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  1. ***The Sound of Soul - 28 February 2019 *** Tonight on the Sound of Soul we welcome the formidable Lynne Girdwood and Dave Girdwood. Coming from Bathgate in Scotland this young enthusiastic duo also known as Girdwood Inc are set to light up the night with a blend of quality soul music from across the genres. You will totally understand why these 2 are so 'in demand' on the soul; scene as a whole.
  2. PM with price and condition
  3. Really looking forward to this
  4. What an opening scene Definitely- my go to for boxsets
  5. Crimson River another Walter Presents on C4 boxsets
  6. I think all the first presses are stamped matrix rather than scratched - I know my French one is stamped and it's a first press
  7. Yes, 72 according to 45cat as well and if you look at the label listings - head up arse moment as I said
  8. Doh sorry it’s 72 the label is CR1974 - asi said my head is up my ar$e
  9. So MOU 45 was originally EU release in 70/71 then a US release on Curtom 72 but the demo wasn't released until 74 (sorry if the dates are out multi-tasking with work) - what's the story on US demo coming out so late? Or have I got this completely wrong, sorry head is up my ar$e at work at the moment
  10. don't go out anywhere near as much as we used to, pick and choose wisely nowadays sorting the wheat from the chaff - plus prefer to save money for the European events as they suit our taste more
  11. Just picked up one of these in the States this morning - hadn’t realised till I got back to the hotel the flip was listed as Jean Battle - take it no one has any other info?

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