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    Both ends against the middle.....
  • Birthday 12/09/1963

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    Jamaican Rocksteady & Lovers Rock, cricket, rugby league, socialism, North Yorks Moors, Dark Ages history, ephemeral knowledge, talking rubbish........
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    Keeps changing......

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  1. Richard Bayley

    Richard Bayley

  2. Richard Bayley

    100 Club All Nighter

    Fantastic mix of tunes on Saturday night - great late sets from Joel, Butch and Keith in particular, with lots of quality 70's played to an appreciative floor. Thanks to all concerned!
  3. Richard Bayley

    Features: Margaret Little - Her Story

    Great work - and a fantastic read!
  4. Richard Bayley

    Features: Paul Riser MBA - Motowns Brilliant Arranger

    Superb article Rob - thank you! As soon as I saw Paul Riser's name in the header I thought of "Ain't no Mountain....." This article gives such great insight into how the music was made, as well as paying respect to a great talent.
  5. Richard Bayley

    The First Record That Got You Hooked ?

    Was it compulsory in the 70s to play "Band of Gold" at fairgrounds?
  6. Richard Bayley

    Pete Waterman Northern Soul

    On the whole, I thought the show on R2 tonight wasn't bad. Obviously it was "Oldies" based, both in music and outlook, and raised Dave Godin's nightmare scenario of the soul scene becoming like the "Teddy Boy" scene - approvingly! When it was at its best, it was people talking about the thrill and passion of the music, the excitement of dancing and the strong social bonds built around the scene. Elaine and Tony Palmer's contribu..
  7. Richard Bayley

    2011-09-10: Rugby Soul Club All-Niter Sat 10Th Sept 2011

    Excellent news, I'm able to come down tonight on the 2nd leg of my Birthday weekend! Looking forward to the usual fun and frolics, the opportunity to have a dance in both rooms, and to talk complete and utter rubbish at various points of the night
  8. Richard Bayley

    2011-08-19: Bradford All Niter

    A small (but perfectly formed ) posse will be over from York - heard good things about the venue, looking forward to it!
  9. Richard Bayley

    York Soul Club 06.08.2011

    Looking forward to an excellent night ....... good to have Mr Banks on board too!
  10. Richard Bayley

    The Next Generation

    Top post Azza (and mlad's too....) There's been far too much "they might enjoy it, but they won't enjoy it like we do..." on this thread - I guess old hands from the Wheel and Torch said much the same when they saw hordes of pilled-up teenagers descend on Wigan . A few canards on this thread - "they like city centre bars, but won't travel" - completely unfair! Quite a few get around a lot - and the sentiment masks the fact tha..
  11. Richard Bayley

    2011-07-30: New Century Soul Manchester Allnighter

    See you all at the Church of Gospel Bob on Saturday
  12. Richard Bayley

    Your Perfect Moment..on The Dancefloor

    Do you do dance classes?
  13. Richard Bayley

    2011-07-22: New Wilton Allnighter

    Save some seats for me, Trevski and Andy Hudson please, Ali And if you're arriving extra sparkly, give us some notice and we'll bring shades
  14. Richard Bayley

    Black Vs. White Cont....right Of Reply

    A great summary of my views Gareth - how did you know?
  15. It was like watching an episode of "Home Improvement" ! And for newcomers, please remember your crampons, as the stairs can seem quite steep if you're the worse for wear....... what was that, Rosemary?