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  1. Modern soul records that seem too cheap

    brilliant LP
  2. J Manship Auction Results 11/10/2017

    Thought the Trinikas may have fetched more, the Sam Dees is just mental full stop and it looks like it's going that way with the Drifter at the moment (was surprised to get £450 for mine) and I reckon it will hit £1k if not more...
  3. Kenny Wells - Price

    Prices are all over the place for everything nowadays, hence the question (case in point that ludicrous price for Sam Dees last night)
  4. He's still on FB (Anoraks Corner)
  5. Poll: Version Battle - Friday night

    Played Mancha out the other week but for me that's been the first time in over a year I think, still would love another copy so I can play both sides back to back
  6. Poll: Version Battle - Friday night

    Got both, prefer Mancha but Johnny's version is cracking too
  7. Kenny Wells - Price

    Thanks 👍
  8. Kenny Wells - Price

  9. Kenny Wells - Price

    What's the going rate for Kenny Wells - I can't stop/Isn't it just a shame (new voice) vg+?


    What an absolute topper of a weekend from start to finish. Jock and Cliff bounced the place all Saturday afternoon with a walk through soul music from ballads to some soulful house. Music of the highest quality all weekend with a great party atmosphere.
  11. How far would you travel..

    Lovely bloke, was great to see him the other week
  12. How far would you travel..

    Regularly do 500 mile round trips at the weekends, tend to go where the music and people are good - also like going to events on mainland Europe - thankfully next weekend is only a 40 mile round trip into Edinburgh for True Soul...
  13. Kev - have a good one tomorrow night, sorry not going to be able to make it down (I need a couple of quiet weekends in to recuperate)