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  1. Bob Abrahamian R.i.p

    im thu with this i i was talking to him the other day just about records talked many times about records if i knew him i would have known him and known what was up f*ck this internet that's me done with it i think h...
  2. Bob Abrahamian R.i.p

    keep in touch
  3. Bob Abrahamian R.i.p

    as long as the birds are singing he was a soul man
  4. Bob Abrahamian R.i.p

    i probably listened to tommy tucker or gene chandler talking to bob on his show 15 years ago we think its for forever
  5. Bob Abrahamian R.i.p

    boba was the boss Chicago boss
  6. J B Troy Live On

    probably big in our house in 1985 j b troy is outstanding 45 but the jerrri fischer 45 that's a decent 45 is it too funky its a musicor 45 about 40 qiuid ? thats a nice record
  7. J B Troy Live On

    thanks dean thats what im thinkin, overlooked rare and fookin banging northern soul there are still a couple its not really a oldie is it just been known to collectors for a long time but never been a 70s wigan or a mecca played out...
  8. Is The Twisted Wheel

    No one is going to air brush anyone out Love your Soul But play new tunes dude ! If you don't introduce a few new records its gotta be finished for you soon We have got 60 years of digging to do its great fun, its not all about known mons...
  9. Is The Twisted Wheel

    he sort of knew as a record guy that the beat was getting faster at the torch people were taking more speed than ever thus, his northern soul section in his shop I thought this was already soul history and where Northern Soul as a term...
  10. J B Troy Live On

    ok, so john has a copy on his auction, hence post to me its one of my fav 45s, its so powerful, soulful and gospel with funk and rnb all at the same time live on ! so nice, horn break comes out of no where and its perfect. Anyway, I first heard ...
  11. Anita Humes

    yes, just had a dig and mine is styrene and with that label You gotta love Guy Hennegan I watched him DJ in Leeds last year and he is still doing amazing things to my ears His focus was still all about his own taste, which is still extra ord...
  12. Tony Colton

    Yes, great Soul / 60s Beat cuts I love the flip to I stand accused too, total Mod Jazz So he co wrote "I could feel the whole world turn round" for The Shotgun Express And Zoot Money - big time operator there's two other compositions by hi...
  13. Anita Humes

    My demo of "what did I do" is not the usual roulette demo with the check going round the label just "Roulette" in black Text on the top and a plain white label probably east coast vinyl press or something, Ill have to check
  14. Anita Humes

    Is it "don't fight it baby" I've got it somewhere, nice cheapie love "what did I do" Takes me straight back to good times !
  15. Tony Colton

    Thanks Pete really interesting, top read, I feel that visit to the 100 club this Summer Rich left it way too long didn't I

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