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  • Birthday 25/11/1927

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    Family first&foremost, collecting vinyl,
    attending Soul venues
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    This week.... not sure. Just decided, Jimmy Gresham.... "Put it out of your mind"

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  1. Labeat

    Northern Soul & Motown @ The Royal Hall, Harrogate

    I was all interested until i saw the admission fee, likewise for two of us, with petrol on a 30 mile trip and drinks etc there wont be much change out of a ton.
  2. Labeat

    Huellas Wine Bar, DONCASTER

    Thats Balby road not Cleveland street
  3. Labeat

    Mojo R&B Club

    Add 2 the the guest list Munza. Travelling from Cheshire and Doncaster. See you tonight. Ta Neil
  4. Labeat


  5. Labeat

    Happy Birthday Keeper

    Happy birthday old boy
  6. Labeat

    Hinckley leisure centre

    Was Major born with straight hair?
  7. Was there for her last appearance.... brilliant
  8. Labeat

    Different Strokes Alldayer-06.02.15

    The town?
  9. Labeat

    Celebrity Lookalikes

    Thanks for the Laughs Dave
  10. Labeat

    Va Va's

    Sorry mate, only just seen your reply. No, the black guy was a Manc.... but don't really want to say (would if i knew you) A.T.B Neil
  11. Labeat


    See you tomorrow Andy, Neil
  12. Labeat

    Jd Bryant You Won't Be Coming Back

  13. Labeat

    Lack Of Knowledge, Or Just Deep Pockets ?

    Ha ha, our records we listen to are rather "old fashioned" to the outside world.... what, 40 odd years old?
  14. You can bet 90% of viewers would prefer the non Soul artists so i think we are in a minority.
  15. Labeat

    Lack Of Knowledge, Or Just Deep Pockets ?

    The rarer Soul scene is largely unaffected by commercialism as the people that go are only interested in the quality of music, not market stalls or fashion parades


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