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  1. That's extremely kind of you Mark. Thing is, I don't collect, I just have a couple of boxes of old vinyl from back in the day. I don't play them. They're in the attic. I don't even have a player! But your offer is really kind all the same. A decent gent you are indeed.
  2. Oh yes! And Barnaby Bye Can't Live This Way (I know, but I loved it and still do). Bought it at Wigan, put it in my bag. Hours later, looked for my bag and it was buried in a corner under a pile of coats, bags and bodies, under the stairs. Cracked. Now plays like this...."I can't live this way, hic, so I've gotta say, hic". Not a huge loss, but very disappointing when you're 16 and skint. Probably one of my lot who sat on it!
  3. Carstairs - Really Hurts Me Girl and Millie Jackson -House for Sale. Sound when I bought them back in the 70s. Played them one day and there was a background hissing sound, which has never disappeared. Annoying! Have no idea how that happened.
  4. The last photo....bottom left....surrealism!
  5. One for the boys, HMS Belfast with a Tower Bridge on the side!
  6. I asked my daughter. She said "What's vinyl and demos? Is it from the olden days?".
  7. Hah! Hilarious. My daughter loves Little Mix AND has tinnitus! Hmmmm? Should I sue?
  8. Do you tinnitus sufferers know that you can get a minute discreet hearing device, which an audiologist can specifically tune to your own noise, to wipe out, or reduce, the tinnitus? You can wear it in bed, or all the time. If you didn't know, go to your GP and ask for a referral to an audiology hearing therapist.
  9. My current "must watch" TV is a Panasonic Viera. I've also got an LG and a Logik. But my Viera is my "must watch" one.
  10. Fab club, with a warm, friendly atmosphere!
  11. Blackpool Tower Weekender, Saturday night. It's not a photo of the quality some souloids have posted on here, but it has a very nice red hue!
  12. My thought for the day is, what do I wear tonight?
  13. But, if you do want to try them, Waitrose have been known to stock them.
  14. Turkey eggs taste fowl, I mean foul, apparently, and that's why people don't eat them.