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  1. until

    Flyer for Sunday
  2. Would've been Chris de Luen playing Kenny and the Sunliners ;)
  3. Sorry Nev but the mic thing is so 70s and most people who use it either mumble or tell their life story instead of playing the records, personally the mic thing does not make a good DJ but I do agree that there are a few that use it very well and it works for them
  4. it's all one big fucking joke...we just don't know the punch line yet...
  5. $150 for the new Benjamin already on discogs, only got released last week and still copies at $6 from Daptone
  6. Was it not Jack White of the White Stripes fame that bought that acetate and had it remastered for RSD?
  7. Portobello 6th May Brand New Faces - Brand New Faces Eddie Billups - Ask My Heart Mr Soul - What Happened to Yesterday Court Davis - Try to Think What You're Doing Charles Brandy - I Can't Get Enough of You
  8. until

  9. don't know what all the fuss is about, just looks like another baggy do to me ;) nothing to do with the events I go to
  10. one of the best books I've read about the soul scene
  11. Hard to pick a top five from Bamberg this weekend as it's still going on at the moment...Butch, Marc Forest, Thorley, Soulful Jules, Lars, etc...
  12. Anyone help with a price on Alex Brown I'm not Responsible (Sundi), vg+
  13. Stamped and no label blurs
  14. Bacon, Neil...bacon...