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    for some reason it has just become Open The Door To My Heart by Darrell Banks (on British London American)

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  1. nickw


  2. It is possible to upload images of the actual item for sale on Discogs but is not mandatory. i always offer to email pictures to buyers if required. Been selling and buying on there for around 4 years with barely a hitch worth mentioning.
  3. Like most, it changes - almost daily. Lately I have been playing Jimmy Ruffin - Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got quite a bit along with Motown Spinners - Sweet Thing
  4. Was digging through some boxes just yesterday and found these amongst others! Travis Wammack - Scratchy (on British Atlantic) Stevie Kimble - All The Time In The World (Decca) Great to hear them again though and B side on the Travis Wammack is just brilliant!
  5. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Cherry B from France is back with a new single, new sound, fresh Northern vibes and Andy Lewis on board View full article
  6. Cherry B from France is back with a new single, a new sound and fresh Northern vibes. After a European Tour to promote her first soul album called "The Way I Am" released in 2014, she found her audience and met a spectacular soul man: Lee Fields (Truth & Soul Records). She went on tour with him in France. Now she is feeling ready to push her music the way she wants to perform and create her own soul music style, looking for a different and personal way to write and compose. Springtime is time for Cherry B & The Sound Makers to reach and to start to collaborate with an unexpected UK
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Bold Breed: Mood for Love / Let Me Down Easy<br />Tramp Records View full article
  8. Bold Breed: Mood for Love / Let Me Down Easy Tramp Records Release: 20/04/2015 Another fine example of funky-soul at its very best. While the A-side is highly regarded within the northern soul scene, the B-side is the tune why funk 45 collectors are after this beauty. Both sides were recorded in the early 1970s and pressed on a small press run on 45rpm single. Original copies are nowadays very hard to find and due to the outstanding quality sought after by record collectors worldwide. Mood For Love.mp3 Let Me Down Easy.mp3
  9. Most recent Reflections demo on Popsike was last month at £65
  10. Intoxica have a Miracles up for £150
  11. To be registered as a seller on RSD, a shop has to sign a contract within which they agree not to sell any of their own RSD stock unsold on the day for the next 7 days online, which gives the eBay black market free reign. Makes little sense to me to create a special day to stimulate sales for sellers & buyers and then forbid a participating shop selling their own stock (bear in mind they have to pay for the majority of it before they receive it) when they could stick everything straight on Ebay at apreset maximum retail price and blow the Ebay chancers out of the water. Just one of the fa
  12. That is a treat to look at. I was really surprised that there only about 10-12 I do not have, although to be honest Pete, with so many I have it was the label I bought back out of curiosity and maybe the tune was not all that! Still nice to have though. Got to agree about how dynamic the colouring was of those labels compared to UK but I still absolutely love the black/silver Ska Beat, always get a little smile on my face when I find one. (Must try and get a gold FAB one day, only have blue as far as I remember). Nice!
  13. Not sure about sample, the first time I heard it I said to my mate that to my ears it was just a copy of Gaye's song. It has however created a composer's never ending nightmare now
  14. Maybe the most complete, simplified posting on this subject. Quite honestly I fail to understand why some people think there is a problem with reissues (NOT boots) to be discussed to be honest

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