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  1. Fitting I should sign this on the day that Michael Bond, author of Paddington Bear, sadly passed away.
  2. Just had an email from Bulb Energy announcing a drop in their standing charge for both gas and electricity. That's the second price drop this year when the big six have all increased their prices.
  3. How about a locally manufactured classic? You'll totally own the towpaths on one of these beauties. Cruise along in style and comfort....
  4. Preacher Season 2. The opening ten minutes of the first episode, the surreal to the sublime, with some real gross out moments. Entertainment all the way with the blackest of black comedies.
  5. Try one of these Peter. It's like a hammock for your arse.....
  6. It's three times the displacement of the Invincible class. It's very lean manned with a ships company of 700.
  7. Now I have read a few Jack Reacher novels and Tom Cruise would have been near the bottom of my list of actors to play the title role. If I get around to reading any of Michael Connelly's books I'll have Titus Welliver in my head. He certainly suits the role on screen.
  8. Haven't read the books. Have they used completely new story lines for the TV series?
  9. God Bless Her and All Who Sail In Her.
  10. Just watching Fargo on catch up and Jingo featured on the soundtrack.
  11. Cocktail Menu "Frank Wilson" - Babycham, Angosturas Bitters and a pickled onion....guaranteed to repeat on you "The Snake" - Equal measures of Sighder and milk with a spoonful of honey "Out on the Floor" - Carling Black Label, cigarettes butts and talcum powder, served in a handbag
  12. The Slug And Solatio....
  13. Taking inspiration from the pub signs thread, how about some NS themed pub names..... The Crate Diggers Arms The White Demo The Golden Holdall The Jolly Stomper The Sir Russell Winstanley .........Cheers
  14. Many Happy Returns Sir.
  15. Better off buying on Amazon UK, about the same price when exchange rate and international shipping is taken into account, and you don't have to worry about customs or it going missing between the US and here.