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  1. Absolutely, that's why it's called bake well tart... because it bakes well....and......tart... I didn't think that through at all .
  2. It's a dog's life! My friend's dog, Bruce, who sadly passed away. The best dog in the world. If Carlsberg made dogs..... And some photographs of snow in Greece, sent by my friend Kathryn. ....and finally.... I can't catch fish but I can make a Bakewell tart...
  3. It looks like it's made of bronze and gold lustre! The fish....not Cap'n Bird's Eye. Could make a nice handbag out of that...
  4. I rang the Police. The organiser was fined £10,000 for holding an illegal gathering. The policeman rang me back and told me he'd snailed 'em. They were very upset apparently because they'd shelled out a fortune for the event. As can be seen from the photographic evidence, a gangster and his mollusc were bricking it and tried to escape through a secret passage behind a wall but they were too slow. I felt a bit mean, but rules are rules. If we cant have soul dos, they shouldn't be allowed snail dos. And that's all there is to it. But they're not the only ones climbing th
  5. Ditto. That would be the last record in my collection I'd sell too.
  6. My parents, aged 83 and 80, haven't even been to Sainsbury's since September, let alone Barbados. I think it was unwise, given the situation, his age, and his position as a noble role model. But I won't nail him to a cross. We all do what we feel is right at the time. I think I'm just surprised that he would take the trip and risk the lives of the NHS staff he raised funds for, regardless of where he caught it. The more exposure to other people, the higher the chance of contracting it. Nowhere is risk free. At the end of the day, we were still in a global pandemic, regardless of travel rule
  7. BBC News - Captain Sir Tom Moore: 'Horrific' trolling hidden from Army veteran https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-56085814 Just wondered what the views are on this? After such a noble and selfless act, raising millions for the NHS...was it right for him to take a free flight for a holiday to Barbados? Risking his, his family's and other people's lives? The irony of course being that he died of Covid. Of course trolling is never condoned but I do understand why some people might question his actions. You wonder how many other people were infected as a result.
  8. I knew it had a name, couldn't think of it? I see faces everywhere and have for as long as I remember. I sometimes get "the faces" at night when I close my eyes and facial images come out of the dark and morph into others. That's a really weird experience. I also have that thing where you see a repetitive pattern, usually in the dark, but with my eyes open. That has a name too. I'm sitting here now looking at a conifer hedge...there are faces everywhere! Thankfully they're all smiling.... The funniest face I ever saw was Aretha Franklin in some condensation that had formed on my kitch
  9. Oh good! Yes the whole thing does look like a face. Glad someone else can see Roy This is my Scottish scene....
  10. I'm one of these people who sees faces in things. I once saw the face of Jesus in the fur of my teddy bear.... seriously. Today on the BBC news website was a photograph of two neanderthal teeth. When I looked at the one on the right, I thought it was a joke? Can anyone else see Roy Wood from Wizard's bearded face, in front of a pyramid? To be honest I can see four faces in that tooth! I can also see a Percheron stallion with a docked tail in the left hand one!
  11. Oh it's no trouble, it keeps me out of mischief, mostly! . But thank you
  12. It is isn't it! I have to admit, I don't think I'd have done too well had I been a competitor! Thanks for joining in and well done on coming 2nd!
  13. Clues and answers 1. Belongs to the Duke of Edinburgh - Philips 2. Communist trainer? - Red Coach 3. The Smoke - London 4. City in New Jersey, USA - Atlantic 5. Movie released in 1994 (UK), director Jonathan Femme - Philadelphia 6. Maureen's urban area? - Motown 7. Richard's parasite? - Ric Tic 8. Feeling fine - Okeh 9. Shoe style for little girls - Mary Jane 10. Give her a wallop? - Decca 11. Country in South America - Columbia 12. English name for the German city of Braunschweig - Brunswick 13. Hazard for welder - Spark 14. Royal College of Art - RCA 15. Engl
  14. And so! We have a winner! Our Soul Source comrade...the one, the only.....The Yank! How impressive was THAT performance! Congratulations on an awesome victory, which I think will have left many of us speechless with admiration. We should of course remember that The Yank also won the first Emoji quiz! In 2nd place we have Oldsoulman (who I'm sure isn't all that old), who put in a magnificent performance, followed by joint 3rd, which goes to our friends MGM1251 and Robbk. Thank you to WinsfordSoul, MichaelV, Tomangoes, Chalky, Jamesh, KenB, Jules and Dylan also for taking part. It wa

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