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    Baby earl reacted to pilgrimsoul in Nottingham Palais All- Nighter   
    Well after much anticipation a massive let down.What's the point in having two rooms that are playing the same music ? The beer prices were extortionate (I know the promoters can't control this) when they actually had some and the venue was not conducive to a Northern soul night,totally unrecognisable from the original,IMHO.There was the odd track that got my feet moving but all in all it was the same old top 500.Sam started his set well with Sam Williams then Al Williams but even he deteriorated after that and Mick H played the odd different track but no one really put together a set to keep the floor packed.We had a mini bus and a few were staunch oldies fans and even they felt let down.I don't like having a go at promoters as I know what a difficult job it is but surely a bit of variety is required in this day and age.
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    Baby earl got a reaction from Perdita in Spa r-n-b change of venue.   
    Just put them in the box for you.
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    Baby earl got a reaction from Perdita in Spa r-n-b change of venue.   
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    Baby earl reacted to wazzer in Olde Spa R-n-B   
    Glad you enjoyed it Crewe ! Hope to repay the visit for your next one.Here is my set :-
    Feznecky...............JC Davis (chess)
    standing at the crossroads.......elmore james (kent)1964 version
    lucille................little richard (specialty)
    sick and tired...........fats domino (london)
    love you baby...........bobby bland & ike turner (kent)
    what'd i say..........ray charles (london)
    say hey pretty baby........lulu reed (federal demo)
    dont start crying now.......slim harpo (excello)
    hey baby............shakey jake (french brunswick ep)
    watchdog...........dorothy williams (volt)
    troubles..........lee rodgers (mah's)
    hey little woman...........sonny til (cp parker)
    gotta keep on walking......little herman (gina)
    love aint nothing..........johnny nash (argo)
    someday baby...........cyril davies (immediate album)
    train whistle blow......alexis korner/long john baldrey (decca album)
    blazing fire..........derrick morgan (blank jamaican)
    honour your mother father........desmond dekker (island)
    pharoh house crash.........prince buster (buster records)
    "cleopatra"............tennors (blank jamaican)
    nik shaz
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    Baby earl reacted to crogger in Olde Spa R-n-B   
    The Crewe massive enjoyed it too! Great tunes from across the R&B spectrum,friendly atmosphere and just to finish off our night we called at Mcdonalds on the way back! Hardcore or what?!!
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    Baby earl reacted to Perdita in Olde Spa R-n-B   
    Great night as always - friendliest crowd around and the best tunes.
    Cake was a bonus too!
    See you for the next one April 19th
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    Baby earl got a reaction from pikeys dog in king bee rhythm and blues club   
    Just want to say thanks to Joe and the rest of the crew for a cracking night with top notch sets from all of the dj,s. Not a bad tune all night and a great atmosphere, it was good to see a packed house and well worth the trip. 
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    Baby earl reacted to wazzer in olde spa r-n-b Xmas special.   
    Big thanks to Simon and Paula for their efforts last night in fact for all their efforts in getting the Spa up and running, much appreciated by those who love this special music."I went down to the crossroads tried to flag a ride...."
    Shaz nik
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    Baby earl got a reaction from andybellwood in olde spa r-n-b Xmas special.   
    Might even get the chance to play my unreleased k-tel acetate of Betty Swann- kiss your arse goodbye
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    Baby earl reacted to molly7989 in Olde spa r-n-b   
    firstly thank you for all the kind comments , a big thank you to all our Dj's and all that turned up so many old friends , Kev Murry and his good lady , Den Mac , Twinny and crew , ted Massey , Andy Powell and Mandy and Craig and Rachel and all the new face's and out regulars .This was our first real packer and certainly a great night.Our guest spinners Andy and Sean certainly enjoyed themselves and in the spirit of The spa played what they wanted to a very happy crowd .Many thanks to Steve Brown and Tuc who always play blinding spots and Paula's half hour , double decking with our great chum Nick Porter.Nick and Paula are doing a double deck at Quorn this Friday so if your in the area come and support another " Micro night".Many , many thanks to all and best regards Simon and the Spa outcasts . 


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