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  1. Hi Chalky The first Tiffanys wasn't that busy, due to the Casino. the 2nd night was very bizarre. lots of police interest with camera flashes going off every few minutes. Followed by people getting arrested. a very strange night. Guess the local law enforcement had enough. not great with this technology stuff, but will get something to you.
  2. I'm sitting here with a SAS flyer for the 1st nighter in Wigan Tiffanys. the oldies all nighters are to continue in Wigan. 1st all nighter: Friday 2nd October. DJ's Richard Searling Keith Minshull Gary Rushbrooke Dave Evison jolly Not sure if that was the Dj line up, I think the Casino put another last night on, that night.
  3. He was booked to appear in Edinburgh, Tiffanys all dayer in 1977! i thought he wasn't let out of the states, due to owing tax! we got. Appearances from JJ Barnes and the Exciters! At the all dayers. i think it was Chris Burton. That was bringing the acts up!
  4. Right! I'm away to practise, my Southend shimmy! i will be knocking them dead at my next Soul night!
  5. Marie Knight" that's no wat to treat a girl" musicor. I had just got it the week previous, I had hunted for it for ages , but had never managed to find a copy. To say I has delighted to have a copy was an understatement I had just played it at the Clouds all nighter in Edinburgh while putting another record on had layer it down, Kev Joss was up talking to me and must have lent on it. As I put it into its sleeve it was in two pieces, held together by the label. i pointed out to Kev what had happened, who me he said! I never lent on it! These things happen, and I put it down to bad luck, went down to the Casino the following week. The first person I bump into is Mr Joss, with a mint copy of Marie Knight! I owe you this he says! a true gentleman! also managed to split a copy of Bobby Thurston Very last drop LP. It's now in Germany! And how about this for a bit of woman's logic! i was playing some singles and had them lying at an angle in the box. My then partner managed to lean over an snap one in two. Not an expensive record, but being a bit mischievous I decided to tell her that it was worth £150! Well, you should take better care of them then, came the reply!!!
  6. alas, I'm still a bit old school, so tap on the shoulder would have to do.
  7. ha! EP= extra person? perhaps a threesome could be on the cards, now I'm a single chap! and for any Extended Play, you better get me some Viagra! coming along to see Mr Darge on Saturday?
  8. Americana all nighters in edinburgh circa 1977 the ywca at the west end. Ran by Dougie conners, on a Sunday night. Influential starting place for the northern scene in Edinburgh circa 1976! Maniquee all nighter falkirk, Tommy Cockburn and Ian Parker were involved in that one circa 1977 Tiffanies in edinburgh were all dayers exciters, j j Barnes appeared at them circa 1977/78 and who could forget the Tranmere alldayers in Tranent, ran by Neil Mckillop, early 80's
  9. Milton floyd " I'm a shadow/ anyway I can" r i m £20 Just found this in a cupboard Ex condition
  10. Loads of bargains to be had. 12" Stephanie mills "free" expansion Deep swing" promise" generae Gladys knight "taste of bitter love" CBS Michael Watford" love change over" hi Lonnie Hill"could it be love" 10 records wl promo Ian Martin" movin on/ brother" expansion Stix hooper" cordon bleu" mca Donell rush"symphony" od Joe Simon"love vibration" polydor Keni Burke"you're the best" RCA Dawn tallman"goin up" slaag Tina Moore"nobody better" delerious Willie Collins"where you gonna be tonight" Capitol Todd terry"something goin' on" logic Sabrynaah pope"shelter"purple music Watergates"never gonna give you up" bump n hustle Paul johnson" get get down" fuel Stone city band"ladys choice" tmg w/l Deep bros" keep on lovin' you"azuli 2+1 Bougie soliterre"besides you" flipside Dutch Robinson"happy" epic Ann Nesby"hold on" perspective Soul vision"don't hold back"pt2 Central Park Groove collective"everthing is changing" naked Rain" give it up" king st Sounds of blackness" optimistic/ testify" perspective Tashan"love is forever"Columbia Mystic touch" party people"reflection Fish go deep"set the night in" ir Crown heights affair"galaxy of love" mercury Gwen Guthrie"family affair"4th broadway promo Jocelyn brown" somebody else's guy" remix w/l