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    Born a small white child by the banks of the River Eden in 1960. Developed a love of soul music in my early teens. Joined the Royal Navy in 1977, left in 1999. Contracting in the Defence Industry ever since, went self employed in 2008. Still live in my home town of Penrith. Frequented the Casino from '78 until it closed, train up from Portsmouth, stopping off at Wigan for the night, train up to Penrith in the morning. Never left the scene, attended what venues I could in between sailing around the world and raising a family. Currently working from home (first time I've been home every night for 35 years), so now have the time to contribute to the various forums on Soul Source.

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    I Can't Make It Anymore

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  1. Enjoying "The Boys", but Karl Urban needs to work on his Cockney accent.
  2. Never thought I'd ever say this, but the Artistics' version is the worst of the three in my opinion. Far too syrupy with the vocals. Prefer the Three Shades of Soul for the vocals and arrangement. Having said that, it's not one I'd want to hear played out.
  3. The T20 format makes the game much more exciting and more accessible. Each team bats for twenty overs (six balls per over) and tries to make as many runs as possible without losing all their wickets.
  4. How about the other national game? Surrey are playing Essex at the Oval on the 29th August. It's T20 Blast so three hours of fast bowling, run making cricket, a far cry from the traditional game.
  5. Having to use newspaper when there was no toilet roll left. Getting your hair washed with Vim when there was no shampoo left. Mixing flour and water to use as glue.
  6. Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space.....
  7. Brothers Johnson - Ride O Rocket....
  8. Captain Zap & The Motortown Cut-ups.....
  9. Tony Hester - Spaceland....
  10. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of man walking on the moon, how about an appropriate playlist. Here's a couple to start.....
  11. It's when they put the needle in and you can feel they've missed but they insist on wiggling the needle about in the hope of hitting the vein. I even told the guy he'd missed.
  12. Finally something to celebrate, England winning the Cricket World Cup. Well done guys. It'll Never Be (Super) Over For Me.
  13. It took four attempts to find a vein.....
  14. Thanks mate, and likewise. Back home now and just had a fry up. Shame to hear about the idiots playing up after hours last week, although the new venue sounds promising.
  15. Considering I haven't had anything to eat since 8 'o' clock this morning, and won't be eating until tomorrow lunchtime, I feel remarkably chilled, despite having just drank 4 pints of industrial drain cleaner.

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