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  1. Poll: Event Promoting

    Chalky it's about spreading the news of the event, sorry it that wasn't clear
  2. Poll: Event Promoting

    Who in your mind should promote events?
  3. A few tunes I didn't get round to playing at the Manchester Soul Weekender day sessions and the Flipside last Friday https://www.mixcloud.com/thegirdwood/crackpipe-soul-vi/


    Some things to do in the city while you're there https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attractions-g186525-Activities-Edinburgh_Scotland.html
  5. It's going to be a cracker, and a top city for a weekend break with loads to see and do in the city (as well a dance the night away)
  6. What is the date for September?
  7. Top 5 This Weekend

    Was a cracker of a night Geese Dave
  8. Yeah catch you at the dayer ;)
  9. Haha...big kisses to Dolly (and happy birthday)...hopefully catch you both soon
  10. Playlist from Flipside 14th July - not in order (think this is everything but may have missed one or two) Lifeforce - what-cha gonna do about me (Smokeout) Family Connection - This Time (Jabali) International GTOs - Its been raining in my heart (Rojac) The Charmels - As long as I've got you (Volt) James Wayne and the Soul Soothers - I've found someone (Key-Lan) The Trinikas - Remember me (Pearce) Tan Geers - LMHASBF (Okeh) Guitar Ray - You're gonna wreck my life (Shagg) Frederick Hymes iii - Time ain't gonna do me no favours (Fab Vegas) Wales Wallace - Somebody I know (BRC) Dee Dee Sharp - The bottle or me (Gamble) Windy City - Good guys don't always win (Innovation) The Sheppards - Your love has a hole in it (Bunky) Rudy Ludaway - What's wrong baby (United Artists) Sam Nesbit - Chase those clouds away (Amos) Virgil Henry - I'll be true (Colossus promo) Lynn Williams - Don't be surprise (suncut) Eddie Holman - I love you (ABC) Mellow Fellows - Another sleepless night (Dot) Jack Montgomery- Don't turn your back on me (Barracuda) Majestic Arrows - Another day (LP) Trinikas - Black is beautiful (LP) Skullsnaps- Didn't I do it to you (LP) The Ascots - She's so indifferent to me now (LP) Darrel Banks - Forgive me (LP) Sam Dees - what's it gonna be (LP)
  11. Northern SOUL BO-LL-OX...!!

    I usually find the longer and more elaborate the sales spiel the more shit the record usually is... As for Prove it to me being unknown, what planet have they been living on... I got a record through a couple of years back that had sales notes on the cover, it was marked up as "crap dancer"
  12. Tripps there's that mountain

    Saw one go last year for £600