MAW" backfired" maw Yurani"love light" kale Jtq noël mckoy"see a brighter day"big life promo 2+12 Byron stingily"testify"nervous Chuck jackson"all over the world"nightmare Rahsaan Patterson"so hot" dome Bib Sinclair"I feel for you defected Curtis hairson"I want you"RCA Helen Baylor"oasis"expansion Sherrick"just call" wb Quincy jones" betcha wouldn't hurt me"a&m Wilson Pickett" seconds" ny42 Light if world"time" remix mercury Brand new heavies" never stop"acid jazz Temptations"all I want from you" Motown w/l promo Charlie Baltimore"money" w/l Darryl pandy" I love music" eternal Alana"think of you"crash Tina Moore"never gonna let you go"delerious Evelyn king" shame" RCA Black masses" my heavenly stars" azuli Gary bardouille"starting over"soul heaven Monica Bingham"go getter" papa Funky people" funky people" remix slip n slide Key to life" find our way" suburban Sabrina Johnston"peace"east west Barbra tucker"most precious love" defected Narada Michael walden"tonight" remix's dance lab 2+12 Manhattens" crazy" Columbia Barbra tucker"you want me back" fusion Chance" rescue me" yelloworange Incognito" don't you worry bout a thing" talkin loud Luther Vandross"I can make it better" d d Incognito"pieces of a dream" talkin loud 2*12 Luther Vandross" heaven knows"epic Tram maps"hold back night" 4 track ep pye Al hudson" you can do it mca Peacetime"truth will set you free" Swing52"color of my skin"remix cutting Marty Thomas"thank you" westend Kenny Thomas" outstanding"cool tempo Alexander oneal"all that matters" a&m Rick webb" think about it" expansion Lonnie hill" Galveston bay/ my sweet love" 10 records w/l promo Ron Carroll" stronger" after hours Axus" you make me feel like"guidance 2+12 Africanism"love is the answer"yellow Demi Hines"it's alright"mushroom Spero" without you" after hours Jay sealee"I just wanna be" atal promo Kenny bobien"it feels good" strictly rhythm Gary des' etages" dance with me" fer Durrell Coleman"do you love me" 4th broadway Michael love smith"baby I will" Motown w/l Bobby Womack" American dream/if you think" Motown w/l promo Mike t"do it anyway you wanna" blue inc GQ" standing ovation" Arista Sterling ensemble"follow me" soul heaven Jersey maestros"keep on" generate J t taylor" feel the need" mca Marcus enochson"feeling fine" maw Maze" wanna be with you" Capitol Luther Vandross"love don't love you" epic Fatback band"I found lovin" master mix Roy ayres" fever" polydor Major harris"u want your love" buzz Home cookin " all about the mind" sole music Quincy jones" stuff like that" a&m Switch" we like to party"Motown Jones girls" on target" RCA Melba Moore" soul sampler" Capitol Switch" there ll never be" Motown T connection" Saturday night" tk Greg diamond@ cream" polydor Allah Hathaway"heaven knows" virgin June pointer" don't mess with bill" yellow promo Funksters"4 track ep" Arista Gap band" big fun" total Hi fi mike"stereo flavours" purple Brotherhood of soul"I'll be right there" narcotic Dj oji" nobody" west end Curtis Hartman" keep reaching" distance 7th district" let life shine" distance Reel people" butterflies" papa Aqua note" always" naked Peddle pusher" rely on me" naked Mad lads" you blew it" champion Arnold Jarvis"special kinda love" king st Byron stingily" don't fall in love" nervous Spero"everything" dialogue Aqua note" only" naked Soul vision" don't hold back" pt1 Central Park w/l Monique Bingham" fools got nothin"curious rest press Astro trax" it's over" defected 2+12 Sabrynaah pope" Blackman" slip n slide Phil upchurch" when an if I fall in love" physical Vanessa freeman"the light" papa Miquel migs" take me to paradise" naked Jeff Ramsey" everyday" large Moments if soul"the live ep" wave Damozel" everydays a party" mca E smoove"be with you" strictly rhythm Kaskade" gonna make it" om Deep swing"freedom" generate Johnny corporate"Sunday shouting" 4th floor 2+12 Finished touch" down sound" Motown James brown" too funky in here" polydor Robyn springer" forever and ever" cardiac GQ " disco nights" Arista Michael Watford" holdin in" east west w/l promo Mas collective"joy" slip n slide Brithers if peace" stand up" slip n slide During Tarik"not over" space cat atlantis" no more excuses" giant steps Malawi rocks"something to smile about" king st Dajae" time" kid dynamite Central living" wveryday@ naked Hope collective" give and let live" expansion Ce ce peniston"he loves me 2" silk Karen Ramirez" looking