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  1. Just wondering if anybody has ever seen another Pye acetate of Jackie Trent's You Baby b/w You Send Me? I see that the issues and promos have gone for £400+ according to the history on popsike. I was just wondering as to what folk thought this (as far as I am aware) unique and VG+ acetate would be valued at? It plays BRILLIANTLY and is a really loud cut with no deterioration in sound from the day it was cut. This copy was actually Wigan Casino's copy given to them by Pye as a promo tool for its Casino Classics release I think, as there was paperwork eluding to it being in the hands of the
  2. I got one of the first two known copies. It was covered up as Waymond Hall originally.
  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: He hung out ALL weekend and sang to anybody that asked him to blast out a rendition of a tune and he sat with the soul fans and chatted away as an old friend would. View full article
  4. Site note This was submitted last week, but due to technical reasons it could not be posted as a front page news article until now. I have jus' spoken to Oliver Cheatham Jnr on the phone who informed me that the news filtering through from across the Atlantic of his fathers death is indeed true. Oliver recently played at SSW on November 2nd which turned out to be his last gig but it's reassuring to know that he was among folk that knew every word of every song and had he sung some of the Mad Dog & The Pubs tunes they would of known the lyrics to those cuts too. He was surrounded by real
  5. Yeah, master stroke bringin' them together even if I do say so myself lol Think they jus' might do sommat special together on Sunday I hope.
  6. The tickets are going like crazy for this event, I will ask JB if she can include this in the set Jordirip. Hope you can make the event.
  7. Roburt here is full track listing for ST2041 Hesitations Yes I'm Ready Debbie Taylor Don't Nobody Mess With My Baby Betty Barney You Want My Lovin' Little Rosie Little Family Tree Pazent Brothers A Nitty Gritty Side 2 Hesitations Good To Me (As I Am To You) Debbie Taylor Stop The Persions I Can't Make It Anymore Alice Clark You Hit Me Chili Peppers Chicken Scratch Hope this fills the gaps.
  8. I will try and find the album on the right and assist you Roburt. It's in my collection somewhere and off the top of my head I can only remember one track off the album and that is You Hit Me Alice Clark but I'll keep diggin'.
  9. Great to see Debbie is coming back to the U.K. I jus' hope a certain meddler can keep his nose out of this gig and not attempt to steal the glory once again. I will fill you in on the details once this gig is out of the way. I know Dave Box has worked very hard to make this happen and it will be an incredible night at Debbie's debut gig! It all went a lil' bit Lorraine Chandler!

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