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    I'm interested in everything life throws my way, except mean people, Alpacas, bamboo shoots and Donald T Rump.
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  1. I used to attend the old Lowton, been a while since I went but it was always a packer and heard that Culcheth was the same. How disappointed was I on Friday night. It was very under-attended. Was that just a "one off"? Great set in the modern room by Mr Maleady. Sadly it was invaded by a group of manbaggers throwing their pints around. To be fair they were very good humoured and friendly and didn't stay long and actually one of them was a brilliant dancer even though he was performing in his anorak! .
  2. Pfft ....that's nothing. I caught six fish fingers in Sainsbury's yesterday. Cod! Get that! And I had to wrestle with all six of them! Ive got a frozen shoulder now.
  3. That statue is brilliant! Are the Bombay Trots an Indian Morris Dancing troupe?
  4. That's brilliant news, and hopefully your computer wizards can sort you out too!!
  5. I must admit Steve, despite hard drives and clouds and wotnot, I get my photos printed as well. I'd be distraught if I lost some of them. Only recently I lost a whole stack of them during an update. Thankfully they were tucked away safely under my bed. Hope you get sorted soon. Should we have a whip round?
  6. I'm sure Tess will be interested to hear from you. Please do e-mail her at: Great!
  7. Sounds like a missed opportunity for a You've Been Framed clip! Poor Bev.....at least she wasn't washed out to sea. You might have had to row over to another island to pick her up. Great story!
  8. Oooh, I'm from the dark side tha knows, but emigrated to Lancashire. In fact I did once live in Halifax. That's an amazing bit of kit Steve! Beats my mobile phone camera hands down. Woke up this morning to find a sparrow hawk on the lawn having some feathered breakfast. Nature is as cruel as it is beautiful at times. I had toast.
  9. You didn't have a camera 9 years ago? I thought you must have been shuttering a shutter for most of your life? All 35 years of it?! . So, are you an ornithologist first and foremost, which has evolved into photography? When I was in Morecambe recently, there was a couple with a huge camera with a huge long lens. They were doing a bird survey for the RSPB. He let me look down the lens and I was staggered that I could see four men on a fishing boat about half a mile out! As plain as day they were. The equipment he had was worth thousands. His wife said they felt a bit embarrassed about spending so much money on camera equipment. Isn't that awful? I'm all for spending money on your passion in life. That's why I spent a quid on a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk about four hours ago. Difference is, I've nothing to show for it except a face like this.... when I try to zip up my jeans. And that's why people spend thousands on vinyl too isn't it. You've got to do what makes your soul glow.
  10. You're very generous Steve. I wish I was as good as you are at this photography malarkey! I love photography. I'm one of the few people who loves looking at other people's holiday snaps.
  11. Few snaps in Bristol. St Nicholas Market and Cabot Tower.
  12. Sadly, the only place I'm heading right now....is here......
  13. Here's another sunset. This time in Almeria.

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