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  1. Ahoy Sailor

    100 Club

    Top notch as always, well worth the trip down and lack of sleep...not happy with Joel leaving me with an ear worm that I had to text him about the other day
  2. Ahoy Sailor

    The Paramount Four

    Think it was £600 my Mansfield chum
  3. Ahoy Sailor

    The Paramount Four

    Chris Anderton at Midas Touch had one up on his site the other day
  4. Ahoy Sailor

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Vikings is back on Prime again
  5. Ahoy Sailor

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Totally, I didn’t even recognise him at first when I watched it last year
  6. Ahoy Sailor

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Rewatching Manhunt-Unabomber on Netflix, worth a watch if you haven’t seen it
  7. Do you know when these are shipping?
  8. Ahoy Sailor

    Michael Bell / Saru

    Mal - I'm sure @Buey had one up for sale recently, not sure if he's still got it or not...great record both sides
  9. Ahoy Sailor

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Have been watching The Sinner on Netflix, pretty decent thriller with a few twists and turns here and there
  10. Ahoy Sailor

    Poll: Version Battle - What I Want

    Guess who the one person who voted for Gloria Taylor is it's my favourite version, been after the 7" but never seen one up so have got the LP reissue thing...been playing the Precisions version out again recently though as it's also stunning...but need that Gloria in my life
  11. Ahoy Sailor

    First time selling on soul source

    Any chance of listing prices and conditions Karl?
  12. @little-stevie would be a good shout
  13. Ahoy Sailor

    Oh dear

    How many of these “DJs” would still be buying and collecting records if they never got gigs - much prefer the European scene, across the board sounds at most places
  14. Ahoy Sailor

    Horse and Groom Doncaster Sunday Chillout 14/10/18

    Quality as usual


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