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  1. I just can't imagine what Steve meant then? Other than I should have kept my choice of track to myself. He has Pm'd me. Its sorted. Thanks.
  2. And it may be considered cheesy but it was and still is an anthem. Nobody can deny that track's provenance. It's where my personal ns journey began at the youth clubs of the 70s and I would be proud to pick my personal journey back up with that track. It would be symbolic personally and this is what this thread is about after all. Is it not? So, leave me be!
  3. Well pardon me your majesty if that's not cool enough for you, but......it's sounds like Frank's that got me here in the first place! I think I owe him my first dance......quite Frankly!
  4. Absolutely anything would do me right now! But for me, I can't help thinking one of the old anthems ringing out across a ginormous, cavernous ceiling would make me think "I'm back!!!!! It's finally over!! We're here, we got through it. Prayers for those we lost, and thanks for keeping me and my loved ones safe. It's going to be bigger and better than before. We made it, we're back and I'll never take it for granted again! Life is precious and this is precious and I'm here to dance another day. Bring it on.....once again, Frank Wilson!". To hear the echoing chimes of the intro do Do I Love You ringing out would probably reduce me to tears.
  5. This thread makes really interesting reading. Please may I say something? As an observation and a suggestion, after having read the way in which the moderators take issue with people who have posted inappropriate material. The language the moderators use is pretty confrontational and threatening too, if I may say so? The tone is quite aggressive and I'm quite surprised to be honest. It makes it feel like a classroom, it's just a soul forum, run by adults, for adults? I can see why people feel they have to leave? It's humiliating to be addressed like that. "You stupid boy, Pike!", comes to mind. I hope I never get moderated in that way; I'd definitely cry. The word "Warning" is also quite extreme I feel. Maybe the word "reminder" or "polite reminder", would be better? I also think it's not necessarily the contributors that need moderating, in so much as the topics? This is a soul forum. It's not the place for political rants surely? Everyone gets passionate and cross about politics. It's always going to end in tears for someone. Someone is bound to let their political passions rule their sensibility in the throes of debate? It's a recipe for disaster. This is a soul forum. Would you be rowing with your soul mates and falling out about the colour of Boris Johnson's tie at a soul do? No. You'd realise the situation was getting heated and agree to get two pints and whiskey chasers instead. Wouldn't you? A much nicer way to extend the hand of friendship on the soul scene. I just think, if you put a boxing ring out, people are going to fight in it. Maybe I'm just an idealist? Peace and love.
  6. How come there are no leaves on the trees? It looks like a very cold February afternoon? Spooky!
  7. Gosh Rob, your photos and video have touched my soul in the way that the music we all love does!!! You've transported me to somewhere amazing! I have a relative who lived in Hawaii, Greg Orme, he's a great friend of Barack Obama. They grew up together there. Please keep them coming. Izzy is fabulous!
  8. I've got to get me on a plane to Hawaii to see those trees for real?! We need soul week in Hawaii
  9. Me too! The rainbow trees are awesome! I didn't know there was such a thing!
  10. The wasp nest is dealt with! I shoved it with the brush, it got stuck on the bristles, I shook it, nothing happened, shook it again, the nest fell off, no sign of a single wasp, so I bashed it....it was empty....no-one home. Mission completed. All men (women) accounted for. Thanks for all the advice. Bit of an anti climax but hey-ho!
  11. I bought some spray...this morning from Sainsbury's.....but it's like a nerve gas....and wasps are just....you know....they don't know about the anti socialness of nests in sheds, and we need to look after our insects....so it's had a stay of execution...I just can't bear to annihilate them, or it. It'd make a lovely lampshade. It's a beautiful little thing. But.... it'll have to go....but I can't kill the wasps. . It might even be empty? I think I might open the window, stick my brush through, wallop the nest, drop it and leg it...as suggested. Or, I could just bulldoze the whole shed with a yellow JCB thing. Whatever, Project Wasp Nest will be addressed tomorrow. This isn't really a Show Us Your Great Photos topic but there might be one of me tomorrow armed, and extremely dangerous with my best yard brush, bee Keeper helmet and veil...
  12. Ok, I think I'll go with the powder/spray technique!! Me no wanna get stung on me bonce! Thanks chaps! I'll get some spray stuff in the morning.

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