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  1. Ahoy Sailor

    love is the only answer

    Someone had one up on Rare Soul Valuations on facebook the other day Joe, think they were looking to sell (someone in Germany I think)
  2. Ahoy Sailor

    rugby alnighter june 16th, Adams room

    Nice one Dean, heard it was a good night
  3. Ahoy Sailor

    Harvey Averne LP

    Yes, official/legit and I believe was the first release of NLTD before the 45 - expect to pay £75-100 for one in decent nick versus over £1k at the moment for the 45
  4. Ahoy Sailor


    Why don’t folk just buy proper shoes
  5. What's the current price on the above in Ex, possibly have one for sale
  6. Ahoy Sailor


    totally Steve, I usually wear trainers and can still dance OK in them without the use of talc (albeit probably badly )
  7. Ahoy Sailor


    Always the same - seen folk come into a venue and not even try the floor but proceed to dump half a bottle of talc on it and then either not dance anywhere near it or not dance full's like some part of a fricking imaginary uniform for some folks, if you love soul you need to dance with talc...weekend warriors..hate the smell of the stuff and it's carcinogenic....rant over...
  8. Ahoy Sailor

    Buen Camino!

    WOW!!! Good luck Mal, looks like an amazing trip lies ahead
  9. Ahoy Sailor

    Horse and Groom Doncaster Sunday Chillout 10/06/18

    Always top class playlists generated from H&G, just need to try and figure in a trip at some point as it looks a top notch event...
  10. Ahoy Sailor

    Mancheter Soul Weekender

    Can't believe it's just over three weeks away...and that time will fly by...
  11. Ahoy Sailor

    Amsterdam - 5th May

    Thanks Ian
  12. Ahoy Sailor

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    Well said Geese
  13. Ahoy Sailor

    Out of Sights - I can't take it (Saru) SORTED

  14. Ahoy Sailor

    Wants Forum - weirdness?

    Oops thanks Mike...user error sorry really after this one of you can’t tell
  15. Ahoy Sailor

    Wants Forum - weirdness?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place - anyone else noticed that if you comment on a want it doesn't got to the top of the board like it used, it just stays static (which means it's harder to get attention on your want from potential sellers). Is this a new thing or a bug (as I'm sure it was working as normal/expected the other week)?