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  1. Near Mint copy of this enduring 60's piece of northern soul for sale. One of my favourite memories from the Twisted Wheel in its Whitworth St. heyday. £500 including special delivery. Bank transfer preferred or PayPal Friends and family. Please message me if interested. Cheers CurtisM
  2. Hi Donna Are labels clean and bright - no writing sticker marks etc? Gradings are Ex - Ex+ for the ones I'm interested in viz. ZZ Hill - Betty Harris and Ernie K Doe so presumably vinyl has a good shine and play accordingly. Any scans available? Cheers Sam
  3. Still looking for a Minty copy of Invitations - Skiing in the snow with crisp clean labels, sold mine mint on eBay a few years back and feeling bereft! Also M/M - copies of the following R&W demos Michael - C.ODs SS R&W demo Sammy Ambrose -monkey see monkey do R&W SS demo Tams - Hey girl don't bother me HMV R&W demo Sapphires - Gotta have your love HMV R&W demo Willie Tee- walking up a one way street Red Atlantic UK message me cheers Sam
  4. Looking for the following in no less condition than Mint /Mint -minus realistic prices rather than daft deals. Message with details/scans please Cheers Sam The Invitations - Skiing in the snow - Dynovoice demo M/M- The Sharpees - Tired of being lonely -Stateside R&W demo M/M- The C.O.D's - Michael - Stateside R&W demo M/M- The Tams - Hey girl don't bother me - HMV R&W demo M/M- Sammy Ambrose - Monkey see monkey do/ Welcome to dreamsville - Stateside R&W demo M/M-
  5. 'Good things come to those who wait'. For those of us who danced and loved to 'These chains of love (are breaking me down)' and 'Any day now' this track was a corker. I loved this after being used to only hearing the first two played at The Wheel until this broke, so to be given new and exciting material from Chuck Jackson was just great and worth the 'wait' to discover it.
  6. Curtism


  7. M- copy of What becomes of the brokenhearted?/Baby I've got it on a Beautiful R&W demo . Open to reasonable offers in excess of £300 (Paypal gift) Please PM if interested. Cheers. scan attached
  8. can you tell me more.... these issue copies whilst scarce often have notoriously poor audio with a buzzy indistinct sound. What is the disc quality like? You've graded it as ex, is it scratch/scuff free and playing through both sides without crackle, pops, and shiny ? What about labels are they clean and without marks, flaws? would help to know more before considering whether to offer. cheers Sam
  9. C.O.D's - Michael - Stateside R&W demo Ex+/M- Sammy Ambrose-Monkey see Monkey do - Stateside R&W demo EX+/M- Tams-Hey Girl don't bother me - HMV R&W demo/Ex+/M- Elgins-Put yourself in my place-TMG R&W demo EX+/M- PM with price please Cheers Sam
  10. Anyone have an EX +/ M- copy of Frances Nero Keep on loving' me on the original US Soul issue with pink label and vertical soul logo (not after the white demo)? Please PM with price Also R&W Stateside demo of C.O.D's - Michael Ex+/M- Cheers Sam
  11. Hi have a white demo of Johnnie Taylor if interested Cheers Sam
  12. Following stateside red & white demos wanted in min Ex+ condition with clean labels and vinyl and audio fidelity to both sides. :- C.O.D's - Michael - SS R&W demo Sammy Ambrose - Monkey see.../Welcome to dreamsville - SS R&W demo Temptations - My girl - SS R&W demo Please PM with prices cheers Sam
  13. Wanted a copy of C.O.d's -Michael on a red and white SS demo with Clean labels in EX+ M- condition pm if wanting to sell one cheers
  14. Wanted -Copy of C.O.D's -Michael on SS R&W demo in at least ex+ condition both sides and clean labels. Reasonable asking prices (not silly season stuff) please PM Sam
  15. At least ex+ stateside R&W demo copy of C.O.D's - Michael wanted with clean labels and tip top shiny vinyl/audio wanted. pm with price (not silly season stuff) cheers Sam

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