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  1. So looking forward to catching up with everyone
  2. downs - working all this week ups - off from today until next Friday, with a few highlights of Edinburgh, Berlin and Glasgow
  3. Yeah LP only - and a great LP at that
  4. Dave Girdwood

    Good Good Feeling

    8pm - 9pm Dave/Lynne 9pm – 10pm Raymond 10pm - 10:45pm Gary 10:45pm - 11:30pm Soul Sam 11:30pm – 12:15am Gary 12:15am – 1am Soul Sam
  5. There are also modern/new releases played as well but again all depends on who’s playing and where. You’re right though, you’re not going to please everyone but most folks I know appreciate that and appreciate others taste in music, at the end of the day some get it and some never will.
  6. I think there's quite a few good dayers out there Chalky where you can hear a very wide spectrum soul from sweet/deep in the early hours through to crossover then northern to uptempo 60s/70s and even some soulful house on the odd occasion - granted these are few and far between but they are out there. As for DJ's that play across the board, it can be difficult to do or convey in a single spot but again at certain dayers I've heard various styles from different DJs depending at what time of day they are on.
  7. Cheers Paul, very much appreciated to hear that - see you in a couple of weeks
  8. Dave Girdwood

    Good Good Feeling

    Only two nights this year and this is the last of them...remember only a limited capacity so get down early.... 8pm to 1am Guests:- Soul Sam, Gary Russell and Raymond Boyd £5 on the door gets you on the floor
  9. I just plug my phone in now and play mixcloud or use a USB - saves fannying about for CDs and the dangerous driving aspect, I don't miss my CD player but I do miss a tape player
  10. if done correctly can be a licence to thrill and gives people a chance to hear something that they may not have heard if it was a strict "northern" policy
  11. Only every take a 100 or 120 count with me, even for weekenders

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