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  1. flamingemeralds


    I once found a cigarette end in a bowl of pasta at a very well respected Italian restaurant. The dish had mushrooms in it and it just looked like a stalk, until I put it in my mouth and started to chew, and chew.....and chew some more! They offered us a free meal and a free meal "next time" but we never went back. I still feel nauseous thinking about it.
  2. flamingemeralds

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    Ferry to Helsinki. Helsinki Cathedral.
  3. flamingemeralds

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    Preston docks this morning. Amazing how clouds paint their own picture.
  4. flamingemeralds

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    When he passed away aged 93, I like to think he rode it up to heaven and built another "shed" .
  5. flamingemeralds

    Greatest Movie Scene Ever Made

    This is one of my faves, the Battle of Atlanta, Scarlett's friend has gone into labour so she tears into town in a panic to find the doctor to help with the "birthing" to be faced with Dr Mead's army of battle torn wounded and dying soldiers lay on the ground awaiting treatment. I remember it shocked me to the core the first time I saw it. Dr Mead tells her in no uncertain terms that he's "busy" (bit of an understatement). It gets even more shocking a few scenes later when they take off a soldier's wounded leg with no anaesthetic. An epic of a film and an intriguing back story of the struggles associated with making it. It was first screened in Atlanta to an audience who were told there'd been a change to the featured schedule and they were privileged to be seeing a film premiere. The story goes that when the final credits rolled the audience were so stunned at what they'd just seen, you could have heard a pin drop. One of the greatest films ever made in my humble opinion and an astounding accomplishment for 1939.
  6. flamingemeralds


    Friend of mine offered four dining chairs. Guy came round to collect them and said could he "have 12 more". ?!?!?!?!? .
  7. flamingemeralds

    Calling it a day.

    Oh heck, I'm really upset to hear this. You've been very kind to me as a female contributor on the site and have encouraged me to continue to contribute even though I, myself, have wavered. I do hope you might reconsider? Nothing worth doing was achieved easily. You've been brilliant on here and it's clear from this thread that you are much respected and liked and I'm most definitely a fan! It's a very sad day for Soul Source. Whatever you decide, I am glad to have "met" you and I want to thank you for your support. I hope you'll take away all these positive comments and not dwell on the circumstances surrounding your decision. You've been a top operator in my view.
  8. flamingemeralds

    Wrong Words - Just a silly question

    Rita da Costa "Don't bring me down, when I'm a pie......"
  9. flamingemeralds

    Wrong Words - Just a silly question

    Definitely Lytham
  10. flamingemeralds

    Wrong Words - Just a silly question

    When you got no-one in your corner, to stand by your side, all it takes is a man and a woman.....
  11. flamingemeralds

    Wrong Words - Just a silly question

    I think it's a "coverture of silk". How about my four year daughter asking me to play "that So Silly Walking song, mummy". Soul City Walking . Bless.
  12. flamingemeralds

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    It does, doesn't it. I want one!
  13. flamingemeralds

    It's Okeh By The Seaside No9


    Looking forward to this event! Been listening to a Carousel complimentary CD from a few years back this morning, which has really got me in the mood! Just hoping my cold has cleared off by then!
  14. flamingemeralds

    Don`t forget to wash his feet!

    Rub the salt in why don't you
  15. flamingemeralds

    Happy Birthday Winsford Soul

    Happy birthday! !!!


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