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  1. Sensational Cymbals - When Will It End Good Price

    Hi there, has this been sold yet ??? regards Chris

    A huge thanks to Dean, John and Nicci for inviting me to play at Go Go. Can't wait, gonna be brilliant as always. And so looking forward to pumping some tunes out on that awesome sound system you guys have there. Gonna make you move and groove ( I promise ) and sweat a little too !!! You guys are all true appreciators, gonna love it.
  3. Sold

    Hi there, Do you still have the Quintessents record ??? If so I'm interested. Regards Chris
  4. Pumping Hearts soul club. it's fresh, new & upbeat

    Just a quick mention to Martin as he is gonna be celebrating his birthday on this soulful sweaty night....... I know how old !!!!!! Have a great night Mart, you are a great buddy with great musical taste...
  5. Pumping Hearts soul club. it's fresh, new & upbeat

    Pumping hearts has come back around so quickly this time.....wow !!! The buzzz before Saturday is on ......and Sallie Reynolds can't wait to get behind the decks. For this event is right up her street, banging, uptempo, sheer quality underplayed Soul ....by a dancer, for the dancers. She has packed dance floors,and impressed soul folk far and wide...... From the bat cave at Burnley to the rare soul events in Spain. Sallie has impeccable taste when it comes to Soul .....give it a listen, you're going to love it......Hard edged, no messin' !!!! We are gonna rip it up on Saturday...... Starting the New Year with a Soulful Pumping Heart .......yessssss !!!!!!

    Looking forward to this one Dean, bringing a few down with me from the Black Country. Got some bloke with me who claims he's your guest dj. I personally, have never seen him before in my life. He has got a box of tunes though, so hey.....who knows, he could be OK !!! Whatever, its gonna be a blast mate ⇠See ya on the dancefloor. Chris
  7. Pumping Hearts soul club. it's fresh, new & upbeat

    Yet another fantastic night was had at Pumping Hearts. Yet another fantastic crowd of revellers, eager to dance all night........with open minds, open ears and open hearts. And for that we thank you. The dance floor was buzzing........to the quality oldies, to the underplayed class, to the new and breaking and to the plain unknown, Credit to the crowd.....they danced to everything that was worthy, begged and demanded to be danced to. What a crowd !!!!! Sean Hayden wowed us by starting his set with the Anthemic "Willy Dale" and rammed the floor with "utter oldies class" like (Joe Matthews - Check Yourself ) and it all just melted together masterfully like hot toast and butter. Thank You Sean, you smashed it ........"Job Done" Roll on January for the next installment........

    Gonna be a storming niter this one. Can't wait to get to the bat cave again, and can't wait to hear Paul Grants' spot again.....the last time I saw him was at Different Strokes and he set the floor on fire. Sean this is a stonker of a niter mate ........... £12 quids is bugger all considering the tunes we are gonna here. I paid £22 quid for a few coffees and a poxy cake this week in Costa, the goods were average and it was over in 15 mins .............. Now compare that !!!!!!! The goods here are First Class and it lasts ALL NIGHT .............BARGAIN !!!!!!! Bring it on.....
  9. Pumping Hearts soul club. it's fresh, new & upbeat

    WOW what a busy month November is on the Soul calender, but it looks like Pumping Hearts is in a great position to finish the year off with the last event of 2013 on a great date. What a fantastic start to Pumping Hearts 2013 has given us. Everyone seems to have loved it !!!!! DJ's are gagging to come and spin tunes here in 2014 after hearing the upfront underplayed vibe has gone down a storm, and still the punters have opened their ears, opened their hearts and minds, and have rammed the dancefloor to some fantastic Soul tunes. A MASSIVE thank you to all you guys n gals who have supported, listened, appreciated...... and then danced yer little feet off !!! Cannot wait for this last event of the year on the Pumping Hearts calender. IT IS GONNA BE MAGIC........ With Joe starting the night off with some fine examples from his UTTERLY amazing collection, and then THE guest we've been waiting for all year .......Our very own Mr. Sean Hayden, Mr Burnley, Mr Soulfunktion, Mr Rome, Mr Mojacar......... Wherever he plays , he creates a storm on the dancefloor, with the absolutely top tunes of NOW & TOMORROW. Then we got the residents........Superb Sounds !!!!!!! Its gonna be a BLAST !!!!!!
  10. Different Strokes....

    Steve,Matt,Rich ....... This is a club to truly be proud of, it delivers in every sense. So rarely can you leave a venue feeling utterly pleasured by the sheer quality and variety of just good "soul music" The dance floor spoke volumes from the moment we arrived to the moment we were pushed out the door, kicking and screaming for more. Jim and Paul Grant were awesome as the guests. its always great to see our Irish buddy's .... and boy did Mr Grant deliver, EARL ENGLISH Ooooooh yessss!! Sorted ......
  11. Different Strokes....

    Looking like we are gonna be bringing the crew up from the Midlands for this one, and I can't wait, coz its my birthday too !!!!! Looking forward to hearing Mr Grant from the Emerald Isle, always a brilliant spot !!! Steve, gotta say sorry for missing the last one, as other cicumstances took over. I try hard not to miss one of these special nights if I can help it these days, as the chance to hear music this ecclectic and this good on the scene these days is hard to dig up. Absolutely loved the All-dayer we were all involved in, it was a truly magic day and night ......especially with SoulFunktion in the back room aswell. Soooooo spoilt for magical muzical choice. Can't wait for the 7th ......and catch up with a truly 'great' bunch of like minded folks. All the best Chris :-)

    WoW !!!! what a night this is gonna be ......... the boys and gals from the Black Country are wettin' their Bat Pants at the impending ferocity of this event. And Snowy is our JOKER in the pack !!!!! We've been watchin the sky all week for the illuminated "Call sign" of the Bat in the clouds. ....... unfortunately, can't see the sky over Gotham City, (Burnley) and Tesco's obscures our view to the North !!! But we gonna be there anyhow. A very " Happy Birthday" to Sean & Chris ........... Gonna be a complete BLAST !!!!!!!
  13. Pumping Heart Soul Club Wolverhampton

    Sorry Punters..... forgot to add, Thanks so much for all you people who made our first night such a very memorable, special first night. Awesome thanks for dancing to tunes you may never have heard before and above all..... thanks for the overwhelming, positive comments that came back our way. It just shows that the Midlands is still a very open minded soulfully discerning bunch of great folks.
  14. Pumping Heart Soul Club Wolverhampton

    Well, didnt that come back around quickly. Only a few weeks to go and boy oh boy its exciting. Very many thanks to you Sean ( Sean Chapman ) for coming to Pumping Hearts to play a completely unchained set. That is what we agreed and thats what we got.............. Cant wait buddy, bring it on !!! Wow, do we have some tunes for you punters to hear this next gig on the 15th. Also we have been listening to you guys, and the request that came back from a few out there was for some more mid paced and mid tempo soul to break up the storming uptempo tunes we aired last time. So guys and galls, you got it !!!! and these will make the hairs on your neck jump out. Coz they do me ......real tingling Soul. Just want to thank all the gang at Different Strokes in Manchester on their 2nd Anniversaty last weekend for asking me to do a spot....What a great crowd, and what a fantastic day of probably the best music i have been treated to in years. Roll on the 15th !!!!
  15. Pumping Heart Soul Club Wolverhampton