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  1. How far would you travel..

    Lovely bloke, was great to see him the other week
  2. How far would you travel..

    Regularly do 500 mile round trips at the weekends, tend to go where the music and people are good - also like going to events on mainland Europe - thankfully next weekend is only a 40 mile round trip into Edinburgh for True Soul...
  3. Kev - have a good one tomorrow night, sorry not going to be able to make it down (I need a couple of quiet weekends in to recuperate)


    Can't believe how quickly it's came round, going to be a belter
  5. Top 5 This Weekend

    Five from Northern Soul Amsterdam at Cafe Batavia this weekend Jack Montgomery- don't turn your back on me Intentions - don't forget that I love you Rising Son - good loving Patti Jo - make me believe in you Sly, slick and wicked ...
  6. Top 5 This Weekend

    I'm sure there's a thread on here with some details behind this, there's speculation it's the same person but some some say father/son - quite a few threads on Frederick Hymes if you do a search
  7. Top 5 This Weekend

    Yeah not often you hear that played out, Marc Forrest played it as his last tune of the weekend
  8. Top 5 This Weekend

    Anyone got any teasers from the weekend? Had a weekend in for a change
  9. None UK Northern Soul Scene

    Looking forward to being back over next weekend, always a good time in Amsterdam and the rest of mainland Europe...the crowds are more up for it and willing to dance to things they might not know as well as "classics"
  10. Ronnie Forte

    Two copies up on Facebook Rare Soul Sales page at the moment
  11. Let's Dance Some Mo' Soul All Dayer - Chester

    The quality of music all day was outstanding in a perfectly sized venue, have posted five tunes that tickled me in the Top Five tunes thread. Line up for March next year is another cracking line up. Well worth the visit and Chester is a lovely city
  12. Top 5 This Weekend

    Was a cracking day out Mal - next one is March next year with another great line up
  13. Top 5 This Weekend

    Five heard at Let's Dance Some Mo dayer in Chester on Saturday Glen Miller - where is the love Sag War Fare - girl you better change Bob Meyer - I only get this feeling Hesitations - is that a way to treat a girl Paramount Four - yo...