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  1. Motown help

    Hi I am collecting some Motown records, I have the obvious ones but am looking for some not so obvious ones along the lines of Shorty long baby come home Edwin Starr way over there Edwin Starr my weakness Marvelettes danger heartbreak ah...
  2. Mid 70's records help

    Cheers all, trying to keep away from the obvious choices everyone usually goes for, though i am concious of the fact people react quicker to a song they know so i probably need a balance.
  3. Mid 70's records help

    Bollox dancin round now, nice and slow, stop what your doing, back together again, fool
  4. Mid 70's records help

    Brill thanks folks
  5. Mid 70's records help

    Hi all at the risk of taking a bashing can i ask for some help. I have volunteered to do a charity soul evening, which will be for the more casual soul fans. Now i have got a decent assortment of motown and instantly recognisable soul records to cover this bu...
  6. Northern soul and where it was played

    Many many thanks
  7. Northern soul and where it was played

    Brill brill many thanks boys
  8. Northern soul and where it was played

    Cheers for that, though looking for a fair few outside the top 500, been on the wheel torch sites and they only seem to list a few. Am sure i once came across a site that detailed individual tracks but buggered if i can find it again
  9. Northern soul and where it was played

    Hi just wondering if there were any books or web pages relating to details regarding where individual records were originally played ie : Wheel, Torch, casino blackpool, and so on. cheers
  10. Some Northern for sale

  11. Some Northern for sale

    Some Set sales 7 Dwarfs - Stop girl - Ideal 70's boot Ex £15 **SOLD** The Vel-Vets I Gotta find somebody - Pye (Solid) Ex £20 The Velvelettes - These things Will keep me - Purple Soul Ex £25 Freddie Chavez They'll never know why - Look...
  12. Nate evans

    Sorted many thanks
  13. Nate evans

    Sorted many thanks
  14. Nate evans

    Yes have seen Manships, there is another on northernsoul45s a bit cheaper aswell, how much are you looking for
  15. Nate evans

    Cheers Neal your a star