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  1. Many many thanks
  2. Brill brill many thanks boys
  3. Cheers for that, though looking for a fair few outside the top 500, been on the wheel torch sites and they only seem to list a few. Am sure i once came across a site that detailed individual tracks but buggered if i can find it again
  4. Hi just wondering if there were any books or web pages relating to details regarding where individual records were originally played ie : Wheel, Torch, casino blackpool, and so on. cheers
  5. Sfs
  6. Some Set sales 7 Dwarfs - Stop girl - Ideal 70's boot Ex £15 **SOLD** The Vel-Vets I Gotta find somebody - Pye (Solid) Ex £20 The Velvelettes - These things Will keep me - Purple Soul Ex £25 Freddie Chavez They'll never know why - Look (Blue) 70's boot Ex £25 Leon Haywood Baby Reconsider - Fat Fish 70's Boot Ex £15 **SOLD** Ann Perry Thats the way he is - Theoda 70's boot Ex £12 Joey Dee Put Your Heart in it / Good little you - Jubilee Boot Ex £15 **SOLD** Post £2 upto 3 records Paypal Friends pm me if interested Cheers
  7. Sorted many thanks
  8. Sorted many thanks
  9. Yes have seen Manships, there is another on northernsoul45s a bit cheaper aswell, how much are you looking for
  10. Cheers Neal your a star
  11. Ah, :] was it a legit reissue, cant afford that one
  12. Looking for the 70's reissue at the right price Nate evans mean green - this time with feeling Cheers
  13. Anyone got this track on crescendo please
  14. Cheers sorted with these now , many thanks
  15. Looking for Four larks that's all that counts Cheers