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  1. chriscarnahan2

    Ronny Boy Vs Ronnie Boy

    the lead singer of rochelle & the classmates was rochelle lara. she has another 45 "steady" released under her own name & later joined the rock group 'the family' who were produced by bobby whiteside and released a few 45s on the u.s.a. label.
  2. chriscarnahan2 240+ soul/funk/gospel/modern/boogie/northern/r&b/etc 45s on ebay -- all with audio -- ending on tuesday thanks!
  3. chriscarnahan2 soul/funk/modern/northern/r&b/gospel/boogie/african/disco/etc all with audio -montclairs "hey you" on arch -ivorys "please stay" -barbara hall on tuska -bottom & company "gonna find a true love" -nelson sanders on rambler -pyramid plus -nate evans "main squeeze" -monticellos "plaid stamps" -loads of chicago obscurities and many more... thanks, chris
  4. chriscarnahan2 some big ones up there..... and about 195 more, all with audio... thanks! chris
  5. chriscarnahan2 -lee mckinney & the magnetics -ruby andrews "just loving you" (clean copy!) -sam fletcher on tollie -linda jones "my heart needs a break" -world column -nate evans on twinight -the mist on twinight -tony mathews on convoy -attractions on june bug & many many more all with soundclips p.s. marc forrest, you still owe me money so don't bother wasting my time again thanks, chris
  6. chriscarnahan2 all with audio... thanks, chris
  7. for sale: -nate evans - main squeeze / pardon my innocent heart 45 (twinight 156) condition: near mint (dj copy) very rare guaranteed original pressing. price: $650 please e-mail to: thanks, chris
  8. chriscarnahan2 and loads more, all with audio. thanks, chris
  9. chriscarnahan2

    Bombay Label

    the lp on the label is: vera sanford - "ten minutes to midnight" jazz vocals.
  10. chriscarnahan2 all with audio including a bunch of unreleased acetates.... thanks chris
  11. chriscarnahan2 180 soul/funk/r&b/doo-wop/etc. 45s on ebay. soundclips for all.... thanks, chris
  12. chriscarnahan2 thanks!
  13. chriscarnahan2

    Is This Known?

    this must be the same memphis 'numbers' group that had a 45 on rolashed?
  14. chriscarnahan2

    130+ 45s On Ebay With Audio

    chriscarnahan2 thanks for looking....
  15. chriscarnahan2 -anglos "since you've been gone" on shiptown -king earnest on sonic -sunday "ain't got no problems" on alteen -leonard adair on stage productions -lenny williams "i couldn't find nobody" -jo ann garrett "a whole new plan" -jimmey "soul" clark "sweet darlin" -ernest mosley "stubborn heart" -dusty wilson "can't do without you" on bronse -darrell banks "i'm the one who loves you" on volt -classic..