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  1. silver soul


    Apologies for not attending Friday night however it was my daughter's birthday and I was out celebrating over in King's Lynn. I have to say that I am disappointed at the ongoing negative comments regarding the "Soul Collective" event at Caliente this coming Saturday which I will be attending. If you look at the music policies clearly advertised on the respective flyers they are very different. There will be no 60's Northern or 60's R&B played at Soul Collective and most probably there will be some jazz funk!!! I despised the politics and rivalry back in the day and I despise it now. Do yourselves a favour and let the music do the talking. Kevin
  2. silver soul

    silver soul

  3. silver soul


    Have to agree with Mr. Dalton, one of my favourite events. never disappoints. Great modern venue, fantastic music and lovely friendly people. Open minded music policy incorporating all the best in 70's Soul to the present day. Look forward to seeing you all there.
  4. silver soul


    Looking forward to celebrating Caliente's 6th Anniversary along with Bob's Birthday and Carol and Bob's Anniversary, celebrations all round! Hopefully manage a few moves on the dance floor and being able to catch up with some good friends who I've not seen for a while...this will be just what the doctor ordered Kevin
  5. silver soul

    Peterborough - Caliente - Carl Fortnum

    Congratulations to the usual suspects; Russ, Ray, Mick, Carl & Steve on another great night of quality diverse soul...agree with Brian on the shift in music policy...something for everyone. Thanks to Ray for Marvin Gaye's "I Want You" and Steve for the Four Tops "I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind" which spook-illy he had in his hand as I requested it...telepathic or what! To all the attendees have a great Xmas and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. To Chris & Helen, glad to have made your acquaintance, hopefully see you @ "Soul Cocktail" Grantham December 13th. Kevin
  6. silver soul

    ***BOOMERANG*** Thorne

    First time also for myself, looking forward to meeting up with you guys and Tats Taylor on his return from his travels
  7. silver soul


    Great to see you guys at Grantham (Soul Cocktail) last Saturday. Really looking forward to the fourth instalment of Soul Spirit this Saturday at Boston. Hopefully Barry Cooper from Grantham will be paying a visit as will Daryl and Linda from Leicester. Ray and Jo from Caliente are now converts after their first visit back in April. I know that I have previously bigged up this event but to the uninitiated, Carlsberg don't do quality soul from the 70's to the present day ...but if they did it would probably be "Soul Spirit". See you Saturday Kevin
  8. silver soul

    Soul Cocktail (Horse & Groom special)

    Many thanks Barry for putting on the H&G special, fantastic music from the twins, Jo, Mick and Mark. Shame about the foot fall ...must have been a lot of Brazilian & Dutch supporters watching the 3rd/4th World Cup place match. Good company despite the numbers, including the Soul Spirit crew... talking of which look forward to seeing you Barry at Boston on Saturday. Due to the A1 diversion, eventually got to bed at 3.30 am, which put paid to a visit to Doncaster on the Sunday. Many thanks to Jo (H&G) for the Marvin Gaye (Mizell Brothers) track "Woman Of The World". Along with "Where Are We Going?" it is my understanding that there was a third track by the Mizell Brothers from a shelved album project after Marvin recorded the "What's Going On" album. The third track has never been released. Kevin
  9. silver soul

    Soul Cocktail (Horse & Groom special)

    Really looking forward to this event, two of my favourite venues in one, the Horse & Groom with a slightly bigger dance floor...soul heaven! Hopefully welcome a few of the regulars who attend the Horse & Groom, along with Brian, Dave, Steve, Joe and Mick. For those who can't get enough of a good thing there's the Sunday Chillout @ Horse & Groom (Special Event) the day after with Soul Cocktail's very own Mark Whiteley as a special guest. Kevin
  10. silver soul

    PETERBOROUGH (Caliente) 70s Crossover Midtempo

    Many thanks to Russ, Ray, Mick & Steve... a brilliant night last night at the "Summer Special". Hopefully this could (should) become an annual event! Good music great people, fantastic atmosphere, dance floor busy all night (featuring the welcome return of Sue and Ray, aka Austin Powers, strutting his funky stuff). Hopefully catch up with some of those who attended at H&G on Sunday, failing that back at Caliente for the Birthday bash on the 4th July. Kevin
  11. silver soul

    Soul Cocktail

    Hi Barry, Steve, Mark & Andy, Many thanks for another night of quality soul music with like minded folk at Soul Cocktail. All in all a really good turn out, especially taking into account the fact that it's Easter with so much going on. Already looking forward to the next instalment: the Horse and Groom special on 12th July. See you all soon Kevin
  12. silver soul

    Peterborough - Caliente - 5th Anniversary

    Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary and many thanks to Russ, Ray, Mick, Steve and Carl for a fantastic night of quality soul music... here's to the next 5 years. Looking forward to the "Summer Special Crossover, 70s & Mid-tempo" event on 20th June and helping Russ & Ray celebrate their 50th on the 4th July. Hopefully catch up with some of you who attended last night at Soul Spirit in Boston tonight. Kevin
  13. silver soul


    SOUL SPIRIT - QUALITY SOUL MUSIC FROM THE 70S TO THE PRESENT DAY Modern venue, quality modern soul music and a warm welcome awaits. If you haven't been before do yourself a favour and experience Soul Spirit and all it has to offer to quench your thirst for quality soul music...and that's the gospel! I feel a request coming on "Trippin' On Your Love" - The Staple Singers.
  14. silver soul


    Hi Mark, Unable to make it on Saturday evening however I wonder if you can confirm if the Modern Room was actually a room. Comments suggest it was a corridor and you described it as the Modern area. This event was billed as having 3 music rooms. On a personal level I would have felt slightly miffed travelling a 120 mile round trip to listen to Modern Soul, however brilliant, in a corridor. Not all Modern Soul fans are content to being shoved into what ever space is available. I don't understand why you can't mix it up in the same room, as it was in the 70s. If it has to be segregated at least give it a decent space ie. a room. My comments are not aimed at you Mark more the apparent narrow minded promoters. Cheers Kevin
  15. silver soul

    Stormy-Johnny Taylor

    The 1996 Paula track "Stormy Weather" b/w "Love Account" is a totally different version to the original track "Stormy" written by Don Davis & Roy Moore Jr, from the "Rated Extraordinaire" Columbia LP (1977) eg. a sax solo has been added to the mix. The b-side "Love Account" was originally from the "She's Killing Me" Columbia LP (1979). Have to agree that Johnnie Taylor was a brilliant singer. My favourite track woul..

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