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  1. Steve S 60


    The same Capita that has done so much for army recruitment?
  2. Steve S 60

    All Our Yesterdays * Cutting Edge Comedy Heroes

    A bit more recent. Vic and Bob and the Shakamoto Investigation......
  3. Steve S 60


    Not enough money in the budget, but they have promised to wipe all the nicotine stains off the ceiling.
  4. Steve S 60

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Watched this last night. The opening chapter with the eponymous Buster Scruggs was my favourite chapter. Sadly, I thought it went downhill from there.
  5. Steve S 60


    Trouble is, nothing will happen apart from the over 75s losing their free TV licence to make up for somebody else's incompetence.
  6. Steve S 60


    I'm sad to say that my sister watches it religiously. I wonder if she was adopted.
  7. Steve S 60


    So the BBC are currently £27m over budget for a revamp of the Eastenders set. This will take the total budget to £87m and it'll be ready 5 years later than originally planned. I for one don't watch this rubbish, I think the last episode I saw, Dirty Den was the landlord of the Queen Vic. Even the wife doesn't watch it, and that's saying something. The National Audit Office has stated the bleeding obvious by saying the project will no longer represent value for money. Get outta my pub!
  8. Steve S 60

    first three records to start a set

    You need the man with the stick, Steve.
  9. Steve S 60

    Potential Soul Source Anthem?

    Does Part 2 contain any advice on selling your collection in order to fund your retirement?
  10. Steve S 60

    first three records to start a set

    They should, but I've arrived at venues early doors where they're still messing about with all the sound settings. That may be because the first DJ doesn't like how it's been set up. I've witnessed DJs still tweaking with the sound well into the night. Age probably has a lot to do with it.
  11. Steve S 60

    first three records to start a set

    The first three records of the first spot are for fine tuning the sound, although the acoustics may change as the venue fills.
  12. Steve S 60

    Sound issue on PC

    Try listening through headphones connected to your amp. If the buzzing is still there it's not a speaker problem. How close is your amp to your PC?
  13. Steve S 60

    Potential Soul Source Anthem?

    Because we all seem to agree on everything....."We Got Togetherness" - The Jewels.
  14. Steve S 60

    first three records to start a set

    Sadly, I've actually witnessed that.
  15. Steve S 60

    first three records to start a set

    Who Who Song Where I'm Not Wanted Get Out


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