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  1. True Soul – Edinburgh (Friday and Saturday – 6th and 7th September) Friday 9pm’ish Little Hooks, Ray Nato and the Kings – I don’t want to leave you (Enjay) New Holidays – Maybe so, maybe no (Westbound) The Volumes – That same old feeling (Impact WD) The Fanatics – You’re moving too fast (Backbeat) The Classmen – You’re doin’ me right (Pearce WD) The Magnificent 7 – Never will I (Dial) The Fantastic Four – Live up to what she thinks (Ric-Tic WD) The Dynamics – You make me feel good (RCA WD) The Manhattans – Follow your heart (Carnival) Bobby Reed – If I don’t love you (Bell) Elements – Hey Lady (Saru) Dewey Jeffries – When no one cared (Gary-Dew) Roscoe Thomas – American Girl (World) Friday late spot September Jones – I’m coming home (Kapp WD) John Bowie – You’re gonna miss a good thing (Merben) The Dynamics – I need your love (RCA WD) Falcons – Good good feeling (Big Wheel) The Chosen Few – Birth of a playboy (Maple WD) Paramount Four – You don’t know (Southern City) Betty Lavette – Almost (Karen WD) Precisions – What I want (Drew) Bobby Hutton – Come see what’s left of me (Philips) Johnny Moore – Lonely Heart in the city (Blue Rock) James Carr - A losing game (Goldwax) El Anthony – We’ve been in love too long (LA Cindy) Sir Guy – I need you baby (DPG) Doc Oliver – Going thru’ a change of love (Lucky Labels) Exits – Under the street lamp (Gemini) Lee Stone – What is life (Breakout) Sat 2am (doing 4 then swapping to the wife for 4ish) Barbara Mason – You’d better stop (Arctic WD) Guitar Ray – You’re gonna wreck my life (Shagg) Frederick Hymes iii – Time ain’t gonna do me no favours (Fab Vegas) Emmitt Long – Call me (Donoyia) Sam Dees – Lonely for you baby (SSS International) Natural Four – I thought you were mine (ABC WD) Tomorrow’s Men – Who’s that lady (Congress) Curtis Mayfield – Move on up (Curtom Demo) New World – We’re gonna make it (Polydor) Two People – Stop leave my heart alone (Revue Demo) Gil Scott Heron – Lady day and John Coltrane (Philips) Leroy Hutson – I think I’m falling in love (Curtom) Otis Jackson and the Compromisers – Turn out the lights (C&F) Tracy La’vett – In my great big lonely room (Achillean the unconquerable sound)
  2. Dave Girdwood

    True Soul


    Always a pleasure Joel - top spots from yourself and others plus quality banter all weekend as well
  3. I still use my swanflight extended 100 box with them no hassle - slightly larger than the normal 100 box and works fine for the weekends
  4. Dave Girdwood

    True Soul


    If you're looking for a pre weekender watering hole - here's a map with a list of some pubs and places to eat https://www.google.ie/maps/search/Bars+and+pubs/@55.9459466,-3.2022645,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!2m7!3m6!1sBars+and+pubs!2sThe+Wee+Red+Bar,+ECA+Main+Building+and+Hunter+Building,+74+Lauriston+Pl,+Edinburgh+EH3+9DF,+UK!3s0x4887c7995e0f281d:0x33953a6b7f089457!4m2!1d-3.1978657!2d55.9458536
  5. Dave Girdwood

    True Soul


    Just over a week to go folks, still plenty time to get booked up...can't guarantee the weather but the tunes will be hot...
  6. LDSM all-dayer Chester 24th August 1st spot 4pm – 4:40pm Lynn Williams – Don’t be surprise (Suncut) Eunice Collins – At the hotel (Mod-Art) L.C Grier – Gone is the laughter of you (Sunshine) Clyde Brown – Your wish is my command (Altlantic) Charmels – As long as I’ve got you (Volt) Family Connection – This time (Jabali) Eddie Holman – Four walls (ABC) Little Charles and the Sidewinders – Please open up the door (Redsand) The Sheppards – You’re love has a hole in it (Bunky) Billy McGregor – Mr Shy (Flash) Bettye Swan – My heart is closed for the season (Capitol) The Classmen- Doin’ me right (Pearce Demo) The Royal Esquires – Our love used to be (Prix) The Hit Parade – Stand by me baby (RCA Demo) The Fantastic Four – Live up to what she thinks (Ric-Tic Demo) Stevie Wonder – I don’t know why I love you (Tamla) Late Spot 9:20pm – 10pm Barbara Mason – You better Stop (Arctic Demo) El Anthony – We’ve been in love too long (LA Cindy) The Dynamics – I need your love (RCA Demo) Kenny Smith – Lord what’s happened (Goldspot) Stormy – Devastator (Twilight Demo) Falcons – Good Good Feeling (Big Wheel) John Bowie – You’re gonna miss a good thing (Merben) Doc Oliver – Going thru a change of love (Lucky Labels) Otis Jackson and the Compromisers – Turn out the lights (C&F) The Vanguards – The thought of losing your love (Lamp) The Jives – I want you (Tear Drop) The Volumes – My kind of girl (Impact) Johnny Davis – You gotta crawl to me (Bandit) Exits – Under the street lamp (Gemini) Lee Stone – What is life (Break Out)
  7. See you in an hour or two
  8. Enjoyed Manifest - watched it over the past couple of weeks
  9. Der Pass - is worth a watch, on catch-up or boxsets on Sky (German/Austrian crime thing) - rinsed it over the weekend
  10. a definite keeper for the other side alone
  11. Love playing this venue - such a cool place and great crowd
  12. Dave Girdwood

    True Soul


    speak to colin@truesoul.co.uk for passes, aka @Hop Scotch Jump on here
  13. you can also see what recent sales went for along with the conditions they were - I find this really handy
  14. Only the Brazilian 45 from what I’ve seen

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