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    I'm interested in everything life throws my way, except mean people, Alpacas, bamboo shoots and Donald T Rump.
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    Usually Sainsbury's
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    I Can't Stop the Rain David Ruffin

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  1. That has to be the Pink Panther version....
  2. I have to admit, they are edgier, even without the "tambourina". AND they have a "come on in" backing singer......
  3. Penkhull -v- Garstang Northern Soul Ukulele Strum Off......cast your vote now.
  4. Well yes, a part of me died....until I saw the "tamborina".... I'm inspired to become an international tambourine star.....whole lotta shakin going on..... Watch this space........
  5. I would have but I don't know the words. Well, only the "sssssssssssssighed the snake" bit. I like the tambourine-ing the best. My feet were tapping away as I ate a slice of bara brith and had a cuppa char x
  6. Went to an art exhibition this morning...was not expecting to see this! Oh dear, oh dear....oh dear.....it's more horrifying than watching The Shining..... VID-20200222-WA0000.mp4
  7. Cockspur, or not Cockspur, that is the question...
  8. What happened? Did the sea dump all those pebbles in the storm?
  9. You're too early! You need to sent it at 08:10am tomorrow morning. . In fact, I'll set myself a reminder dingdong
  10. Oddly enough, I saw the same thing on the park on my way to work. I'll try to remember to get a photo. Fantastic to have been able to identify it! So, it IS earlier than usual after all. It's in for a shock this weekend when Dennis gives it a good lashing.

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