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  1. Otis Blackwell - Oh! What A Babe VG, plays very well, small warp, no skips, clear and loud 75€ incl shipping.
  2. Desmond Checker

    Little Willie John ‎– I'm Shakin'

    up for sale -> Little Willie John ‎– I'm Shakin' -> close to EX very small damaged by heating. there is just a little distortion at the first rotation but isn't really to hear ... 110€ plus shipping 6,50€ worldwide https://clyp.it/aifxkyne
  3. Desmond Checker

    Get On Up! (Mixcloud)

    Hello, today I uploaded a reggae and rock steady mix... All tunes recorded in 1968. During this year rock steady was transnition to reggae. Enjoy.
  4. ... added a new mix. hope so its not to worn out for you ;) please enjoy.
  5. Desmond Checker

    Pete Rodriguez - I like it like that

    Pete Rodriguez on Alegre please... PM sent.
  6. Desmond Checker

    Earl Connelly King

    Hi, i'm still looking for Earl Connelly King -Every Whicha Kinda Way (on King) Please PM me Cheers.
  7. Desmond Checker

    Killer Diller - Jamaica from 1959 to 1969

    ... from Mento to Early Reggae, form Early Shuffle to Skinhead Reggae, from Laurel Aitken to The Upsetters ... the very first 10 years of jamaicans popular music in chronological order. Enjoy it! https://www.mixcloud.com/desmondchecker/killer-diller-jamaican-music-from-1959-to-1969/ cheers, s
  8. Hi all, here is a little bit older mix from me ... please enjoy! https://www.mixcloud.com/desmondchecker/comin-down/
  9. Desmond Checker

    Earl King - Every Wicha Kinda Way

    Hello everyone ... I am looking for Earl King - Every Wicha Kinda Way ... if there any chance to get a nice copy please pm me. Thx.
  10. Desmond Checker

    Tommy Hunt - Work Song

    Hello, I'm looking for: Tommy Hunt - Work Song -> VG or better isn't rare so I'm hopeful cheers
  11. Desmond Checker

    Rhythm & Soul meets Rock Steady on Mixcloud

    ... if anyone interessted in a unusual mix of Rock Steady & Rhythm & Soul, please check out my Mixcloud-page. Enjoy! https://www.mixcloud.com/desmondchecker/rhythm-soul-meets-rock-steady/ And let me hear your last recording of R&B and Jamaican Soul ... cheers.
  12. Desmond Checker

    ROCK STEADY Classics for sale

    a few classics for ... The Paragons - On The Beach // JA Blank // VG 20€ https://clyp.it/1elhtjjo Delroy Wilson - Dancing Mood // JA Blank // VG+ 35€ https://clyp.it/ulkdq0vq The Jamaicans - I've Got A Pain // Treasure Isle // VG 20€ https://clyp.it/pd5dew1l Frank Brown - Some Come Some Go / Llyod & Devon - Re Bumb Ball // HOP // VG 25€ https://clyp.it/wy5n3tz0 Desmond Dekker - Mother Long Tongue // JA Blank // VG- 20€ https://clyp.it/2mudt5ud Joya Landis - When The Lights Are Low // Baron's (Label removed) // VG- to VG 20€ https://clyp.it/wvzdtoq0 + postage (6,50€) cheers, stefan
  13. Desmond Checker

    Barry White - Tracy

    looking for Barry White - Tracy. VG or better cheers, stefan.
  14. Desmond Checker

    Comin' Down - Transition From Rhythm to Soul

    done look at "tagged" please ...
  15. Desmond Checker

    Comin' Down - Transition From Rhythm to Soul

    It does not exsit, but I'll it do later ... cheers.


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