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    Born a small white child by the banks of the River Eden in 1960. Developed a love of soul music in my early teens. Joined the Royal Navy in 1977, left in 1999. Contracting in the Defence Industry ever since, went self employed in 2008. Still live in my home town of Penrith. Frequented the Casino from '78 until it closed, train up from Portsmouth, stopping off at Wigan for the night, train up to Penrith in the morning. Never left the scene, attended what venues I could in between sailing around the world and raising a family. Currently working from home (first time I've been home every night for 35 years), so now have the time to contribute to the various forums on Soul Source.

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    I Can't Make It Anymore

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  1. Thanks guys. Probably not the 60th I was planning, but all's well this end. Looking forward to stepping out in 2021. Stay safe.
  2. Enjoying "The Boys", but Karl Urban needs to work on his Cockney accent.
  3. Never thought I'd ever say this, but the Artistics' version is the worst of the three in my opinion. Far too syrupy with the vocals. Prefer the Three Shades of Soul for the vocals and arrangement. Having said that, it's not one I'd want to hear played out.
  4. "The Boys", due to start on Amazon Prime at the end of the month, is about a group of vigilantes who take on corrupt superheroes.....
  5. Sisters Love - I'm Learning To Trust My Man......
  6. Bobby Garrett - I Can't Get Away "Just like Pagliaccio the clown Sometimes I'm up, sometimes down."
  7. Gladys is still a brilliant performer. She has really looked after herself and the voice is still fantastic. Her two female backing singers were tremendous, as was the male backing singer. Just don't expect any Motown numbers with the exception of "Grapevine". I'd certainly recommend her show.
  8. Apollas, Belles, Exciters, Fabulous Jades, Glories, Sequins, Sherries. Admittedly not all 100mph, but I'd get a sweat on dancing to them.
  9. Gladys still going strong. Thursday night at the Royal Albert Hall....
  10. Amusing to read that the Christian group Return To Order have raised a petition against the programme but instead of sending it to Amazon, they sent it to Netflix. If they've taken the time to actually watch it you'd have thought they'd have made a note of what subscription service they actually watched it on.
  11. If anybody missed out on Alice Clark..... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Studio-Recordings-VINYL/dp/B01FK2WRK8 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alice-Clark-VINYL/dp/B07R8BPVFT
  12. Oh no! What have you done Richard? The Establishment now owns the Northern Soul scene.

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