for love@ Deep swing" get ready" generate George porgie" all because of you" vibe Stephanie mills"Latin lover" maw Maysa" what about love" blue thumb Viola" little girl" nervous Albums! Shirley brown"intimate storm" 4th broadway Walter jackson"feeling good" chi sound Barry white" stone gone"pye Minnie riperton"romantic fantasy set to music" Joe" my name is joe" jive 2+12 Frankie lee"face it"demon "ladies and babies" Walter jackson" I want to come back as a song" ua Percy larkins" music if passion"move Bobby Womack"someday well all be free" Beverly Glenn Lonnie hill"you got me running" 10 records Winans" return" wa He'd kandi presents" back to love" he'd kandi Jeffrey Osborne"same" a&m " new love" 7" singles Barry white" I found love" unlimited gold demo Sharon jones@ how long do I have to wait" daptone Atlantic Starr" circles" a&m Millie jackson"breakaway"polydor Sounds if blackness" optimistic" a&m Bobby Womack" that's the way I feel about cha" ua Chaka khan" some love" wb Intruders" love my mama" pir Ecstasy pain passion" wouldn't give you up " pye Loleatta holloway" love sensation/ hit and run" salsoul Linda Clifford"runaway love" crc Undisputed truth" you + me= love" wb Major harris" after loving you" Atlantic Ashfield Simpson"it seems to hang on" wb Bt express" do it" pye Impressions" first impresdions" Curtom Beginning of the end" funky Nassau" Atlantic Thanks for looking!
  11. Always liked his spots at the Casino, where did he go after he stopped playing at Wigan?
  12. Loads of modern stuff and some classics! Soul deluxe"free at last" champion Fatback band"I found lovin"master mixl Paolo scotti"heavenly" promo Jocelyn brown" somebody else's guy"4th broadway Heather rose" unbelievable"k2o Kathy barnes"looking for someone to love"Republic Rahsaan Paterson"burning/so hot"dome Norma Jean"Saturday remix"bearsville Kaskade"I feel like"om Nuyorican soul"runaway"talkin loud Phil upchurch"when and if I fall in love"physical Ian Martin"brother"expansion Magnum force"want you so bad"CMC Black magic" freedom", remix strictly rhythm Sabrynaah pope"Blackman"slip slide Deep swing" I promise"generae Noel McCoy"scandalous"stateside 2+12 Lj Reynolds"don't let nobody/weigh all the facts"club Watergates"never gonna give you up"bump n hustle Sabrynaah pope"shelter" purple music De'lacy"more" easy st test press Shazz" inner side"distance Kenny Latimore" weekend"Arista Dkma"everyday"large Ann Nesby"hold on" perspective Ten city"goin up in smoke"columbia Ultra Nate" found a cure" am pm Tina Moore"nobody better" delerious dj copy Mtume"juicy fruit"epic Masters at work"can't get no sleep"am pm 2+12 promo Bah samba"all I ever wanted"estero promo Luther Vandross"till my baby comes back"epic War" groovin"bluebird Lonnie hill"Galveston bay/my sweet love"10 records w/l promo Incognito"giving it up"talkin loud Astro trax"it's over"defected 2+12 Dennis Coffey"gimme that funk" Atlantic Terri symon"what is love"am pm 2+12 promo R kelly" key cuts, ignition/step in the name of love"jive Sounds if blackness" optimistic"perspective 95 north"groove it yall" slip n slide Chaka khan"some love"wb Lisa shaw"always" naked Night source"some love"large Rain" give it up"king st Groove collective"everthing is changing"naked Soul vision"don't hold back"Central Park Terry walker" Ching Ching"def soul Lonnie hill"could it be love"10 records w/l promo Michael Watford"love change over"remix hi Gladys knight"taste of bitter love" CBS Joe claussell"spiritual insurrection"ibidan Monica Bingham"fools got nothin"curious test press Mass order" lift every voice"Columbia Ten city"whatever makes you happy"ibidan Black masses"wonderful person"maw Soul vision"don't hold back"Central Park pt 1 w/l Doriel"can you hear me"crash Kim English"everyday" nervous Stephanie mills"free" expansion Aqua note"only"naked Ja'nel"my groove"jellybean soul Spero"everthing"dialogue Blaze"elements if life" westend Physics"don't deny me love"dm Byron stingily"don't fall in love"nervous Vanessa freeman"the light"papa Fluid x"tension"wave MAW"ekabo"maw records Mad lads" you blew it"champion Dj Xs"believe in yourself"jump da shark one sided promo H2o"livin for the future"liquid groove Disco elements"ep vol1"azuli Riverside soul"raindrops"vino Chuck love"take me"vino World sky universe"the answer"prescription Monique Bingham"don't you love me"curious Glenn underground"slowly"ken lou Miguel