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    Love life. I'm a musician, I play bass guitar, electric guitar, basic drums, keyboard and a few other instruments. I collect records. Northern Soul, Motown, Rare '60s, Latin, R&B, Ska, Reggae, and a bit of '70s Prog Rock. I'm a resident DJ at the following nights Ibstock All Nighter Northern Souldiers (Castle Donington) Ashby de la Soul
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    Ashby de la Zouch
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    Magnetics - Count The Days

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  1. Looking for an original copy of Ember Song by Sidney Barnes. VG or better.
  2. Garden State Choir 'in time' with LP only Come on People. EX- £80 plus £5 uk delivery (overseas please contact before for a quote). PM to discuss further Not my copy in the link
  3. Looking for a nice copy of 'trying to make a hundred' by the Holy Disciples - Song Bird records. PM price/condition please.
  4. After a few 45s, any info, please pm me. 1. House guests - mind set me free - house guests 2. Bongi & Nelson - do you remember Malcom - Editions Syliphone Conakry 3. Chet Ivy - so fine - Sylvia Records 4. Janice - I need you like a baby - Roulette
  5. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I was asked by my dad to see if I could find any info on this acetate, and this was the first thing that came up on Google. Is this the same one you're on about, Chalky?
  6. TomCaponeHunt

    Holy Moses

    Looking forward to this!
  7. After a copy of 'my mind set me free' by the House Guests. Original only and must be at least VG+
  8. All originals Fantastic Four - pinpoint it down / I feel like I'm falling in love again - ex- condition £20 plus p&p William Bell - Happy / bring the curtain down - ex condition £10 plus p&p Spyder Turner - I can't make it anymore / don't hold back - ex- condition (drill hole) £10 plus p&p fascinations - girls are out to get you / you'll be sorry (mojo records) VG- condition £5 plus p&p jerry butler - moody woman / go away find yourself - ex- condition £10 plus p&p Helen Shapiro - tell me what he said / I apologise - VG condition £5 plus p&p temptaions - Angel doll / Brenda Holloway - we'll keep on rolling - M- condition in original sleeve with a small rip on it. £20 plus p&p major lance - you're everything I need / instrumental - ex- condition £10 plus p&p £2 postage - payment via bank transfer or PayPal friend/family or buyer to pay fees. Any info, please PM me. Tom.
  9. After a copy of body chains by Eddie Parker if anyone can help out..
  10. Had a few offers but still looking...
  11. Hi, Looking for the Black Sugar LP of the same name, on Sono Radio. In know massive rush but first to come at the right price and I'll buy it. Condition must be at least VG+ Thanks.
  12. until

  13. Looking for an original of this please. Must be a min of VG. I'm not in the biggest rush for one but just putting out there to see what pops up. Thanks.

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