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  1. flamingemeralds

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    You should send that to Alan, they'd love that. It's fantastic! .
  2. flamingemeralds

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    This thread might kick off again after tonight's episode so I thought I'd mention that I'm a member of the family who make Spencer's trousers in Halifax. I told them about the programme and they made up a pair of Spencer's especially for a friend of mine, who was also taking part, completely free of charge. And there they are on the right. Thanks again to Alan and the team at Spencer's! If you're after a pair of bespoke, authentic pleated soul bags, Spencer's are still available to order and made up from the original patterns from back in the day. Top quality fabric and survived me splatting HP sauce all over them at the base unit catering van.
  3. flamingemeralds

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    Just to put the record straight. I'm a soulie. Have been since I was 14. Done the Casino and still go to local venues today. I'm in this programme, as an extra. I replied to an advert looking for northern soul dancers. Earned £100 and had a wonderful experience filming on location in Cheshire at the Bowden Rooms last August. The northern soul element doesn't feature very highly. The story is about relationships within a family under personal and professional pressures. She Johnston in the story is a woman who reignites her passion for northern soul, but the programme isn't about northern soul. Sue Johnston also had a body double for the dancing parts, which I must warn you are dire, especially the dance competition final, so be prepared. You will cringe. We filmed for most of the day, dancing to Heaven Must Have Sent You. Some of the extras don't even know what northern soul is but are on the books of Mint Casting and get paid for their time, so came along and gave it their best shot. An experienced extra I spoke to said, that despite the length of filming, it was likely that our scenes would only take up a very small proportion of an episode. There were some well known, local soulies there that I recognised from local gigs. Suffice to say, someone rolled up with talc, shook it all over the floor and a couple of dancers went flying so filming was stopped while the floor was cleaned. The room was small, the floor was sprung and when filming started again, the "bounce" on the floor bounced the drinks off the tables and the floor had to be cleaned again. It really was hilarious. There are parts where we were asked to dance to no music so that the narrative parts could be recorded and not be drowned out by the Elgins. The only dancing, as far as I am aware, that the actors do, was in fact after filming had finished! Robson Green in particular had a great time dancing with the extras, a great guy, and he had a whale of a time. It had been a long day and it was nice to relax and let our hair down. None of the actors had dance lessons because they don't dance in the scenes. We were well looked after courtesy of the catering van. The cast were fabulous and friendly and Sue Johnston thanked us all for our time and patience. Lovely lady. So.....slate the production all you like. Of course it won't reflect the northern soul scene that we know and love. The programme is for entertainment purposes, it's not a documentary, it's just fun. I honestly can't wait to see how the day translates onto the television. So, you miserable, cynical, grumpy bunch, lighten up and accept it for what it is. A light hearted entertainment programme for the masses. Northern soul was, is and always will be a joke to people who aren't into it. Who cares? I don't. I love it and that's all that matters to me.
  4. flamingemeralds

    Cherished record casualties

    That's extremely kind of you Mark. Thing is, I don't collect, I just have a couple of boxes of old vinyl from back in the day. I don't play them. They're in the attic. I don't even have a player! But your offer is really kind all the same. A decent gent you are indeed.
  5. flamingemeralds

    Cherished record casualties

    Oh yes! And Barnaby Bye Can't Live This Way (I know, but I loved it and still do). Bought it at Wigan, put it in my bag. Hours later, looked for my bag and it was buried in a corner under a pile of coats, bags and bodies, under the stairs. Cracked. Now plays like this...."I can't live this way, hic, so I've gotta say, hic". Not a huge loss, but very disappointing when you're 16 and skint. Probably one of my lot who sat on it!
  6. flamingemeralds

    Cherished record casualties

    Carstairs - Really Hurts Me Girl and Millie Jackson -House for Sale. Sound when I bought them back in the 70s. Played them one day and there was a background hissing sound, which has never disappeared. Annoying! Have no idea how that happened.
  7. flamingemeralds

    Show us your great photos (2017)

  8. flamingemeralds

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    The last photo....bottom left....surrealism!
  9. flamingemeralds

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    One for the boys, HMS Belfast with a Tower Bridge on the side!
  10. flamingemeralds

    Contemplative thinking

    I asked my daughter. She said "What's vinyl and demos? Is it from the olden days?".
  11. flamingemeralds

    Contemplative thinking

    Hah! Hilarious. My daughter loves Little Mix AND has tinnitus! Hmmmm? Should I sue?
  12. flamingemeralds

    Contemplative thinking

    Do you tinnitus sufferers know that you can get a minute discreet hearing device, which an audiologist can specifically tune to your own noise, to wipe out, or reduce, the tinnitus? You can wear it in bed, or all the time. If you didn't know, go to your GP and ask for a referral to an audiology hearing therapist.
  13. flamingemeralds

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    My current "must watch" TV is a Panasonic Viera. I've also got an LG and a Logik. But my Viera is my "must watch" one.
  14. flamingemeralds

    Soul in Barnoldswick

    Fab club, with a warm, friendly atmosphere!
  15. flamingemeralds

    Show us your great photos (2017)

    Blackpool Tower Weekender, Saturday night. It's not a photo of the quality some souloids have posted on here, but it has a very nice red hue!


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