migs" take me to paradise"naked Alexander hope"never can get away"slip n slide Aqua note"true love" naked Petal pusher"rely on me"naked Reel people"butterflies"papa 7th district"let life shine"distance NDEA davenport"can't change me" defected 2+12 Lenny Fontana"reach for the sky"rol David panda"loving back"seasons Jocelyn brown"it's alright, I feel it"talkin loud Mucho macho, Jon lucien"easy living"wiija Ce ce peniston"he loves me 2"silk Ten city"all loved out/only time will tell"Ibadan Carol Harding"sing a song"indichina 2+12 Hope collective"give and let live"expansion Central living"everyday"naked Dajae"time"kid dynamite Malawi rocks"something to smile about"king st Atlantis"no more excuses"giant steps Johnny corporate"Sunday shouting"4th floor 2+12 Deep swing"freedom"generate Evelyn king"one more time"for da floor Brent Laurence" spirits" in dub black vinyl Kaskade"gonna make it"I'm Sinnamon"I need you now"work Miquel graca"speak my mind"Bombay E smoove"be with you"strictly rhythm Moments if soul"the live ep"wave Damozel"everydays a party"mca Soul dhamma"if we could fly"king st One fat diva" in and out if my life" easy st Shay jones"when love calls" id Hi fi mike"stereo flavours" purple music Songstress( Nina Simone) "see line woman" locked on 2+12 promo Rhythem section"do you know" maw Ranhi harris"six million steps"inspirational Ny sensation"hooked in you"10 w/l promo Betty wright" pain"contempo First choice"ain't he bad"code blue promo Frankie knuckles" walkin"VCR promo Billy Paul" your song" pir Klymaxx"I miss you" mca Controllers" stay" mca Arrested development"Tennessee"cool tempo Rodney franklin" the groove" CBS Con funk shun"burning love"club George duke"ride on love" epic Fat larrys band" looking for love tonight"fantasy Quincy jones"razzmatazz"a&m Colonel Abrams"over and over" w/l mca Byron stingily"testify" nervous Gap band" big fun"total exp Sole vision sampler"home cookin/Milton jackson promo Mathias Heilbronn"arriba, abajo" wave Narada m walden" dance of life" Atlantic Chuck mangione"give it all you got" a&m Freil" west of motebe"transfusion Chance" rescue me" yellorange Booker Newbury"teddy bear/ love town"montage Cheryl Lynn"encore" streetwave J Tracy b Womack"it's a mans mans world"pulse8 Koko pop"I'm in love with you" Motown Eric kupper" 4cut ep" tribe La mix"come back for more"a&m promo Was not was" I feel better than james brown" promop Funky poets"born in the ghetto"epic promo Roland Clark" the sun" in house Herbie Hancock"you bet your love"CBS Peaches herb"Shake your groove thing" polydor Patrice rushen"never gonna give you up"Elektra Staple singers"this is our night" epic Con funk shun"too tight"mercury Aretha" a rose is still a rose" 2*12 w/l promo B o p" stand up" slip n slide Gaelle" give it back"naked Jay sealee" I just wanna be"ata w/l promo Mas collective" joy" slip n slide Viola" little girl" nervous Karen Ramirez"looking for love"mercury Deep swing" get ready"generate Lost tribes if ibidan2 sfere Shawn benson"keep standing"back to basics w/l George porgie"all because of you" vibe Jamaica underground" love existing"wave Duran Tarik"not over" space kat Stephanie mills"Latin lover" maw Maysa" what about love"blue thumb Bobby McClure"it feels so good" debut Common factor"fascination"planete Mone" movin" am pm 2*12 promo Loleatta holloway" shout to the top"job 3*12 promo S Cooke k bobien"loves been right here" king st Was not was" out come the freaks"zee Groove collective"she's so heavy" release the groove 2*12 w/l Joi Cardwell" run to you "eight ball Michael Watford"holdin in "east west promo Incognito" still a friend if mine" talkin loud Gq" disco nights/boogie oogie" Arista Intense" movement soul ep" acebeat Rurals" lush" w/l Robyn springer"forever& ever" cardiac Finish touch"need to know you better" Motown Mandrill" funky monkey"Arista James brown" too funky in here" polydor Kerizma"shades of k" ep basement boys Durin Tarik"not over" space kat Frankie feliciano"the real thing" nite groives Emotions" flowers" CBS Brotherhood of soul" I'll be right there" narcotic Dj Oji" nobody" westend Visual tools" keep reaching" distance Soundsif blackness" soul holiday" perspective Mary Jane girls"in my house@ Motown Harley & muscle" he did it" distant w/l promo Solidarity" find a way" Floetry" getting late" DFA remix w/l Shaun escoffey" space rider" Loads of nice bits here! Thanks for looking!
