
  3. Etsu

    Dancing Comp

    Lots of people wear Aloha shirts nowadays specially soulies in Hawaii. Keb is just a Trickster Clone or is that clown. And who's the third one?
  4. Etsu

    Dancing Comp

    Thaks Nick! The only thing Trickster self proclaimed of Aloha shirts on the Northern scene. Etsu
  5. Etsu

    Dancing Comp

    Hi Backdoor, I believe you used to be a good dancer in your day. You just wish you are Trickster. p.s. does anyone know how to delete the comments as I accidentally posted twice. Cheers Etsu
  6. Etsu

    Dancing Comp

    I think people who enter the dance competition, they seem not to be listning to the music. Jumping about and doing acrobatics out of time is not dancing. Hardly anyone breaks when there is a break in the records. People like Dennis Lee, Keb Darge, Soulie, Trickster, Drew, Billy, (there are more top dancers but I don't know their names, sorry) all spin and acrobatic at the right time. (the break in the records) I think the competit..