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  1. Baby earl

    RIP 'The Greatest'

    Was absolutely gutted when I heard the news this morning. A truly inspirational man, someone who was not afraid of fighting for his rights as well as his opponents. One of the very few people who could truly be titled LEGEND. Rest in peace big man.
  2. Baby earl

    Baby earl

  3. Baby earl

    Paul Bennett....Very sad news

    Had the pleasure of knowing Paul and DJing alongside him at shakedown in Stafford and at my 50th birthday bash,He had a great knowledge and passion for his music and always enthusiastic. Sincere condolences to Nicola and Paul's family. RIP Paul..
  4. Baby earl


    Another good night at the boogaloo with great sets from Byn, Gaz and Paula.Good mix of music with something for everyone and an appreciative crowd who are always up for something a bit different
  5. Baby earl


    Good mix of music again, really enjoyed it, great venue with an appreciative crowd.
  6. Baby earl

    Vynil Collection Rip

    That's me educated Mace, always thought a tombola was a hat for a cat
  7. Baby earl

    Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip

    Such a sad loss, top bloke with a passion for his music, always a friendly greeting. Rest in peace Joe. My sincerest condolences to Joes family.
  8. Baby earl


    First time for me at this venue. Great night, good mix of music with excellent sets from all the DJ's. Venue absolutely spot on.
  9. Baby earl

    Female "big Beat" Ballads - Your Faves?

    Yvonne Carroll - Please don't go/ There he goes, pure class
  10. When it comes to female connoisseurs, Linda Couldstone (Nashee) has to be one of the most knowledgable people out there, whether it be soul,R&B or popcorn she really knows her stuff. She's DJ'd internationally, has an excellent collection and is one of the nicest, most unassuming people out there.
  11. Baby earl

    Spa r-n-b change of venue.

    Just put them in the box for you.
  12. Baby earl

    Spa r-n-b change of venue.

  13. Baby earl

    Spa r-n-b change of venue.

  14. Baby earl

    Name Your Top Double Sider 45

    Four tops_ Ask the lonely - where did you go. Motown
  15. Baby earl

    Ever Had A Record Eaten?

    Hi Binsy, don't know what it is about Big Maybelle but I had the same record eaten by my boxer a few years ago. He just stood there looking like he'd won the lottery and there was pieces of the packaging in every room. Suppose it was his idea of record distribution.


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