  13. 7"" stuff Breakwater" say you love me girl" arista £10 Sharon Jones"how long do u have to wait" daptone £5 Atlantic start" circles" a&m £3 Millie Jackson" breakaway" polydor £3 Sounds of blackness"optimistic" perspective £3 Barry White" I found love" units gold demo £3 Beginning if end" funky Nassau" atlantic £2 Bobby Womack" that's tge way I feel about cha" ua £2 Intruders" always love my mamma" pir £2 Chaka Khan" some love" wb £2 Executive suite" when the fuel runs out"polydor £2 Ecstasy pain passion" don't burn your bridgeso" pye £2 Loleatta holloway"love sensation/hit and run" salsoul Linda Clifford"runaway love" crc £2 Undisputed truth"you+ me" wb £2 Ashfield Simpson" it seems to hang on" wb £2 Major Harris" after lovin you" atlantic Anybody want all the 7" singles £20 plus p+p 12" stuff Sharon pass" call my name"ruff n tuff £5 Cunnie Williams"come back to me" promo £5 Lp's Various" soul togetherness2000" expansion £10 Various@ music from shaft"laface demo Various" solid soul sensations" pye £5 Pauline Henry"do over" sony2 £3 Blaze presents"keep hope alive"king St £3 Southport weekender" vol2" Susu £3 Dennis Taylor"enough is enough" dome. double album £3 Beverly brown" next to you" dome double album £3 Jasper St"stand" gods house double album w/l £3 Various" disco trek" Atlantic £2 Lament dozier"bittersweet" wb £2 Bobby Womack"someday we'll all be free"Beverly glen £2 Percy larkins" music if passion" move £2 Tease"tease" epic w/l £2 Winans" return" wa £2 Fontella bass"free" mojo £2 no cover Ultra Nate"situation critical" strictly rhythem £2 cover damage Ideas Muhammad"boogie to the top" kudu £2 Hil St. Soul"soul organic" dome £3 Walter Jackson" u want to come bacj as a song" ua £2 Frankie lee"face it" demon £2 Joe" my name is joe" jive £2 double album Minnie ripperton"romantic fantasy"epic £2 Sound if blackness"same" a&m £2 Barry white" stone gone" pye £2 Walter jackson"feeling good" chi sound£2 Broomfield" same" vision £2 Bunny sigler"that's how long I'll be lovin you" pir £2 Some nice cheap modern things in there Most of the records are in ex condition, they are not cheap because there knackered! As the man says. Fill yer boots! Cheers for looking
  14. Just dug this load of cd's out. I'm looking for £100 for the lot! Joy enriquez" same"Japanese Jasper " mello centric" industry phunk Christina milian "same"def soul David sea "searchin for love" vm Various" the soul of gospel" exhale Fontella bass "travellin" Justin time Rahsaan Patterson "after hours" dome Rahsaan Patterson "love in stereo" universal Laurnea " II" stuff music Silk " silk" Elektra Tommy sims "peace and love"cherry Simply soul flavas " jerry tombs save me" fer City glover " hymns" ( little girl)" la face Romina johnson " Superbad" cutting edge Maurice j " devoted " Phoenix Gerry DeVeaux " rhythm&love" Sony Beverly brown" next to you" dome Jeff floyd " powerhouse" wilbe R.kelly " chocolate factory" jive My colours " unlimited" polydor Black street " same " inter scope Various " talcum soul" stateside Anthony hamilton "ain't nobody worryin Sony Sounds of blackness "evolution of gospel" perspective Maxwell " urban hang suite" Columbia Drizabone "conspiracy" 4th bdway Phil perry " my book of love" private music Othello " othello " relativity this was never released SOLD!

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